Jazz Music Video: J.Lamotta – Back In Town

“I didn’t plan to put ‘Back In Town’ on this album. I always liked playing this song but also thought it might sound too “jazzy” for this album. A few weeks before our recording session, my band and I hung out after a gig and they told me they think we should record it in the studio. Suddenly I realized I shouldn’t be ashamed of my musical background, the same way no one should feel ashamed of their heritage.” – J.Lamotta

Back in Town is a chill and heavily percussed jazz track by producer and composer J.Lamotta, based in Berlin and born in Tel Aviv, with Moroccan roots. Her second album Suzume has been released by Jakarta Records. It has that Amy Winehouse tune, but on a more chill sober atmosphere. The video for Back in Town reflects on her family roots and was shot in Morocco, portraying a kid on a truck, singing her song. If you like Back in Town, I highly recommend you listen to the whole album.

Back In Town has been added to our jazzy, chill electronic Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden:

New Downtempo: Ohmfield – Habitual Cold

According to Ohmfield, his new track Habitual Cold was:

“Created as a contemplative piece for coming to terms with loss and the prolonged feeling of cold that can follow. I wanted to create an organic feel throughout with a good groove but by still retaining sincerity”

I felt cold by listening to it, or maybe it was just my imagination. One thing is true, the textures are freezing. With some snare stabs breaking the ice, with short decays. Smoothly. It is all followed by stunning key melodies and strings, with vocals singing “I feel cool, I feel good” or something similar to that. There are some vocoder effects after that, so typical within UK downtempo artists. Which gives the track a nice groove. Groove is the thing that breaks the habitual cold.

Music Video: MOTSA – No Fear feat. David Österle

“Born to both Austrian and Russian parents, it was the UK which played the biggest role in the pathway to the present for multi-faceted producer MOTSA (aka Valerio Dittrich). A passion led by the jungle and drum & bass cultures whilst living in Scotland at the age of 16, combined with piano lessons in his early childhood years, soon saw him start writing, producing and playing his own music. Studying sound engineering through his late adolescent years, his musical knowledge, met with natural talent, provided him with a platform to express his otherwise shy personality.”

Remarkable music video produced by Rupert Höller & MOTSA, a downtempo electronic track, with vocals. The music has been written and produced by MOTSA while the vocals and lyrics by David Österle. Well produced video and track, they sound harmonically fit to each other. No Fear has been shared in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Independent Rock: Push to Shove – Stillness Suite EP

With Push to Shove (Bandcamp), we can listen to indepedent rock on its excellence. Band from Chicago that was made possible thanks to a famous website in USA called Craigslist. They have recently released their debut EP called Stillness Suite. This is “a conceptual album that tells a dark tale of a murder, twisted rationalizations, a trial, and a sort of justice. It’s kind of like if Edgar Allan Poe tried to rewrite “A Tell-Tale Heart” as a indie ballad/grunge/punk/jazz/folk song set as a crime drama and recorded it DIY-style with friends”.

Dream Pop: Holy Ship – Night Aquatic

Night Aquatic by Swedish Holy Ship has a dream pop feeling, but with an alternative rock feeling, a shoegaze spirit. It reminds me bands from the first decade of the century, like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club mixed with Crystal Castle and its electronic aspect. It has been released in early February as a single and it’s been recently as part of the Event Horizon EP, that contains a total of 5 tracks. The mix is gentle, allowing it to raise the loudness to a higher level and listen to the details more comfortably. Check our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden for more.

Lo-Fi Rock: Floral Couches & Party Jacket – I’m Losing You

The song is about letting go of an old relationship, inspired after having watched a friend go through a divorce the previous year, wasting a year of his life trying to rekindle it and failing.

I’m Losing You is a result from a collaboration between two artists and old band mates. Floral Couches and Joshua Grimes of Party Jacket. According to them, I’m Losing You, resulted in a dreamy synth pop, after about about 20 hours of work spread between 3 sessions over 2 months .

New Post-Punk: Japanese Television & Walking Bicycles

Today we’re going to talk about two post-punk tracks by two different bands, one has a fast drum pattern, from UK, Japanese Television with a single Bloodworm, and the other comes from Chicago, USA, Walking Bicycles, a more goth influenced band, that reminds Siouxsie and The Banshes.

ESP by Walking Bicycles, as a record, has a “live recording” feeling, as if the band actually recorded everything on the studio playing at the same time. It’s muffled, with a real ambience on it. I like the guitar’s overdrive. It feels real. The bass guitar has a big presence, marking its imposing and fast rhythm together with the drums. The electric guitar has remarking melodies that sound so natural, as if everything happened on an unforgettable jam. The band was formed in 2004. It has been released by Highwheel Records.

According to Japanese Television, their newest single, Bloodworm is “a fuzzed out trip across a sci-fi salt flat one part Barbarella two parts Krautrock”, I guess it’s an appropriate definition, if you consider the krautrock element of it. Another band that feels real and alive in the studio, well synchronized, something only a band can do. Which is well explained by their creative process. BLOODWORM, released by Tip Top Recordings in London, was recorded in an old isolated village hall onto an 8 track tape by Kristian Bell of The Wytches who had set up the makeshift studio from scratch to manifest the live sound they were after. The band said; ‘’The track only had a working title when we started recording it, we’d played it out live for the first time the night before. The name comes from a book we found in a collection of second-hand novels in the corner of the village hall. The cover of the book has a giant worm wrapped around a ruined Big Ben, which seemed to fit pretty nicely with the mood we were trying to capture! Another weird fact is that a character in the book shares the name of our guitarist, Tim Jones. He is in the book for a single page, at which point he gets eaten by a Bloodworm*.’’

Both tracks have been added to our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

IDM: H+ – Haunted

On 30th of March, Capiroto Records released Haunted, album by H+, project of Malcolm Swan, from Bermuda island.

The idea of H+ comes from reading a lot of science fiction. He got the impression that some of the writers of science fiction were creating technologies that they would like to see in the future. Looking at current technology he thinks that science fiction writers have had an impact on the present day, so their writing inevitably will influence the future. Could music have the same impact? The obvious solution would be expressing the ideas with the lyrics, and while H+ believes in using words to express ideas he wanted the music to be the thing that excites the imagination.

In Haunted we can find elements typical of IDM, British Dubstep and Drum & Bass, mixed with some jazz elements, a rich album, that contain tracks involving a more phantasmal and demoniac thematic, nothing more appropriate to a label called Capiroto Records. Malcolm shows himself to be an splendid bass player in the whole album, which highlights the jazz influence on it.

Before working with H+ , Malcolm had another project called 1undred, since 2012.

Lo-Fi House: Conrad Clifton – Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)

A few days ago I shared Nick AM from New York with his lo-fi house. This week I’ll share the genre once again, because there’s another artist also coming from New York that deserves our attention. Making music since 2013, Conrad Clifton has recently released with Infinity Pool Records (his own label) two singles, Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) and Silent City (Everything is Connected), two tracks that should be highlighted, specially for fans of this beautiful contemporary genre, that made something great out of house music.

Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden, enjoy: