Synthwave: Alpha Chrome Yayo – The Last Stand of TJ Lazer

A synth ‘n’ shredding soundtrack to a game that never existed. ‘The Last Stand of TJ Lazer’ is a C64-inspired sonic showdown about a space cowboy going out with all guns blazing.

The track also comes with two covers from badass ’80s games. The first is ‘My Lover’, the closing credits to The Super Shinobi / Revenge of Shinobi, by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro.

The other cover is ‘Splash Wave’, originally by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and the S.S.T. Band, from 1986 high action road racing game Out Run.

First thing that came to my mind listening to The Last Stand of TJ Lazer by Alpha Chrome Yayo, producer from Belfast city, was Johann Sebastian Bach and all sorts of melodies composed by him.  Sonically, it has a big influence of chiptune, but not entirely, we can also find an electric guitar solo there, allegro, on a high BPM. The Bandcamp version embedded has two bonus tracks from Sega games, such as Shinobi.

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