Jazz Music Video: J.Lamotta – Back In Town

“I didn’t plan to put ‘Back In Town’ on this album. I always liked playing this song but also thought it might sound too “jazzy” for this album. A few weeks before our recording session, my band and I hung out after a gig and they told me they think we should record it in the studio. Suddenly I realized I shouldn’t be ashamed of my musical background, the same way no one should feel ashamed of their heritage.” – J.Lamotta

Back in Town is a chill and heavily percussed jazz track by producer and composer J.Lamotta, based in Berlin and born in Tel Aviv, with Moroccan roots. Her second album Suzume has been released by Jakarta Records. It has that Amy Winehouse tune, but on a more chill sober atmosphere. The video for Back in Town reflects on her family roots and was shot in Morocco, portraying a kid on a truck, singing her song. If you like Back in Town, I highly recommend you listen to the whole album.

Back In Town has been added to our jazzy, chill electronic Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden:

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