New Electronic: Jonny Element – Balete

A recipe for a great track can mix enthusiastic danceable drums, with cinematic samples joined by synth pads and snippets of a woman’s voice that serve as vocals, plus good mixing techniques. Then, all of this should be summed by an art cover that gives pleasure to your eyes. Ultimately, cover arts serve as an important visual element to music, music is also graphic design at some point. Balete feels danceable, cinematic, almost goa-like.  Balete is a tree found in the Philippines that is believed to house magic creatures. The art was made by Johannes Helgelin.

Johnny Element was previously part of London bands Southpaw, The Razzle and Orfan. Presently focused on instrumental electronica, his musical fascination revolves around samples, beats and guitar. As it’s evident by his music. He was born in a small coastal town in Norway. As a child, Element’s family moved to London. He grew up having viking tales and Nordic mythology as a background for his child fantasies, thus story telling became the central vein to his artistic expression. He later moved to Berlin, where he makes music and does some gigs once in a while in Europe and Asia.

Balete hasn’t been released yet on streaming platforms or online stores, but we’ll keep you up to date as soon as it is.

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