New Electronic: NoHealer – Pyramids of Greed

Artist from Moscow, NoHealer released Pyramids of Greed 21st December via Capiroto Records. According to him, Pyramids of Greed was inspired by men’s ancient lust for money and fame. Originally from “Back to Test” album.” The single also contains a techno remix by LPascolatti. The original Gold Mix, by NoHealer, sounds like an old school electronic track, Kraftwerk style, it contain bright synths, it has danceable rhythms while preserving its cool downtempo feeling.

You can purchase Pyramids of Greed with 50% of discount until 4th of January with the discount code: synthsofeden

The Gold Mix has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden, while LPascolatti’s Remix has been added to Synths of Techno.

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