Techno: KULTOFF – Don’t Sleep

Art by LPascolatti

From the same producer of Aliens Must Die, featured here earlier. KULTOFF from Rome, is back with a new single Don’t Sleep, released Friday, 25th of January by Capiroto Records. The single has two tracks inspired by acid techno, with the usual sequenced bass lines (famous for using Roland 303 groove machine). Nonetheless, with both tracks, KULTOFF dares to innovate, applying different style of vocals, such as Don’t Sleep, featuring Frank Sepioni and in Love Is Revolution featuring vocals plus acoustic guitars by Special West, with an amazing sequenced bass line. The drop of Love is Revolution makes you feel like in between psychedelia and acid techno at the same time, due to its guitars.

Don’t Sleep has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno. The single is also available to be purchased in Beatport and in Bandcamp. Check the retailers link here.

Besides being a techno music producer, KULTOFF is also a playlist editor, with his playlist Techno Kult in Spotify and in Instagram. So, today instead of embedding Synths of Techno, as usual, I’ll embed his playlist, Techno Kult instead:

IDM: Rik Ronner – Aghori (2019)

Artwork – Shueti:

The music channels practices related to the Aghori, including processes of reaching enlightenment through years of meditation, and rituals such as smearing cremation ashes on the body and using bones from human remains as jewellery and ornaments. Accordingly, the four tracks follow on this theme through the Hindu concepts of Samsara (worldly wandering), Maya (the creation of a sensible world), Moksha (spiritual emancipation) and Tapasya (meditation and self-discipline).

Aghori is an album released by Outtallectuals and produced by Rik Ronner, from Amsterdam, from Wondermonster. It is a dark and obscure journey involving death, through an Indian cultural perspective, in 4 acts: starting with Samsara, proceeded by Maya (embedded), then Moshka (with a video by Shueti) and ending with Tapasya. A 4 tracks EP based on post-mortem rituals of ascetic Hindu sadhus. The four songs were originally composed for the conceptual dance piece, AGHORI, created by Shailesh Bahoran, and produced by Korzo and ISH Dance Collective.

Production, Composition & Mixing – Rik Ronner
Mastering – Sandy Finlayson
Vocals – Raj Mohan

Experimental: The Theory For Our Revenge – Oboro

Picture by Kenya Ishikawa

Bizarre neon signs, street intersections and glacial fuman faces in this city.
They are beautiful and vain phantoms for “us”.
I will always keep pursuing them. 
Maybe forever.
The broken mirror and my bloodstained fist.
The flow of my blood melts into soil.
The broken mirror and my bloodstained fist.
Every night when “our” brain makes a noise.
I believe that only you who stand in front of me are the real. 
The moment I touch you, I get cold from my fingertips.

Oboro by The Theory For Our Revenge is the newest experimental release coming from Japan. It’s a mixture of meditative and minimalistic voices followed by aggressive rhythmic textures, what has become famous with many of Bjork’s recordings.

The Theory for Our Revenge is a duo composed by COLD FAITH and Jhas, that have been working with music production and fashion design. The Japanese word OBORO (朧 ) means “it seems to be obscure and unclear”. The lyrics have been written and performed by COLD FAITH.

Oboro has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Psychedelic Rock: Gator – Gator (2018)

Gator from San Francisco, sounds like a mixture of early-post punk with psychedelic rock, David Bowie on Station to Station style. Their homonymous album has been released in 2018, with 12 tracks, including Full Moon. The band is also organising a vinyl pre-order, which is great. Although it has a psychedelic rock kind of sound with Full Moon, all Gator tracks are pretty short, heavily influence by punk-rock, specially in the tracks’ length. The opening track The Middle Part / Summertime, is as punk as Dead Kennedys. The track Gator, sounds like being influenced by Iron Maiden or British Heavy Metal from the 80s blended with Slayer or Sepultura in the guitar, specially in the closing seconds. One thing is true, watching Gator alive would be great!

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Techno: Jeremy Wahab – Nothing Else

A dark techno from Jeremy Wahab, from UK. Nothing Else has been released by Lenjam Records 9 days ago, label founded by Three CP. This track has whispering vocals singing “Nothing else, what happened, it was a mistake”, or something like that. It is guaranteed enjoyment, with physical reactions in your body. It’s been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno:

New Techno: MASINO – Un Poco De Eso

Un Poco de Eso, is a techno by Italian producer Masino. It’s been released 11th of January by Thirsty5 Records, as it’s well clear by the cover art, as an ode to music indudstry’s objectification, or a simple satire of typical European receipts. Un Poco de Eso is a track full of energy, with vocals whispering in Spanish, “Yo quiero un poco de eso” or in English, “I want a bit of this”. All this energy in a danceable mood. Great drop, the ideal track for your DJ Mix. It’s been mixed and mastered by Gabriele Giudici.

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Techno: SecondNature – 21st Century (2018)

Synths of Techno’s newest feature is 21st Century, by SecondNation, which is the combination of Sebastian Kühne & Emil de Beer’s minds at making techno music. This duo of producers come from South Africa. They have been voted in the Top 25 Artists under 25 in South Africa by MyCityByNight. The Second Nature sound is accustomed to a combination of aggressive basslines and driving drum work in their genre of club focused, Avant-Garde Electronic music. 21st Century has been released as a single by Fleeting Vice Records 2nd of March, 2018.

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Chilling in Eden: Salvatore Cordova – Yuumei

Our chill electronic playlist Chilling in Eden now present you Salvatore Cordova, from Chicago (USA) and his track Yuumei, from The Mountain (EP).

Salvatore Córdova’s truly masterful instrumentation mixes traditional guitar riffs, keys and percussion with deep electronic beats and danceable rhythms.

It’s soft, the usual downtempo type of track, it’s a good one for a lounge DJ Mix while being a good fit for an introspective and meditative time with a headphone. The Mountains is highly recommendable for fans of downtempo electronic music.

Experimental: Ellemetue – En pays lontains (2018)

Ellemetue is a project from Mingo l’indien and Nunu Métal , from Montréal, Canada. It’s an album, with 10 tracks, called En pays lontains, released in November 2018. It’s a blend of psychedelic rock, electronic and experimental music. That’s something that deserves to be spread and listened by its geniality. If you are fan of those styles.For studio geeks reading this, you should check its impressive set up, mentioned in its Bandcamp. Before starting the project Ellemetue, Mingo l’Indie was part of a band called Les Georges Leningrad. Plus, amazing cover art by Nunu Métal.

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Experimental: 5th Planet – Roach Motel

“Infectious drips & drops flying into the atlantic from outer space”

Roach Motel is an experimental track from 5th Planet, artist from New York city. The track is part of a 6 tracks EP called CosmicDrip. It reminds us synthwave for a while, if focused on the synthesizers themselves. However, the drums are atypical if you think about this style, that focus on the usual reverberated kick and snare (4×4). CosmicDrip is way more complex and experimental, allowing 5th Planet to apply brights synthesizers while layering different beats upon it. The result is a Sega Mega Drive style of music, on a boss battle, uplifting and energetic. Another remarkable track from this EP is Elevation, that draws inspiration from house music.

Album Art by Spencer Starnes

Roach Motel has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden: