Synths of Techno: Elpine – Terrasect


Synths of Techno’s newest addition is Terrasect by Canadian techno producer Elpine. Top quality techno, the rhythm, the harmony, the sound design, everything flowing smoothly and energetic enough, while keeping techno’s best dark side. The type of techno track I aim to curate for Synths of Techno. Terrasect has been released on a single called Veil (cover art above). Terrasect will certainly provide you 7 minutes of pure pleasure.

New Electronic: Little People – Tonight

Tonight, by London based producer Little People, is a powerful track, full of rhythmic FMish tunes, nothing more appropriate for a nocturnal mood. Downtempo, quiet slow, not the best fit for the usual club mix, but it’s highly suitable for a chill DJ Set, the ideal company for some drinking or smoking with some friends at night. The bass is something more subtle, with a short decay,  pizzicato like.  However, the track progresses, turning to something more energetic before fading out in the same way as it started. The track provides us several impressive synth tunes during its arrangement, from standard to experimental sound designs.

Tonight is Little People’s first single for his upcoming album Landloper. You can also find it in Bandcamp.

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Downtempo-Dance: PINES – Speak


Speak by Australian duo PINES (Adam Dormand and James Kenneally) is track highly suitable for a deep house kind of DJ Set. Those female vocals, with claps intertwined by four on the floor kicks and hi hats marking the tempo. With carrying with it a pop and dance music appeal, without clichés. That style of dance you can actually appreciate the instrumentals. It has been released independently in the second of November, reaching the count of more than 57 thousand of listeners in less than a month. Impressive.

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Synths of Techno: KULTOFF – Aliens Must Die

Aliens Must Die is the new track added to our techno playlist Synths of Techno, by Italian DJ and producer from Rome, Kultoff. The track is part of an homonymous EP with 4 tracks in total. Superb sample as vocals, repeating “Aliens Must Die” intertwined with “I Have a Dream” of Martin Luther King Jr. It’s pretty old school, while having danceable bass lines and sparkling synths.

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House: Mokhov – Joy Wave

The most uplifting and catchy electronic dance music. Sounds like a cross between Daft Punk and Aphex Twin. Made using only sounds from a Jupiter-6 analog synth.

Joy Wave by Mokhov, producer from Las Vegas, sounds like a house with lush synthesizers, that are more typical of ambient music, chill out or some progressive techno or house. It’s atypical, at some point sounds like an old car race game soundtrack.  It has been released on an EP called Jupiter Melodies, with 6 tracks or around 5 minutes each. Mohkov releases a different EP each year on the same format, changing only the colour of cover arts since 2011. It’s also possible to purchase Mohkov’s work on Bandcamp.

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Downtempo: Isophene – Colours Explode

On debut album Reverbatory, Isophene draws inspiration from the natural beauty of his mountainside studio to craft tracks that are as timeless as the landscapes they were born from. Isophene is the moniker of Melbourne producer Brad Buenen, who creates music from his home studio in the Dandenong Ranges, set amongst towering Mountain Ash rainforests. Reverbatory was lovingly crafted over the course of nearly six years, assisted by producer Tim Johnston (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Dandy Warhols, The Drones) and mastered by Taylor Deupree.”Reverbatory” is out through “Hidden Shoal”

That’s time to add some chill to our evening, so we’re updating Chilling in Eden with Colours Explode by Isophene. A track from the album Reverbatory. A lot of Isophene’s inspiration comes from the nature where he lives and downtempo electronic music, which explains the tunes behind Colours Explode. Which is a self-explanatory title if you think how bright is this song, with enough layers to cover an impressionist painting.

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R&B/Jazz: Darius Christian – Spaceship (Ft. Camille Trust)

Spaceship from Darius Christian makes me think about The ArchAndroid by Janelle Monáe or the one done by Erykah Baduh. That jazzy style of R&B that dares to explore in the production side while provides us with great vocals. There’s a big tradition preceding Darius work. The space thematics, plus the featuring of Camille Trust has a big influence on the judgement made above.

Before Spaceship Darius has participated in America’s Got Talent, he’s been part of Tommy Hilfiger’s campaign, besides being featured on releases of Rihanna, Bastille and Ricky Martin. Currently he’s based on Brooklyn, New York.

Psychedelic Rock: Dire Wolves – Paradisiacal Mind

A sound of ecstatic improvisation, each member documenting coordinate points in the higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock. The music lies somewhere near the nebulous intersection of psych, kosmische beat and astral jazz. These are exploratory journeys, transportive trance-based experiments in vertical listening, totally collaborative and often forming spontaneous compositions. The focus is more about feeling than any specific approach to playing.

When Psychedelic Waves of Eden started to be curated, the main idea was to gather psychedelic rock tracks that were influenced by bands from the late 1960s and early 1970s, but that kept their unique contemporary sound, daring even to make 17 minutes songs if that was necessary. Then, we received Paradisiacal Mind from Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) a band from San Francisco, CA (USA), which fulfilled all the initial expectations of a psychedelic rock playlist. Paradisiacal Mind has a total of 5 tracks and it was released in vinyl by two different record labels, one in USA (Feeding Tube Records ) and the other in UK (Cardinal Fuzz Records ). You can also purchase the album via Bandcamp.

Paradisiacal Mind
Jeffrey Alexander – guitar / moog
Sheila Bosco – drums
Georgia Carbone – voice
Brian Lucas – bass
Arjun Mendiratta – violin
Laura Naukkarinen – voice

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New Electronic: Jonny Element – Balete

A recipe for a great track can mix enthusiastic danceable drums, with cinematic samples joined by synth pads and snippets of a woman’s voice that serve as vocals, plus good mixing techniques. Then, all of this should be summed by an art cover that gives pleasure to your eyes. Ultimately, cover arts serve as an important visual element to music, music is also graphic design at some point. Balete feels danceable, cinematic, almost goa-like.  Balete is a tree found in the Philippines that is believed to house magic creatures. The art was made by Johannes Helgelin.

Johnny Element was previously part of London bands Southpaw, The Razzle and Orfan. Presently focused on instrumental electronica, his musical fascination revolves around samples, beats and guitar. As it’s evident by his music. He was born in a small coastal town in Norway. As a child, Element’s family moved to London. He grew up having viking tales and Nordic mythology as a background for his child fantasies, thus story telling became the central vein to his artistic expression. He later moved to Berlin, where he makes music and does some gigs once in a while in Europe and Asia.

Balete hasn’t been released yet on streaming platforms or online stores, but we’ll keep you up to date as soon as it is.