Dark Ambient: Morrow Knell – Deciduous

Deciduous, from Morrow Knell (that is having his birthday today), is a very aggressive ambient track. Maybe it can be defined as a dark ambient, it reminds a lot the most experimental works of Trent Reznor, with the presence of glitch percussion and some some robotic voices Stephen Hawking style (In memorian). A short track, 2:51 seconds. In the the track’s description when sent us it was written:

My wounds fester and are loathsome because of my foolishness. I am bowed down and brought very low; all the day I go about mourning. My back is filled with searing pain; and there is no soundness in my flesh. I am feeble and utterly crushed; I groan because of the tumult of my heart.

Bio: Born on the 20th of March 1989, Morrow Knell (Aaron M. Dugan) is an instrumental musician from the state of Georgia, USA. He has released two albums:​ It Leads to the Stars ​(2013), and​ A Splash Quite Unnoticed​ (2014). 

It is possible to stream all his releases by Spotify.

New Single: KRANGPLANET – Hypnotized

Another great track that arrived to us from Germany. Hypnotized is an outstanding nu-disco track that is both danceable and chill, highly well produced. Amidst many cliché nu-disco coming out, this track stands out. According to Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat responsible for KLANGPLANET, Hypnotized has “an oriental touch”.  It’s much more than a disco track with oriental-touch for sure, it brings with it many different influences that are not only limited to the oriental tradition, that starts to appear only after 1:30 of song. It is possible to hear many different elements of vocals, such as  a short and quiet spoken male voice to a female disco style vocal, with a deep house touch. In the begging we can also find a female vocal that sound pretty much like Thievery Corporation and its Bossa Nova inspiration.

Hypnotized is a big pack containing many influences, something I learned to be called chillout music many years ago. But, as I mentioned in many earlier posts, I’m not a big appreciator of music categorisation and labels, they are never precise for original music such as this one.

It is possible to stream it by Spotify.

KLANGPLANET is Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat that started his music career in the mid 90’s. Graduated from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry for a couple of years working in Hamburg, Germany for record labels such as Warner Music and Edel records. Over the years he has been writing music contributing to several projects and signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing in 2001 which is still effective. 2017 marks his personal milestone as a solo-artist with the launch of KLANGPLANET. “Electronic Journey” and “Electronic Universe” are his self-released KLANGPLANET studio EP’s reflecting his passion for electronic and chill out music.


New Music: A New Color – N KRAMER

N KRAMER, Berlin-based music producer, comes with his new work A New Color, that is part of his new upcoming album, Endless, expected to be released in March the 30th, by FEEL FLOWS (FF002). 3:18 seconds exploring the vastness of ambient music produced by synthesizers. With his new releases, N KRAMER is uncovering the vastness provided by the 70s ambient-experimental European scene, such as Automat, mentioned here before.

We can listen to polyrhythmic patterns, like those provided by sequencers, that are constantly sounding throughout the whole song. Very dynamic and bright. They are followed by big distance pads. Accompanied by sweet and low melodies. Pretty much reminds Brian Eno, Ashra and Automat. All of this using modular synths, soft percussion and a nice mixing process using tape effects, summed by a sense of perspective, such as the reverberating synths on the back, when poly rhythmic sounds are being played.

His new album is avalable to be purchased in Bandcamp and already have A New Color Available in Spotify.


1. N KRAMER – Endless
2. N KRAMER – Slipping Through The Cracks
3. N KRAMER – A New Color
4. N KRAMER – A Different Structure
5. N KRAMER – Shifting Patterns
6. N KRAMER – It Has Never Worked Before

Classic: Cybotron 1976

This is classic electronic music from the 70s, it is just extraordinary. I’d say it’s greater than many things being produced nowadays with so much technology available. Cybotron’s debut album from 1976 deserves to be classified as a synthpop legend. The band was formed in Melbourne 1975 by Steve Maxwell Von Braund on synthesizers, electronic percussion, and alto saxophone; and Geoff Green on keyboard, organ, and synthesizer. The group released three studio albums, Cybotron (1976), Colossus (1978) and Implosion (1980), disbanding after that in 1981.

