New Release: Clyde – Tides

Released on November 30th by Sine Language Records. Tides by Clyde was released as an EP, containing two remixes by Jvred and Buran, plus a track called Boats Not Horses. In general, both tracks are highly influenced by the English style of IDM and unorthodox techno.

Bio: Clyde began making music at an early age, after discovering electronic music through film scores and video game soundtracks. Gradually, his interests shifted towards the fringes, particularly music released in the early 2000s on labels such as Warp Records and Ninja Tune. This love for electronic music continued to grow as he left Manchester for Leeds and became immersed in local techno culture. Here, he was able to hone his production skills through whilst studying before moving to London, where he currently resides. Having released a number of tracks under different aliases and styles over the years, Clyde’s sound has matured and developed into something unique.

Tides has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

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