Music Video: MOTSA – No Fear feat. David Österle

“Born to both Austrian and Russian parents, it was the UK which played the biggest role in the pathway to the present for multi-faceted producer MOTSA (aka Valerio Dittrich). A passion led by the jungle and drum & bass cultures whilst living in Scotland at the age of 16, combined with piano lessons in his early childhood years, soon saw him start writing, producing and playing his own music. Studying sound engineering through his late adolescent years, his musical knowledge, met with natural talent, provided him with a platform to express his otherwise shy personality.”

Remarkable music video produced by Rupert Höller & MOTSA, a downtempo electronic track, with vocals. The music has been written and produced by MOTSA while the vocals and lyrics by David Österle. Well produced video and track, they sound harmonically fit to each other. No Fear has been shared in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

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