New Single: altopalo – Blur (2018)

Blur, from altopalo, band based in New York, is much more than an electronic glitch futurism. It has a kind of pop aka indie-electro approach to electronic music, summed by experimental and glitch music. Music is art and when it comes to art, innovation is a key feature. Therefore, great artists are always trying to reach new boundaries of their cultural soup. altopalo explores the USA tradition of making music with acoustic guitars and that cowboy style of singing with avant-garde electronic music. The band agglutinates in its sound the acoustic, the electronic, the jazzy-funky drums, as much as the vocals from good-old boy bands. It’s indeed an original material that impressed me very much.

altopalo is formed by singer Rahm Silverglade, a solo artist that has been releasing his material by Terrible Records, plus guitarrist Mike Haldeman. In the rhythm sector we have Jesse Blelenberg and Dillon Tracy. Therefore, we have a band composed by four veterans from the underground New York scene.

They are gathered to set up their debut album frozenthere that will be unlike anything commercially made in USA nowadays, eventually it can be compared to Mount Kimbie/Nicolas Jaar or other alternative indie-electro bands. Blur/FrozenAway comes as their new single. Their songs are about the dehumanising new forms of technology that are spreading like big diseases in society in which we cannot live without anymore. When will we ever break the chains from this allegory of the cave and reach the bright lights of the outside?

Interview/New Release: Hear My Heart – FMFL

New release of FMFL out today 19th March by RESTERECORDS, following Just Blink Twice, already reviewed here before in the blog.  Hear My Heart comes with a more uplifting production, but still with the same delicate and relaxing feeling provided by Just Blink Twice. This song talks about exactly what it says in its title. After all, FMFL is functional music for lovers. Songs to be listened and think about those we love the most.

Hear My Heart sings about the connection of feelings when listening to a song, that is the connection between people, how artists can write about their feelings to unknown others. Which can be represented by the act of ‘hearing (the artist’s) heart’. Both tracks are short but full of feelings, providing a bright-melancholy, that cannot be defined as ‘sad’ at the same time, a bit nostalgic. A sadness that can be something bright, represented by love, shining and singing the heart of an artist can mean something deep. An artist that sings about the absence of somebody.  The harmony and brightness of the sound design prove to be the high sides of the track.

The title-track is followed by Up to The Sky, an instrumental, a mixture of keys, pad synths, glitch drums, that last for 3 minutes, ending with an atmospheric synth, a bit robotic yet glamorous. A short track with lots of textures.

According to Adam Matschulat, producer of FMFL:

“The whole album, which is coming out in May, has been a gigantic cathartic experience for me. I am used to producing other people’s music and I compose experimental electronics normally. Writing songs was an emotional challenge, as I wanted them to be as vulnerable as possible, as transparent and honest as possible.”

The debut self-titled album “Functional Music for Lovers”, with 12 tracks, will be released in May 2018.

This review features a short interview with Adam himself, that also designed the EP’s cover (below).

1. How was the recording process of your new EP? Tell us more about the work in the studio. Who participated in the production, mixing and mastering or your newest release?
I’m afraid but I will disappoint all techie musicians out there as my work as FMFL is done completely with virtual instruments. For me, having a background in engineering, is all about what sounds good or not. I don’t have any analogue equipment, what I got are good genelecs [studio monitors] and a studio with great acoustics. I produced, mixed and mastered this release. Which is absolutely fine if you leave big gaps between stages of production/post-production. I run a post-production agency ‘The Listening Tower’ – Instagram @thelisteningtower (http://www.thelisteningtower.com) which offers good prices for smaller labels, independent artists & filmmakers too. Please visit, if you contact me saying “I saw your website at Synths of Eden” I am more than happy to do a job for you half price 😉 We can talk.
2. What inspired you to compose your new tracks? Are there any artists/genres of music that were fundamental to the composition process? As a source of inspiration. 
Inspiration is flooding in every second of the day… For me is all about looking inward and learning how to spot ‘tricks’ you come up with time, so its very important for me to avoid this ‘bag of tricks’ and try to dig deep to the essence of the matter you are exploring. I don’t think I have artists to name and point yes my sound is inspired by theirs… No way…. I honestly think that for this album my main ‘force’ of inspiration is old video games….  I think for 2 reasons, psychologically they bring me back to a time of safety, when I was 6 to 11 years old…I think the songs I wrote comes from a necessity of feeling safe. As emotionally the last 2 years of my life have been challenging for various personal reasons.
3. What are the next plans for you as an artist after this new release?
Well I am very pleased that in May I am releasing the Album ‘Functional Music for Lovers’ and after that I am giving priority to a new album of my trip-hop project ‘Godasadog’ – Instagram @godasadog – (https://open.spotify.com/artist/06OslChkeQlWzlHubsl956) which I produce with Victor Meira, from the band Bratislava, back in São Paulo. Parallel to that I am already working on a new experimental project as ‘Matschulat’ – Instagram @adamatschulat – (https://open.spotify.com/artist/0nMQwy6yGT9oLHLowzMUJp) which will be a film I am working with my brother who is a filmmaker (@aron.matschulat).
4. With which new artists or songs do you wish your newest release would be featured with in a playlist or DJ set? 
Well. I don’t know how to answer this question. I hope that this project finds its audience. A friend told me I should go to South Korea… So maybe a DJ over there? 🙂
You can listen by FMFL’s new EP by streaming stores, plus Bandcamp and YouTube (bellow).




