Synths of Eden Picks: New Techno

Today we curated three techno tracks, the first one is Infinity Machine (live) by Saytek. So good to listen a live performance of techno that differs from the usual DJing kind of performance, which endorses by post about different ways of performing live music. The track has soft vocals, speeches, as it’s usual for techno. It starts as a more vintage kind of electronic music, Kraftwerk style, and then it incorporates some chord progression that gives it a rhythm. His word are generally released on Cubism.

Saytek returns with his first release in two years on the label he calls home, having run Cubism alongside Mark Gwinnett for the best part of a decade. The Infinity Machine EP follows the huge success of his Machine Jams album and Live Sessions EP on the label which were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Since then he has gone on to achieve even bigger success releasing his Live Stories album on Darren Emerson’s Detone and a slew of EPs on numerous tastemaker labels including the imprints of Carl Cox, Mr.C and Steve Lawler.

Next one is Equilum (Original Mix) by Jizaxx, released by Structed Records. The track has been released as a single, being the other one Equarta. This one is a more minimalistic techno track, with accentuated kicks and bass. Which later grows to a more cosmic vibe, still preserving that downtempo atmosphere. It’s lush.

Next one is Asem Shama from Germany with Proximity released by Whipbass, a more aggressive techno, that 3am track for your underground foggy club. It will not disappoint the techno fans looking for a great night. This is good underground material. A more exuberant track full of energy.

The three tracks have been added to our techno playlist in Spotify: Synths of Techno

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