New Electronic: Harlequiin – Water Me (feat Amelka May)

Music written by Rory Simmons and Amelka May
Produced by Rory Simmons

Dave De Rose- bass
Peter Ibbetson- drums
All other instruments by Rory Simmons
Mixed by Alex Bonney
Mastered by Peter Beckmann (Technology Works)

Having previously worked with Jamie Cullum, Blur, Labrinth and Paolo Nutini, Harlequiin is Rory Simmons’s solo project formed in 2016, which “has one foot in dance and electronica, and another foot in the alternative pop world”, according to his press release. Water Me, featuring the vocals of Amelka May. In general it makes me think about the style of music made by Mount Kimbie and the greatest music inside UK’s electronic scene. According to Amelka:

‘Water Me’ is about self care and kindness to oneself” Amelka explains. “In my experience, in cultivating a good relationship with yourself, good things happen. You tend to meet positive people and find yourself in healthier situations than you might have done before. ‘Water Me’ is a celebration of that

Water Me has been released on a 5 tracks EP called Decade’s Dream. It’s also been added to Synths of Eden in Spotify:

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