New Update – Synths of Techno

Today I curated three different techno tracks for you. First of them is Blank Follows Blank, by Oberst & Buchner, from Austria. The second and the third come from Italy, by Luca Minato and Niceteed, with Terminal M and Need of Nicety, respectively.

“Imagine one would know the idea and interpretation behind the cover artwork for Sfumato. That would kill all the magic, mystery and suspense in it. What we can say is that the music plays with moments of clarity and at the same time obscured views. With obviousness and mystery. And to be true if we would tell somebody some stories behind the songs no one would take this as a deep and serious concept for an album”

Blank Follows Blank is a remarkable track, part of recently released Sfumato album, contaning 7 tracks in total. It has a compelling chord progression, with a groovy bass line that makes any living person wants to dance, meanwhile it’s followed by atypical beats for a techno track, being a more old school dance, which means you’ll not listen to those clear four on the flour kicks so typical of techno. Which is also great.

Need of Nicety by Italian DJ and producer Niceteed has been released as a vinyl by Spanish label MyLitleDog. The EP contains two remixes by Nadja Lind and Dompe, plus another track called Anger. While Blank Follows Blank is a more bright and shining style of techno, Need of Nicety follows the more obscure and underground scene, so typical for the underground dance floor here and there. Need of Nicety also has stunning vocals and lyrics. That should be a great vinyl to have and DJ.

Thirdly we have Terminal M, by Luca Minato, producer and DJ from Sicily, it’s been released by Leisure Music. It’s a more minimal techno, mixed with progressive house. A good one for a more minimal DJ set. Terminal M uses several different FX that follow the beats.

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New Techno, Dub, Leftfield from 2019

Today I chose three techno tracks that are worth mentioning here in the blog. The first one coming from Japan, SEMIOSIS with Amenouzume. The second 1998 and A001 coming from Phoenix, USA and the third from Germany, by Lewo [DE] and his Chamhoi, from Otto EP, released by Capiroto Records the 22nd of February.

Amenouzume is the god of dance’s name in the Japanese mythology.

SEMIOSIS produced this track to represent a scene typical of what is popularly known as the Gods’ festival in Japan. Therefore, they incorporated ancient Japanese tradition with techno. According to them, they not only used Japanese traditional music instruments, but also a traditional rhythm called Shin-Gaku in this track.
Amenouzume is part of their new album, not yet released, Mythological Parade, in which they aimed to represent an imaginary “Gods’ Rave”. There, they imagined that if each one of those gods enjoys dancing and singing, then they would also enjoy creating a melody and rhythm.

Next track is called A001, a robotic name, nothing more appropriate for a techno composer called 1988, artist from Phoenix, USA. A work that unfortunately hasn’t yet been released, but it’s available for streaming in Soundcloud in 1988’s page. A typical dub techno tradition, a pretty genre to listen, specially when you want to relax, it’s meditative, danceable and mixes the best of both worlds from techno and dub.

Next one has been released by our label Capiroto Records, featuring another techno composer from Berlin, Lewo [DE] that has three powerful tracks that are minimalistic just like A001, but with a more traditional techno mood, ideal for that dancefloor around 3 to 4am in your local underground club. In his latest EP, Otto, there are three tracks, which Chamhoi is a more IDM style of techno followed by Posville and Sumitomo, that come with the minimal, progressive side of it. It can be also a great one for fans of progressive house, though this work is for sure more influence by dark, minimal techno. Chamhoi has been curated to our playlist Synths of Techno.

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Synthwave in Eden: Robert Random – Waiting for That Inevitable Bad Thing to Happen

Today we are updating our playlist Synthwave in Eden with a new addition, this time another one of those synthwave tracks that I admire, that sound like a progressive rock, or something done in the 70s, with synthesizers combined with studio innovation, different pattern of drums and a bassline full of groove. Everything in this track sound great, though the title inevitably has a negative connotation. Listening to Waiting for That Inevitable Bad Thing to Happen shows out to be something good to my ears, so it’s kind of ironic. Thanks Robert Random, composer/producer from Finland, for providing us with this great material. He’s going to release his full album on the 26th of March 2019. The other track in this single is Bad Thing Afterparty, it has a more techno influence, more underground, Streets of Rage soundtrack style, also with a great bassline.

Synths of Techno: New Update (5 Tracks Review)

I have been receiving several stunning techno submissions to share in our playlist Synths of Techno and here in the blog, so today I decided to make a single big post about techno, gathering 5 new remarkable releases I have curated for you. It is also important to register that now our techno playlist is now receiving submissions via Soundplate.

