Electronic: O Future – Stay / Smell You

“I have a very intimate relationship with time. Im preoccupied with avoiding it. If I opened my eyes to the reality of it, or dealt with it like a normal person I think my heart would break.  Time is terrible. That is why i can’t stop going near it.” – Katherine Mills

O Future is  a duo from Los Angeles, composed by Katherine Mills and Jens, that gives us a wide combination of multicoloured instrumentals with a voice that will make you travel in Stay when it grows from a quite ‘stay’ to a ‘loud and high’ one. While the same happens with the drums and voice, as if it expands in the perception to then get back to the normal picture.

While for Smell You we have a more disco track, but with the same atmospheric perception, that is filled with Katherine’s voice in a soft way, 007 soundtrack style, in the intro. According to her, Smell You is about flirting: “Deep heavy breathed flirting, to the point of almost crossing the line into not harmless into the realm of actually doing the thing your body says you are aiming at. That moment is the sexiest moment, the unsaid attraction between two people, the hidden secret thing between two people, all the animal non language turn on. Sometimes and, I would say most times in my life, those moments are the most delicious“.

Smell You has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

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