New Single: Superheart – After Midnight

After Midnight from Superheart is a chill and romantic song, that pretty much remind me the 80s. A well produced track, starting with a piano, it is later on also followed by a guitar. The instruments are complete with a mellow female singer. It is a simple song, without much complexity, but that provides a warmth feeling. Other track from Superheart, such as Count On Me, have warm synthesizers, that pretty much remind British pop music from the 80s, such as ‘Time After Time’ from Cyndi Lauper, but with a modern touch.

(Nu) Disco: Sky Renee – Why Don’t We Dance More

At first influenced by the virtual cultural movement of vaporwave, but not enough to a highly creative artist such as Sky Renee, from Los Angeles, California.

The track Why Don’t We Dance More? is absolutely about dancing. At first, it reminds Confessions On a Dancefloor from Madonna, but it’s not simply like that. The track Why Won’t We Dance More has been written and produced by Sky Renee herself. It’s a very simple question that carries with itself a lot of meaning behind it.

Sometimes all you can do is breath and dance your cares away until you feel better.

Sky Renee combines 70s groove with a psychedelic ear. The song is almost an escapism, why don’t we dance more instead of just sinking into deep melancholia with all the fascism and chaos we’re dealing with? Well, the question is open to be answered by the listeners, or let’s say, dancers. The artist is here to inspire positive changes in the world. Her songs contain simple yet insightful lyrics.

Her new single Believe is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, 27th February.



New Music: NilSec – 0CHORDT1[160.0][seq2]

NilSec and his track 0CHORDT1[160.0][seq2] was recently shared by us on our playlist Synths of Eden. The artist is based in Brooklin, United States. According to him:

In 2011, JM Giralt tried to purchase a Fuzz Pedal on eBay and was instead sent a drum machine and from that fortuitous accident, Nilsec was born. Influences include most of Warp Record’s catalog from 90’s and acid house from the late 80’s.

Well, indeed that fortuitous accident was really worth it when listening to those interesting drums.

New Chill: Kazy Lambist – Love Song (feat. Glasses)

The whole song is a very funky electro-pop, if you are a fan of outstanding bass lines this song was made for you. It also has a music video made for it. Moreover, it’s a very chill song with interesting dazzling synth pads.

Kazy Lambist starts 2018 very well with a brand new EP: The CityLove Song is a voyage to breezy vocals, primal music production and aerial euphoria. There’s nothing more French than that videoclip, pretty much inspired in the new-wave of cinema,  full of saturated colours and fashion outfits.

Kazy Lambist is an artist from Montpellier, France. And he has been collecting several releases since 2014, as evidenced by his Spotify. All his tracks are highly recommendable if you like this style of electro-pop, it reminds artists such as Metronomy.


New Psychedelic Rock: Raindrop – Another World (2018)

Sydney-based artists Raindrop, pretty much influenced by the current neo-psychedelic scene, releases Another World, the second single from forthcoming album Meltdowns. The track also features a very nice music video, that mixes real footage with animation in a beach scenario with rocky mountains.

Raindrop is the solo project of Miles Devine guitarist for the psychedelic rock band Regular John. The whole album has been created at his home studio and counted with the support of other Sydney producers such as SPOD for the final touches.

The track has bright synths, plus a woody bass. It is a small psychedelic journey. It reminds pretty much the work of MGMT. The decision to create the album was after Regular John disbanded, with whom he had recorded and toured extensively. The bedroom studio expended and transformed into a full studio on his top floor in Sydney, called Mindfield Studios. He makes music as a sort of escapism.

With a couple of EP’s in the back catalogue, Miles has channeled his energies into creating a full-length album. With his cat and girlfriend as his only company and influence, he barricaded himself behind a wall of synthesizers and tape machines obscured by a cloud of marijuana. This strange paradise resulted in the album ‘Mild Meltdowns’. ‘’Another World,’ delves into the reality behind self-inflicted isolation and how avoiding people can skew their idea of you even further’’. Miles Devine

Raindrop’s debut LP Mild Meltdowns will be released later this year.

New Chill: Moon Talk – Jacaranda

Jacaranda (from Tupi) is a genus of 49 species of flowering-trees, that look like just any other tree during the whole year. But when they bloom, they have purple flowers that mesmerized moon talk when he first moved to Los Angeles. The track Jacaranda (released 16th February) is inspired in this tree. It is a very chill track, that reminds pretty much the flowers of jacaranda blooming purple, with the sounds of beats and dream-like synth pads.

moon talk is about to release his album a piece of the sky next Tuesday 27th March.  You can also stream it in Spotify.

Electro-Pop: PUZZLE – Trial By Fire

“The song is about human struggle of fighting for something or someone against impossible odds; it’s the embodiment of not being afraid to stand for what you believe regardless of the consequences.”

It was shared in our Soundcloud page this electro-pop track from Brazil born and UK based artist. Before making electro-pop PUZZLE toured Europe in his younger age singing gospel before settling down in the UK. The track was released 2 years ago. In 2017 PUZZLE released his debut EP called Babylon. He is also influenced by R&B and dance. Already in UK the artist has been working as a session singer and background vocalist.



New Music: Cristian Bergagna – Old Hag Syndrome

Although written in English for convenience and based in Europe, this blog is South American first. So I am glad to share the greatest artists from there, such as Chilean progressive rock Tryo from Valparaíso and all other Brazilian artists that have been featured before, such as FMFL and Semper Volt. Now for the first time we welcome an Argentinian artist.

This is an absolutely interesting work, not only the track Old Hag Syndrome, but the whole album itself.  Music producer from Cordoba Cristian Bergagna, appropriately cites Jorge Luis Borges as forewords to describe his album The Nightmare:

Like Jorge Luis Borges said:

“The dreams are gender, the nightmares, the species”.
Nightmares, “niht mare or niht mare” that means “The demon of the night”, have always something diabolic in them, like someone is trying to break us in our most weak moment, while we sleep.
This album is about the fights in which we struggle while our eyes are closed and we cannot escape. They represent our most raw fears and changes us every day after we wake up.
Jorge Luis Borges ask himself: “What if nightmares are strictly supernatural? What if nightmares are cracks from hell? What if during the nightmares, we are literally in hell?”

Cristian defines his style as horrorsynth and darkwave. I’d say it describes very well what he composes. It is pretty much inspired in electronic music from the 70s, such as Moroder. But it has a very aggressive yet Wagnerian style, it imposes itself. It is an impressive work for fans of Dark Synthwave, such as Collapse Project covered here before.

The album art from Nani Sarmiento reminds a lot the illustration from Sandman by Neil Gaiman and the character Death, though not Sandman himself.

He is also raising a crowfund to release The Nightmare in vinyl, you can reserve one in:

You can stream the album in Soundcloud as embedded, plus in Spotify and it’s quite very popular in Bandcamp as well.

New Chill: LANNDS – Legends

“We’re all legends in this town, we don’t sleep through the night, oh we’ll burn this city down, make room for the fire.”

Featured in both our International Women’s Day and Chilling in Eden playlists. LANNDS comes with Legends as a pretty and chill song. LANNDS is a result of the partnership between artist Rania Woodard and producer/songwriter Brian Squillace.  Woodard’s soulful blues background of playing guitar summed by Squillace’s unique colourful electro-pop bias just make it a great sonic match.

LANNDS is based in Jacksonville, USA. Legends is also the title track of their forthcoming sophomore EP.