New Music: Tokyo Wanderer – Heartbreak

One of the first artists featured in this blog was a Portuguese producer, GPU Panic and his EP Sand Haze, now we feature another producer from Lisboa, Portugal, this time Tokyo Wanderer. This 20 years old producer aimed to blend two different genres funk and trap to produce his newest track Heartbreak.

The track has a typical trap rhythm, while it is followed by an electric guitar tune, summed by a vocoder sound. The sound of Tokyo Wanderer reminds me chillwave with synthwave at the same time, plus 70s and contemporary electronic music. His signature sound for sure is a creative blend of multiple genres. His background with different styles goes back to even earlier, as he was playing bass for two different local death metal bands, plus studying jazz for two years when he was even younger. Such a talented guy.

According to Tokyo Wanderer himself, he started producing music in 2015, making future funk and then shifting to “chillwave, french house, synthwave and electro”. I’d say that it is even harder to decide in which of my playlists I’ll add his track. As he is suitable to all of them. In 2017 he released a ‘mini-album’, entitled Sleepless. He is also part of a collective of artists called “Future Society“.

Sleepless is going to be re-released as deluxe version, featuring Heartbreak as a bonus track by Neoncity Records a Hong Kong based label, in digital and physical formats due out this April.

New Playlist: Synthwave in Eden

After a few posts with Synthwave related artists and albums we finally Synths of Eden own Synthwave playlist. Some of the artists featured there we have: Cosmo Cocktail, Collapse Project, Cristian Bergagna and Darko Richards, MENTA, LPascolatti, Radikalrat and Starfarer.

We are accepting submissions to feature on this playlist, so if you make Synthwave send us your tracks and we’ll feature it there. Premium submissions by Submithub can eventually end up being featured here as blog posts.

Art by: Olga Sergeeva.

Ambient: Poztman – Shinrinyoku

Poztman and the track Shinrinyoku is one of the most interesting works I’ve received lately. This track is about the Japanese practice of “soaking in the atmosphere of a forest, i.e. ‘forest bathing’ “.

The track is part of the 40th release from Outtallectuals, Komorebi EP. This is the debut release from producer Poztman on the label. The sound is “an exploration of dark industrial spectral electronic music, with an overall influence of Japanese concepts and sounds”.

Didgeridoo, an Australian wooden trompet, was played by Tel’aran’rhiod.

About the EP: it is composed by elements of ambient drum n bass, post-black metal, neuro, and the avant-garde, to manifest a dystopian etherealm. Each song portrays a certain concept, aurally represented through the specific attunement of each composition.


Indie-Electro: NAVA – RITUAL

Trippy vocals, heavy instrumentals and industrial beats, you will easily feel liking turning around the fire in a fast-ritualistic and euphoric dance. The mix is also primal, especially in the conclusion, when the panning is shifting from left to right while the singer is chanting her last words. This song recalls Sexwitch from the collab between Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) and producer Dan Carey, also a must if you enjoy this style. Interestingly, Natasha Khan interprets old Moroccan and especially Iranian songs in the album, while Nava Golchini is Iranian herself, based in Milan. Nava met producer Francesco Fugazza, and were later on joined by Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza, that together formed the project NAVA.

After several months in the studio, they came up with their debut single ‘RITUAL’, well after so long we didn’t expect lass than a great song. Ritual is inspired in Persian music with electronic arrangements. Visually, NAVA inspired itself in the works of visionary fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

Ritual has been released 6th April by Factory Flows.

Electro-Pop: Kuzo – Mansoon

“Monsoon is about an instant connection to someone, losing yourself in your natural instincts and feeling a sense of wild freedom when you are with that person.”

Kuzo is a duo from Los Angeles, California. Monsoon has been recently released in 22th March. Nice vocals, pop, yet with amazing sound design, that kind of electronic that flirts with pop and mixes the best from both worlds. Beats are chill but hihats are sounding constantly, fast enough to make it danceable. Monsoon is their third single and let’s hope they will come with much more, as they sound very nice for fans of this kind of electro-pop, when it comes to creative artists this blog is always welcome for more.

New Music: Rare dm – Almost a Year

“I’ve been waiting to catch a feeling, but you’re not in it for my heart, you’re here for the pussy”

From the creative hub of New York city we receive many great tracks, such as Almost a Year by Rare dm. A place full of great independent artists that always deserve to be shared by Synths of Eden.

Rare dm is what she calls: “a dark designer of electronic sound… exploring shadowed dissonance, foiled by the neon and black light glow of dance beats”. She produces music that have great electronic instrumentals and are yet danceable and pop. Melodic and delicate sounds are mixed with poetic lyrics about interpersonal relationships, as quoted above. It is impossible not to identify yourself with it, either you are a man or a woman. Everybody experienced the feeling of being sentimentally involved with somebody who doesn’t want anything else rather than physical and sexual attachments, having to carry with yourself this personal drama after “almost a year”.

Almost a Year is her first single. So, let’s hope she will have a busy year making new music, so we’ll be delighted listening to her again and again.

New Downtempo: Flex Gordon – Rain City

Rain City is a track that follows the pure good-old traditional downtempo electronic music. Ideal for a morning mood, while staring at the sun and starting that day with positive vibrations, all of this summed by some deep house elements, yet chill. Moreover, the rhythms are very danceable at the same, which makes it suitable for dancing environments, with atmospheric drops. Flex Gordon is a producer based in Toronto, Canada.

It is also possible to stream Gordon’s track by Spotify, as embedded below:

New Ambient: Porya Hatyami & Arovane – Vaun

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this track was the collab between Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto. It recalls the noisy glitches followed by a slow and mellow piano composition. The track Vaun is also a collaboration among a German producer and a piano composer, this time between Arovane (Uwe Zahn) and Iranian Porya Hatyama. Vaun is being released in vinyl as a LP called Kaziwa that can be pre-ordered in n5MD website’s.

Another similarity with Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto’s collaborations is that both artists have been already working on other full-length albums before, being Kaziwa their third collaboration. The difference is especially in the sound design, while Alva Noto and Sakamoto have composed very minimalistic piano samples with glitch, the collab between Porya Hatyami & Arovane is more focused on a atmospheric and ambient tunes, deep and dark. Way more involving. It is possible to feel white noises on the background that sound like rain field recording.

To check some more works by Porya Hatyami you can access his Bandcamp. Porya has releases that go back to 2012.


New Music: RTIK – Arrival EP

The Games We Play, London (UK) based label has recently released in 4th April this two tracks EP called Arrival by Italian artist RTIK, from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The EP’s two tracks are Arrival and Snow. Being both downtempo tracks, with strong four on the flour kicks summed by Vangelis-like atmospheres (such as in Blade Runner Soundtrack). In general, a short track with 3:45 min, inspired by dystopic cinema. As according to their Bandcamp:

There comes a time when an artist is deeply inspired by something they see, hear or experience. The Italian artist RTIK wanted to create a small project to translate his love for dystopic and futuristic realities, influenced by cinematic atmospheres of movies such as Blade Runner, and the latest TV series “Altered Carbon.”

For 2,25 euros you can purchase RTIK whole discography in Bandcamp, here is a tip.

Electronic: Ceephax Acid Crew – Sidney’s Sizzler (2010)

Before I remove it from our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden, I should feature this fabulous track in the blog. Not only a highly creative album name from Ceephax Acid Crew, artist based in London. Sydney’s Sizzler is part of  United Acid Emirates, as embedded. I cannot guarantee there is acid involved in the composition of those songs, but for sure it is present somehow, at least in the name. Highly lysergic material that deserves a special place here.