Music Video: Sit Tight – Yvois (feat. Ducks! & Ben Osborn)

“Yvois is a New Zealand-born producer who relocated to Berlin and fell in love with electronic music. As a founding member of both Éclat Crew and Beat Retreat collectives, Yvois is a firm believer in the importance of community in Berlin’s atomised music scene. She spends much of her spare time supporting and making music with other members of these collectives, including Ducks!, Ori Moto, and Vacant Lake.

Sit Tight is the debut release from Yvois.”

Before I dedicate a whole post about Ducks!’ new album, Things That Were Lost, that contains one track shared here in the blog, Top Horse. I would like to share Sit Tight, by Yvois and featuring Ducks! and Ben Osborn.

Sit Tight, at first, sounds like an usual downtempo with chill beats, but what amazes me the most is how it’s combined with powerful strings, drums and all the visual elements behind it put together on this impressive music video, Red Hot Chilly Pepper and Californication style. In the end, Sit Tight is not only music, but a combination of audio visual elements worth sharing on this blog. It feels like travelling.

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