Progressive Rock: Ajay Pawar – The Monsoon Ride

On Ajay Pawar’s own words, nothing better to describe The Monsoon Ride:

This song tries to captures various moods, emotions and stories associated with rains. Some feel romantic, Some want to relax. Farmers rejoice with the sound of rain. On the other end of the spectrum, heavy rains can cause floods and destroy cities, towns, villages and people’s lives. The song was inspired by the train journey which I took from Mumbai to Guwahati in India during the monsoon season where I witnessed rains affecting people’s lives in various ways.

released December 13, 2018
Mixing and Mastering – Luke Martin
Artwork – Molshree Jain

Ajay Pawar is an Indian artist, from Pune. Besides making his own instrumental progressive rock, he is a professional Supply Chain Consultant. He picked up guitar for the first time in his late teens and it became an inseparable part of his life ever since. He composes, records and produces music out of his bedroom studio.

The Monsoon Ride has been added to our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

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