Dub Techno: Dystopian Soundscapes – Ikigai

“It comes on slow & strong like mescaline. There’s elements of tech noir, world music, ray gun gothic and post-dust. It exudes an ‘authentic’ futuristic urban vibe.”

If there’s a good combination between two genres of music that has impressive results this is dub-techno. Today we present you Vancouver based Dystopian Soundscapes and Ikigai, released by Superordinate Dub Waves. This is only a taste of Dystopian Soundscapes works, as he’s currently with several releases on his back, all called DSXXX, as if it was a catalogue of a label. You can check more of his productions on his Bandcamp or Soundcloud profile. His music enters our ears as hallucinogenic substances. The specifics of techno and dub’s psychedelia strike us altogether as one single matter.

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