We’re open to receive submissions of releases/demos to analyse and maybe make a review (in case it fits with the blog). You can send any Spotify,  Soundcloud or link with mp3 (downloadable). However, keep in mind that Synths of Eden is a blog that receives several submissions everyday, which is impossible for me to read and listen everything that is sent to the blog.  So here are some tips:

For guaranteed listening/feedback: 

SubmitHub: An interesting platform in which you can create campaigns to share your music with blogs and labels. Synths of Eden is there and it wants to give the best feedback and opportunities possible to new artists. Though it is possible to receive lots of disappointing feedback in such websites, we aim to treat you the way we like to be treated as artists. Plus, you can send free and premium submissions. Premium submissions are interesting to fund the blogs who are sharing music throughout the internet mainly for free and for passion. After all, we all need to reach out some blogs after we’re setting up a new release.


General Tips:

Send us all the information and links necessaries. If you want to be noticed, don’t send us any links on Twitter, Instagram or Soundcloud inbox. Downloadable material or links to streaming websites. Be precise about the artist bio, send pictures, info about the song, e-mail, be kind and personal.  The more we know about your work, the better. Press releases are very nice.


Any news to be shared with the blog are welcome.

You can contact Synths of Eden by e-mail:

Send it to Lucas.

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