  1. D Formation – Nerve
  2. Komfortrauschen – Stanze
  3. The Alexsander – Susa
  4. Ge Bruny – Orion
  5. Vilas Monnappa – Faux

D Formation – Nerve was released by MIR Music, on 4th of February. It’s the label’s first release. D Formation is an experienced Spanish producer, usually well featured in Beatport for the Progressive House category, he shows us a bit of the best that progressive house as a genre can offer us. However, it’s a genre that in itself is very close to a more progressive and dark techno. Which deserves a place in this playlist as well. The vocals can certainly be considered psychedelic.

The second track is Stanze, by a German trio, called Komfortrauschen. It’s a more minimalistic techno, making use of electric guitar, drums and bass, summed by synthesizers. It’s been released by Otake Records.

A rocket launching pad inextricably tangled with an electric guitar, bass and drums. The cold wires, cables, pedals, beats fuse with living hands to come alive. Euphoric yet still sober, urgent and demanding yet sill relaxed and calm, contemplative and deep yet free and light – the appropriate soundtrack for meditative courtship behaviour in a bare concrete room. Always played live but with the aesthetics of a DJ set – that’s Komfortrauschen, a three piece live minimal techno band from Berlin.

Next I have selected Susa, by Swedish producer The Alexsander. That has some of his inspirations Vangelis and Michelangelo alike. Another minimalistic and organic style of techno, with a deep ambient touch. Amazing cover art, that is something that stands out, as much as his music. Susa has been released as a 5 tracks EP called Signal of Susa released by Awal Recordings on the first of February.

Next one was made by Brazilian producer Ge Brunny, called Orion. Also released by MIR Music, which explains the same design for the cover art as Nerve. A beautiful piece, is starts aggressive, energetic, with high percussion sounds, on a fast tempo, that collide on an amazing drop, that later grows slowly, again. It’s clear how he got inspired by stars. The sound design is primal, as much as the final audio quality, my best regards for the audio engineers involved. It’s been released as a three tracks single, containing astrological names Orion, Titan and Ufos. Another one that can be framed as Progressive House.

Lastly there’s a Faux by Vilas Monnappa, from Bangalore, India. Minimalistic in the rhythm, but with a pretty arrangement and melody. The sound was finely designed, great work with synthesizers. You can say it’s techno by how the beats sound, together with the work of bass, we can also say it’s been hardly influenced by Progressive House.

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Synths of Techno: Fernie – Eugenics (Remotion Remix)

Newest feature of Synths of Techno is Eugenics, a track by Scottish producer Fernie and remixed by Remotion. It has been released on 22nd of February as an EP by Sync Forward. In total, we have four tracks, Eugenics, the original mix and remix, plus two other tracks, Filling the Void and Melancholy. The remix is melodic, with remarkable arps. Good work with mix and sound design, it’s dark and visceral at some points, good one for that 3am set.

Melodic Techno: Three CP – Briques Oranges

Released on 19th of February by Lenjam Records, Hold My Name is a new single from Three CP, with 4 tracks, showing once again what Three CP knows how to do best, high quality progressive and melodic techno. Briques Oranges is mild, beautiful, definitely not the aggressive type. It’s suitable for a yoga class, running session or a night club alike. While the title track, Hold My Name, is a more aggressive one, minimalistic, while still holds the underground and dark textures typical of techno.

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Techno: Camp North – My Bones

Camp North is a music producer from Boston (USA), that makes electronic music mixing some of his most favourite genres, such as ambient, techno and more danceable house style, such as My Bones, a track that has techno long and aggressive synth lines with a more “housy” groove, rhythm and vocals. It’s been released as a single early on January. It’s also Synths of Techno newest feature.

Synths of Techno: Gold Apple, by Ness Uno

Newest techno featured in our playlist Synths of Techno is Gold Apple, by Ness Uno from Berlin. Underground piece, melodic, progressive, with a big presence of acid bass. I could not stop moving my body while listening to it. It’s a track full of energy, in the whole arrangement. There are chorus vocals, while we can hear the bass giving all the groove. With additional distorted melodies.

New Electronic: Paris Love-Child – Don’t Leave It Alone

Artist from London, UK. Paris Love-Child and Don’t Leave It Alone is a techno with amazing strong vocals. It has been released in 2018 as a single, it makes me think about the album from the same year Working Class Woman with the hit Work It by Canadian producer Marie Davidson, but Don’t Leave It Alone is less experimental, a more synthesized and melodic style, where we find groovy beats and bass. Paris Love-Child is a songwriter, performer and also model, according to her description, she comes from Noting Hill, famous for Portobello Road, from where she considers herself the princess. Amazing 8 minutes track, I’d say it’s a proper techno with vocals. Therefore, it’s been added to our playlist Synths of Techno: