Synthpop: VOGUE.NOIR – Only When

“Vogue.Noir’s melancholic synth pop twists Sci-fi, Neo Noir and dystopian themes into a reflective soundscape inspired by synthpop, such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and New Order. The London-based artist merges an introspective emotional backdrop, resulting in a blend of retro and modern that is as powerful as it is personal”

Today’s synthwave release comes from London, Only When, by Vogue.Noir. The track is part of a 12 tracks album called Strange Days. Vogue.Noir is Aleks Kelvin, a fan of darkwave, that dreams of “neo noir and sci-fi nostalgia”. He started to make music as Vogue.Noir since two years ago. His biggest inspirations in music are 70s New Wave/Post Punk aesthetics on which he cut his teeth. He considers first Vogue.Noir EP as “a whirling blend of 80’s synthesised pop, fused the impudence of EBM with shades of melancholia, and was released in July 2016”, whatever that is, it’s worth giving a listen. Before he released his most recent album Strange Days in April 2018, he gigged extensively across the London live scene and made several appearances in Europe, including Germany, France and Spain.

’Strange Days’ explores themes around life in a modern metropolis, where love, loneliness and alienation play out under the shadow of urban hyper development

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