Progressive Rock: Ajay Pawar – The Monsoon Ride

On Ajay Pawar’s own words, nothing better to describe The Monsoon Ride:

This song tries to captures various moods, emotions and stories associated with rains. Some feel romantic, Some want to relax. Farmers rejoice with the sound of rain. On the other end of the spectrum, heavy rains can cause floods and destroy cities, towns, villages and people’s lives. The song was inspired by the train journey which I took from Mumbai to Guwahati in India during the monsoon season where I witnessed rains affecting people’s lives in various ways.

released December 13, 2018
Mixing and Mastering – Luke Martin
Artwork – Molshree Jain

Ajay Pawar is an Indian artist, from Pune. Besides making his own instrumental progressive rock, he is a professional Supply Chain Consultant. He picked up guitar for the first time in his late teens and it became an inseparable part of his life ever since. He composes, records and produces music out of his bedroom studio.

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New Electronic: NoHealer – Pyramids of Greed

Artist from Moscow, NoHealer released Pyramids of Greed 21st December via Capiroto Records. According to him, Pyramids of Greed was inspired by men’s ancient lust for money and fame. Originally from “Back to Test” album.” The single also contains a techno remix by LPascolatti. The original Gold Mix, by NoHealer, sounds like an old school electronic track, Kraftwerk style, it contain bright synths, it has danceable rhythms while preserving its cool downtempo feeling.

You can purchase Pyramids of Greed with 50% of discount until 4th of January with the discount code: synthsofeden

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Techno: Day None – Karantina

Karantina is an ode to the Beirut club culture, resulting from various clubbing experiences in and around Lebano

Karantina is a techno by Lebanese producer, from Beirut, Day None. It has been released by the end of November as a single and featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Techno. It all starts with a melodic vocal followed by a kick and bright synth arps, later on joined by harsh bass leads, with a high cut off. Karantina comes with a second track, called Bumm Kulthum, more chill and heterodox than Karantina. Day None makes amazing techno, keeping that underground street feeling of techno culture.

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New Release: Clyde – Tides

Released on November 30th by Sine Language Records. Tides by Clyde was released as an EP, containing two remixes by Jvred and Buran, plus a track called Boats Not Horses. In general, both tracks are highly influenced by the English style of IDM and unorthodox techno.

Bio: Clyde began making music at an early age, after discovering electronic music through film scores and video game soundtracks. Gradually, his interests shifted towards the fringes, particularly music released in the early 2000s on labels such as Warp Records and Ninja Tune. This love for electronic music continued to grow as he left Manchester for Leeds and became immersed in local techno culture. Here, he was able to hone his production skills through whilst studying before moving to London, where he currently resides. Having released a number of tracks under different aliases and styles over the years, Clyde’s sound has matured and developed into something unique.

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Downtempo: GRÜN GLAS – Cell

Cell, by Berlin based artist GRÜN GLAS, is those downtempo tracks that are on the edge with techno, which means it fits the headphone vibe on an introspective music discovery as much as with the dance floor, due to its groove. Cell has been released as a single yesterday, 25th of December. You can also find Cell available to purchase on Bandcamp.

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New Electronic: ea Collective – Amazonas Cruise

Turning corners again, ea Collective goes clubbing. Many thanks to Uenay who remixed our rudimentary demo into an atmospheric dark underground soundtrack. Oliver Kern (ea Collective) then replied with an edit, strictly using only snippets from the original. Many thanks to for the mystic cover collage and to Capiroto Records for releasing this piece.

“Amazonas Cruise is the result of ea-Collective’s collaboration with German music producers Uenay and Oliver Kern. Amazonas Cruise has originally been produced using a simple, short circuited mixer as music instrument, that later on has taken different forms after two new mixes. Amazonas Cruise shows us once again that there are no limits to independent music production, that music can come out of simple electronic devices such as a mixer.“
Capiroto Records, Amsterdam.

Released 21st December by Capiroto Records, Amazonas Cruise is a purely original single by ea Collective, Oliver Kern and Uenay, artists from Freiburg, Germany. The opening track, ACE, sounds like an exciting melody of a humming bird with marked distorted “kicks”. Although it’s experimental in the sound design, melody and composition. Overall it fits with the underground techno scene and can be highly danceable. The artwork was created by Belrost and it has an important role in making Amazonas Cruise so unique. Uenay’s version is even more underground, sounding more atmospheric and dares to dive even deeper in the audio production, adding voice over samples and field recordings (?). Amazonas Cruise ends with its original version by Oliver Kern, that served as the base inspiration for the two other versions by ea Collective and Uenay.

You can listen for the whole piece on Spotify:

Dub Techno: Mysore Sands – By the Bins

Working through abstract dichotomies – expand:retract is a meditation on the near and far. Assertive and soothing, this debut will help mellow your way into the early hours of the morning.

If you are a fan of dub techno you should check expand:retract by London based duo Mysore Sands, it has that deepchord mood of dub techno, mixed with field recordings. Very atmospheric and chill style of techno music. The single has only been distributed via Bandcamp and Soundcloud, but it represents great material for fans of dub techno and it’s a promising project if you’re looking for more releases on the genre.  In total it’s composed of two different tracks: By  the Bins and Outer Circular.

Psychedelic Rock: Grand Sun – Flowers

Experience and, above all, a great deal of contemplation were the ingredients that made their first EP – The Plastic People of The Universe – where humanity is a cake and its idiosyncrasies, cherries, now bitter, now sweet but a bomb always about to explode.

Whenever I don’t post here for some days I feel like it’s my duty to be back and present some great independent music material. This time a psychedelic rock band from Lisbon, Portugal.  A city full of music and poetry of high quality everywhere you go on those hills. Therefore, today Synths of Eden present you Grand Sun and their 5 tracks EP The Plastic People of the Universe. It’s a late 60s style of psychedelic rock, from albums such as The Piper at The Gates of Dawn or whatever was published on the year of 1967 when it comes to rock. Flowers is a track that stands out when it comes to psychelia,  followed by The Clown, which is even heavier.


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New Electronic: Wiki Chaves – Bangkok

The original song, Bangkok, combines electronic music patterns with traditional Latin American percussions and guitar riffs. The rest of the songs are remixes from Whirling Wolf releasing artist Claus Vega, Timoti, Kaan and Thommie G, reinforcing the idea of the album as a cross path between electronic and Latin America’s music.

Featured in Synths of Eden before with Tribal, Argentinian producer Wiki Chaves is back with a new track Bangkok. As much as with Tribal, Wiki Chaves drew inspiration from his South American roots to compose the rhythm and melodies to what is his kind of electronic music. The use of string instruments is something typical of Wiki Chaves when it comes to producing his tracks, he shows his skills as a guitarist. Bangkok comes out as an EP, featuring the original mix plus other 4 remixes, including a great remix of Tribal by Timoti.


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Shoegaze: a.harlana – Textile Workers

Textile Workers has been released last Friday, by a.harlana. The track is a mix of contemporary psychedelic rock with lo-fi shoegaze and dream pop. a.harlana is a band from New York, United States. A very intimate feeling comes up when listening this track, which is well represented by the cover art.

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