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Today I curated three different techno tracks for you. First of them is Blank Follows Blank, by Oberst & Buchner, from Austria. The second and the third come from Italy, by Luca Minato and Niceteed, with Terminal M and Need of Nicety, respectively.

“Imagine one would know the idea and interpretation behind the cover artwork for Sfumato. That would kill all the magic, mystery and suspense in it. What we can say is that the music plays with moments of clarity and at the same time obscured views. With obviousness and mystery. And to be true if we would tell somebody some stories behind the songs no one would take this as a deep and serious concept for an album”

Blank Follows Blank is a remarkable track, part of recently released Sfumato album, contaning 7 tracks in total. It has a compelling chord progression, with a groovy bass line that makes any living person wants to dance, meanwhile it’s followed by atypical beats for a techno track, being a more old school dance, which means you’ll not listen to those clear four on the flour kicks so typical of techno. Which is also great.

Need of Nicety by Italian DJ and producer Niceteed has been released as a vinyl by Spanish label MyLitleDog. The EP contains two remixes by Nadja Lind and Dompe, plus another track called Anger. While Blank Follows Blank is a more bright and shining style of techno, Need of Nicety follows the more obscure and underground scene, so typical for the underground dance floor here and there. Need of Nicety also has stunning vocals and lyrics. That should be a great vinyl to have and DJ.

Thirdly we have Terminal M, by Luca Minato, producer and DJ from Sicily, it’s been released by Leisure Music. It’s a more minimal techno, mixed with progressive house. A good one for a more minimal DJ set. Terminal M uses several different FX that follow the beats.

For more techno, check our playlist Synths of Techno:

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