IDM/Techno: Infinity Interface – Convergence One

Currently resident of Earth (Sol System), it is the chosen task of the spirit/mind/body complex known as Infinity Interface to bring awareness of the nature of consciousness and universal oneness to the various life-forms residing on that sphere. This information transfer has been scheduled as a series of audio recordings, the first of which “Convergence One” has been disseminated amongst the population in the year 2018.

As much as for all the tracks that are labelled as IDM, don’t expect anything traditional that you can say “it looks like techno”, “it looks like this or that”. So we have here Convergence One by electronic musician Infinity Interface, based in Berlin. A 7 seven track that is all in one. It starts as a techno and ends up being everything after a drop, a synthwave with a four on the flour beat. It’s singular. The track is part of album called Convergence One.

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