Saturday Melodic-Eletro: TH/S /S SH/T – Zero.3

This song is a crossover of many styles of electronic music, for sure TH/S /S SH/T, from France. Is doing highly original work that deserves to be shared. It’s electronic music with kitsch title. They claim their influences range from metal, jazz, electro and math-rock (which I never heard about). Indeed a work driven by audacity. Besides the kitsch title, it is sonically the opposite of shit.

For sure fans of punk rock and underground rock besides electronic music producer, I don’t know why but I felt like listening Sepultura again after that. I leave here with Zero.3. The track is from a 3 track EP, released in August, 2017.



Saturday Track: Biskuwi – Norse

It’s Saturday and the week has been hard. So my day has been fully dedicated on playing Skyrim Special Edition who was in a big discount in Steam this Saturday. Off-topics apart. I had to come and leave a track for this special evening. Special track for when you’re relaxing. The bass notes present in this track are imposing, but not without high notes to mark the tempo, in a melodic way. This is Norse by Stockholm based producer Biskuwi (Yalcin Efe).

Biskuwi has been producing electronic music since 2010. You can check his Soundcloud here for more tracks (as embedded). His sound is highly influenced for traditional techno and house. His music is a kind of progressive house, or tech-house with field recording and imposing sound design. Fully instrumental.

You can stream it on Spotify. Norse is a 2 track EP, with Transient States as a second track.


New Music: Orfeo – Dead Inside

Another downtempo track that just came out from the oven, Dead Inside, yet fresh and worm, directly from Los Angeles, California. Nice vocals, it reminds 90s trip-hop songs, specially those heavy long bass lines, that shares the space with atmospheric vocals, a more ambient style of downtempo.

Orfeo inspires his music on R&B/Soul, somehow it reminds the work of Brazilian producer Semper Volt, featured here earlier. The track has been released today by Nahuālli Records.

Besides being a music producer, Orfeo is also a trained opera singer. The past few years he’s been collaborating with producers such as Robin Hannibal from Quadron/Rhye and Computer Jay.

Exo Moda – Noise Core 2000 (ft. MADic)

If you like Prodigy this track will make you happy, as the band is a big influence for Exo Moda and their production. Noise Core 2000 is an aggressive track, yet youthful, danceable and will give you that extra energy that coffee is not providing you any longer after a busy working day. The track also counts with the participation of New York based rapper MADic.

The track came out 6th April as Exo Moda‘s second single of his forthcoming debut album. The artist has been working on his album for the past 2 years. Most of his inspiration comes from 90s UK music, such as The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and Massive Attack. All of this summed by underground rap vocals, such as the one provided by MADic in this track.

Plus, Exo Moda shares his music with interesting graphic design, featuring motorcycle cartoons, bong and beer bottles/cans.

New Downtempo: Tomás Novoa – Danza Gris

Danza Gris comes out as a danceable downtempo track from Tomás Novoa, Berlin based dance music producer. A track filled with nice and bright sound design, besides 3x3x2 kick bass beat, great for that magical dance vibe, trippy. Ideal track for a night time Dj set.

According to his Soundcloud profile:

Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul.

New Downtempo: Airium – Our Lives Together (radio edit)

Our Lives Together (radio edit) comes as another track for our list of powerful downtempo songs recently released, the tempo can be down, but the track can make you high. Not the danceable kind of downtempo track, it’s more a IDM style, marked by experimental sound design and vocals. It can sound a bit noisy, like as if you are listening to it by cassette, but surely a nice white noise.

Airium is an UK based artist, Saul Wodak, based in London. Ex-member of Australian band Wim and currently touring with Hero Fisher as guitarist. Our Lives Together comes as Saul’s solo experimental electronic. The track ventures trough field recordings to colour his analogue recording sections. A blend between artifical and natural sounds, music through manipulation of audio and instrumentation at the same time.

Besides his Bandcamp page embedded above, you can also follow him on Soundcloud for more.

Trip-Hop: obylx – Ghosts

He can be found deep in the forest, in the basement of a derelict building. Surrounded by flashing lights and strange technologies, he tries to make sense of his world.

Not much is known of the man who dwells within, only that his name is “obylx”.

Trip-Hop is an epic style coming from UK. Bristol producer obylx presents us his track Ghosts, marked by danceable rhythm and that particular dark vocal from trip-hop, all of this summed by an interesting combination of synthesizers that end abruptly after growing until 3:05. This track ends with that feeling that you wished there would be more to come after that, but shorter tracks also have their importance, though I recently wrote about how I love long tracks such as 12 minutes ones.

Well, we don’t much about obylx, but one thing we know for sure, he is a highly skilled producer releasing lots of trip-hop songs this 2018, so if you like the style, keep an eye on him.

Disco/Chill-Out: KLANGPLANET – Eternity

After being featured here with his track Hypnotized, KLANGPLANET comes back again with a new single and full-album, this time Eternity. The last single release from his homonymous album. His newest work has been officialy released this 4th April and it’s already entirely in Soundcloud and Spotify.

Eternity follows the same personal style of Munich citizen producer Frieder Mollat. A blend of chill out and nu-disco grooves, a highly danceable track with that special sound design very particular of German producers, carefully selected synthesizer compositions.  Also a track with interesting vocals in different layers, filled with funky rhythms apart from the harmonic sound design mentioned above.

Don’t forget to check our previous article about KLANGPLANET, with a short bio:

New Single: KRANGPLANET – Hypnotized

KLANGPLANET has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden with Hypnotized, you can also check his whole Eternity album in Spotify.


New Downtempo: Haulm – Clean

It’s raining downtempo tracks in this blog, due to highly creative artists making what they know best. Another one from USA, this time Haulm and their new track Clean.  A song part of their 6 tracks EP Stay For Me. The whole EP is highly recommendable for those who are looking for new downtempo material, not the most danceable kind, but the field recording with birds singing in They Come Along will mesmerize fans of this style, summed by superb sound design. Clean is just one among 6 other powerful tracks.

Haulm is a collaboration between vocalist/composer, JT Norton, and producer Reed Kackley (BAILE). The two met in 2012, in the local scene of Brooklyn bands, but just started to work together recently in 2017. It all started with some casual jam vocal sessions for BAILE, that turned into a serious music project.

The project blends ambient electronic music, with the traditional downtempo touch, vocals are very delicate and intimate. The instrumental were recorded by modular sounds summed by analog synthesizers. The duo aimed to create music that express a sense of sincerity.

It is possible to stream their tracks by Spotify.




Electronic-Jazz: Anomalie – Canal

This track is a combination of great jazz, cinematographic, summed by chill music, full of beats, that seem to have been made by sticks at some parts. Canal is the 2nd single of Anomalie‘s forthcoming EP, Metropole Part II, to be released tomorrow, independently.

Anomalie is the project of keyboardist and producer Nicolas Depuis, from Canada. The Metropole EP is dedicated to Montreal and the canals from his childhood times.  Nicolas has been studying jazz and piano since his early years, which consolidated his skills as a musician.

His popularity is due to his ability at live performing, especially playing keyboard. Much more than a studio artists, he dedicates his career as a performer. He performed together with artists such as Gramatik.