Ethereal Indie: UV – Joys of Pain

Previously fronting ethereal-psych band KULL and electronic duo White Russia, UV re-conjures Elderton’s distinct vocals over interlaced harmonies, guitar strands, electronic textures and pulsing rhythms.

Featured here before with Defender, Joys of Pain is the latest release of Marina Elderton, known as her artist name UV. The track is part of a single also called UV, that features both tracks, Defender and Joys of Pain. You can find it in Bandcamp  and in Spotify. The track mixes post-rock elements with a contemporary indie touch, that mixes electronic textures with electric guitars and drums. Plus, Marina’s remarkable voice.

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Psychedelic Rock: Pekoe Cat – Door Knockers

My recording process is a little different for a few reasons. I record in my basement through a couple of mics and a Tascam US-1641 audio interface. I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.

Door Knockers, by Canadian multi-instrumentalist/producer Kyle Woolven known as Pekoe Cat. His new tracks haven’t been released yet, but as they have been published in Soundcloud we can already listen how good they are beforehand. Specially the sound of guitar and how it’s merged with vocals. The best style of contemporary psychedelic rock we love, full of synthesizers.


Synthwave in Eden: Saint-Samuel – Mann

A synaesthetic / analogue synthesized exploration from sun-kissed speed boats exploding into dazzling twilight, through decaying city corridors and into decadent discotech fantasies, SAINT-SAMUEL‘s MANN pushes the listener beyond their own expectations and into the cosmic possibilities of an infinite vibe.

Mann by Saint-Samuel is a synthwave track with vocals in French that will certainly impress you. The best Peter Gabriel style, with a contemporary francophone touch. Mann is part of an album called Télérama that is also available in a limited edition cassette, released by Prince George Records. Saint-Samuel is a French-Canadian artist based in Montreal.

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Electronic: LPascolatti – Rotterdam’s Forgotten Tales

Two unreleased tracks from LPascolatti produced in Spiderhuis Studio when he was based in Rotterdam during the autumn, winter and spring of 2017/2018. Both tracks combine digital and analogue synthesizers with emulated orchestral instruments, with a final result resembling cinematic classical compositions.

Check Capiroto Record’s new release.

Synths of Techno: Figu DS – Quantum Gravity (ft. Tim Jackman)

Released by EUN Records, Quantum Gravity is another recommendation of fresh techno. Produced by Figu Ds, it is part of Psyche LP, which is his second album. He reaches 35 with almost 18 years working within the music industry. The tracks range from electronica to techno, being occasionally more drone or ambient. Quantum Gravity features the collaboration of Tim Jackman and Thøth (big bass tunes) in String Field.

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IDM/Techno: Infinity Interface – Convergence One

Currently resident of Earth (Sol System), it is the chosen task of the spirit/mind/body complex known as Infinity Interface to bring awareness of the nature of consciousness and universal oneness to the various life-forms residing on that sphere. This information transfer has been scheduled as a series of audio recordings, the first of which “Convergence One” has been disseminated amongst the population in the year 2018.

As much as for all the tracks that are labelled as IDM, don’t expect anything traditional that you can say “it looks like techno”, “it looks like this or that”. So we have here Convergence One by electronic musician Infinity Interface, based in Berlin. A 7 seven track that is all in one. It starts as a techno and ends up being everything after a drop, a synthwave with a four on the flour beat. It’s singular. The track is part of album called Convergence One.

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Trip Hop: Jake Raywood – Ivy

Structures I is a collection of three tracks that were written and recorded over 6 months. Those 6 months were a period of significant change and Structures I was my response to, and means of dealing with that change.

Some more fresh Hip Hop coming from London, this one is Ivy, by Jake Raywood. According to himself, he “creates introspective, brooding Trip-hop to help better understand myself and the world around me”. It’s the mellow trip hop kind, at certain moments you can even drop some trap style of hihats, if it wasn’t for the more trip hop style of vocals.

You can also find it at Bandcamp.

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Driftwood from Vanderocker, from Los Angeles  is the slow kind of psychedelic rock, with a more Garbage style of guitars and vocals. Vanderocker is atmospheric, more narcotic. It’s the first single of Vanderockers’ psych rock forthcoming album. According to her Soundcloud profile she “blends Alt Punk with Electro Pop sounds ranging from ‘sonically massive’ impressions from the era of Berlin and David Bowie; to futuristic electronic soundscapes influenced by VDR’s classical roots.“.

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R&B/Downtempo: Saba Abraha – Sweet Mirage (New EP)

Ethiopian artist based in USA Saba Abraha has been featured in Synths of Eden with Pathway, in April, mixing R&B with electronic downtempo. Now she’s back with Utopia, a track that follows the same mood, but with much more intensity and allowing herself to dig even deeper into the experimentalism of electronic music. The track is part of her recently released EP Sweet Mirage.

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