Dream Pop: ◊awaymsg◊ – Seventeen

Seventeen is the new track from awaymsg. It a track full of ethereal dreamy pads, followed by a celestial bassline that shares the same feeling. In the top of that, we have those pop influenced vocals daring to sing in the same airy style, as if it was singing from the past, when awaymsg had seventeen years old. The track also features glimmering chromatic keys.

Art by American Ginseng. This is the type of music release that is pretty well illustrated and represented.

Seventeen is another non-pretentious release that is not going to disappoint. According to awaymsg probably the original project is lost, so it should be the definitive version. You can also stream it by Spotify.

Another track that is going to be featured in our Chilling in Eden Playlist:

New Release: Capiroto Records/LPascolatti – Prologue of an Insane World

They can kill a rose or two
Spring will come

The track was released last week by Capiroto Records. It is the last track composed by LPascolatti in his former Spiderhuis Studio in Rotterdam. The track mixes music composition in F#Minor together with lyrics inspired in the current misfortunes of global economic crisis and contemporary representative democracies, specially in his home-country Brazil.

The idea was to mix digital, organic and analogue synthesizers in a short-track that would express all the desolate feelings of “an insane world” we’ve been living in.

Art by Olga Sergeeva.

LPascolatti is an artist from São Paulo, Brazil, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Besides producing his own music, managing and releasing it by Capiroto Records, he is also editor of this blog Synths of Eden.

LPascolatti’s first album Born to Die has been re-delivered to digital streaming platforms after one year of its official release in May 2017, you can stream it once again in Spotify.

Techno: J Swink – Autonomic

If you don’t want to miss the beat, you’re reading the right release! J Swink has 15 years of experience on how to make the audience lose their minds into the depths of the techno. His career started in San Francisco in the Fierce Animals Recordings for an EP called ‘Autonomic’ that you can even check it out on Spotify.

With Regard to the track itself, ‘Autonomic’ has everything it takes to blow every techno house in the very world, if you like it, we advise you to start with ‘Malfunction’ another track that came out of J Swink creative mind that takes you through a groovier way of using drums and bass tones that certainly gets every techno fan excited.

Got curious? You can hear more about him on basically every social media and listen directly to his work on SoundCloud and also on Beatport.

The track will be featured in our playlist Synths of Eden together with some other techno tracks featured here before.

Lo-Fi: Alex Siegel – Lonely Days (feat. Emily Rae Rose)

The world’s crying through your eyes
I’m sorry that we said goodbye
I know you’ll feel better
Just give it a little time

Lonely Days is a lo-fi track, with that beatmaker chill vibe, and it is intended to scare away the heartache, proclaiming ‘no more lonely days’. Everyday is a new day to start again for this bedroom pop by Alex Siegel. The track also features the beauty of Emily Rae Rose’s voice.

Alex is a producer from Santa Monica, United States. You can also check his songs on Bandcamp and Spotify, besides the embedded Soundcloud.

He will be the next feature of our chill Spotify Playlist, Chilling in Eden:

Instrumental: Marius – 2WRLDS

2WRLDS is the first from a 2 tracks single by Marius, followed by BAGATELLE. Marius is a 22 years old producer from Oslo, Norway. 2WRLDS sounds like a mixture of ambient music with hip-hop, with a touchy and uplifting melody.

Marius’ Existence Problems EP has been covered by Pitchfork and came out in September by Pelican Fly, probably you’ll like to give it a listen.

Hip-Hop: Bluestaeb – Left & Right

If you start to feel a vibe like Stranger Things meets funk… You are probably listening to Left & Right the new Bluestaeb’s instrumental single from the album called Everything is Always a Process. Bluestaeb lives and works in Berlin and Paris and he’s in his third solo album with the collaboration of artists such as Noah Slee, Harleighblu, and Melodiesinfonie. If you have been to Splash! or Melt festival, you have probably heard of him.

When it comes to the new generation of Hip-Hop beatmakers in Europe, you can certainly count on Bluestaeb for your playlist. He flees from the conventional, putting together the best of the old school aesthetics, a pinch of the new school and a very organic instrumentation.

“This song is a result of moving from Berlin to Paris. I was in a new environment, felt more free, and had to switch it up from all those 91bpm Hip-Hop beats.” – He said about the making of this song. – “I remember him [pianist and producer Jonathan Aréna] just playing around with the bass line for several minutes, when all of the sudden he came up with that loop you can hear in the final song.”

Speaking of playlists you can easily find a lot of Bluestaeb’s work on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, so you won’t miss a beat!

Also, if you are looking for more of songs like Left & Right, you should just follow our playlist Chilling in Eden and have a blast!

Downtempo: Abalone – Avery

It has been a while since we last posted a downtempo track following this style, but now we’re introducing Avery by Abalone (artistic name for Anders), artist from Denmark that composes “organic electronic music”. The track is part of his 6 tracks EP Beginnings that was recently released the 19th of April. This is downtempo electronic dance music to dream and dance

The EP falls into the same genre of artists such as Smok-Mon featured here before. The whole EP deserves attention, if you are a fan of this approach to electronic music, it starts with Grace, a entirely instrumental track that builds the feeling for what is coming on, while Avery works as a conclusion to what has been provided by Abalone during those more than 20min of music.

New Hip-Hop Release: Eamonn Nolan – Indigo Hydration

Amsterdam based Eamonn Nolan released today his debut album Indigo Hydration, this is hip hop and beat-making without much pretension, which shows out to be even more impressive than more pretensions works in the genre. Lyrically it contains tracks with a high sense of humour, such as Freshwater, while it still provides some experimentalism sonically. Kicks Hit Pavement is a track that talks about Amsterdam and life here. Another track that deserves attention is the instrumental Holy. Hip hop is a a flexible genre of music, that combines lyrical composition and beats, nothing more democratic than this, don’t expect the most experimental and complex post-rock riffs or synthesizer hallucination of Flying Lotus, but for sure this work is outstanding and deserves a place in this blog.

You can also stream it in Spotify:

As usual for other tracks featured here in the beatmaking genre, it was featured in our playlist Chillin in Eden.

Post-Rock/Trip-Hop: JUNODEF – Gold (Alternative Version)

“as women we know the importance of recognising each other’s work. In the music industry you actively have to search for women to cooperate with, or you are most likely to end up with a cis-male dominated team. That is why this project was run entirely by women. The music, script, and screenplay were written by women, and it was directed by, shot and edited by women.”

With this quotation I present you Gold by Swedish band Junodef.

Junodef from Lund, Sweden, makes an unique blend of post-rock, trip-hop, highly influenced by artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Warpaint and PJ Harvey. They started in the Swedish underground scene and then relocated to London. The fact that they moved to London also impacted their sound, making them experiment even further with electronic music, such as trip-hop.

Their debut album Oceans came out in 2017, since then they’ve been busy with a big range of projects for 2018. Their track ‘Gold’ came out in Sweden with a thrilling music video, Romain Gavras style of violence, but a bit more mellow.

You can stream Junodef by Spotify:


Tra$hwave: Purcha$e – Medium Desire

Medium Desire by Purcha$e is a combination of heavy synthesizers in the intro, that are followed by a rhythmic groove combined by an everlasting melody that will make you want to dance and trip in your own particular way. Purcha$e is a composer from Iowa City, USA. He defines his music as Tra$hwave. The track is part of an album with the same title, containing 7 tracks. It can be purchased in Bandcamp. Also you can follow his Soundcloud profile.