New Pop: SOFI TUKKER – Baby I’m A Queen (2018)

I have been enjoying SOFI TUKKER since Matadora, I’m not sure they have any relation with Brazil/Portugal but that track showed me somebody that was making interesting pop-music that was being sung in Portuguese language and that could stand out for the Brazilian market. I have been sharing their songs in some playlists I work with and none of their singles ever disappointed me, as I’ve said before in other posts, I’m more than tired of those disco/EDM that are put in a ‘cake tin’ and it gets ready full of hihats repeating 32times in a bar that then goes to a drop and built up repeating the same stuff with a single sample of synths or chord progressions for the rest of the track. Come on, how can’t people make different stuff? You don’t go to a club to listen 32 different songs that sound all the same, thanks Armin van Buuren/SpinninRecords and friends for that.

SOFI TUKKER is pop music with a very nice use of drums, especially the toms, different elements of percussion, electric guitar, synths and this gorgeous female vocal of Sophie Hawley-Weld. Also, all their singles have very nice art covers. Such as this one below. They are announcing their debut album due out April 13th.

New Pop: pizzagirl – Coffee Shop (2018)

Disclaimer: Ok, this blog doesn’t want to be that much focused on pop music, but mainly progressive/psychedelic rock and crazy electronic material; however, there is a bunch of independent nice pop music being made that deserve to be shared, so we’ll have a few tracks that were sent to us and we’ll be covering it these days. Such as the independent pop-rock from Florida, The Hails, covered yesterday. Soon we also want to be covering old-stuff again, after all we said this blog is also about the all-time classics not only new music.

New bedroom-pop track, the third release of Pizzagirl, after Favourite Song and Carseat. It is a downer-disco from UK. Coffee Shop is his new track, though it talks about caffeine and not magical herbs sold in homonymous places here in Netherlands. This artist has an announced new EP due 13th April. It all starts with a very catchy intro, with na-na-na (Hey Jude style) vocals, with dance-able and catchy instrumental lines.

Pizzagirl is Liam Brown. There are several different influences on this track, from 80s pop to current pop-rock and disco. The vocals are a very interesting part of the track, where high-timbre voices speak about a coffee shop while the lead singer follows them with his man’s voice together with the basic instruments.

This is not at all an exaggerated pop-style, but something done in an underground bedroom in UK that stand out from the pop being done nowadays. The producer does everything himself from the comfort of his bedroom studio, as many of them (Including me, except for the fact that I am using my kitchen as studio). The synths sound just amazing.

Coffee Shop has been released this 9th March by label Heist or Hit. The track is available for streaming in Spotify.

The artist has some UK dates to perform, so if you live in the UK, you can check his laptop lonesome live (and let us know how it was).


12th – YORK, The Fulford Arms (with Her’s)
19th – LIVERPOOL, EBGBS (with Her’s)
20th – SHEFFIELD, Picture House Social (with Her’s)
21st – EDINBURGH, The Mash House (with Her’s)


1st – LONDON, The Fix @ The Social
2nd – BIRMINGHAM, Hare & Hounds (with Her’s)
3rd – NOTTINGHAM, The Bodega (with Her’s)
10th – SOUTHAMPTON, Heartbreakers (with Her’s)
11th – BOURNEMOUTH, Anvil (with Her’s)
12th – OXFORD, The Cellar (with Her’s)
25th – MANCHESTER, The White Hotel

New Chill: Ikonika – Where Is Your Wife (2018)

Another one from our new chill series. The new album from producer Ikonika (Sara Chen) features the song Where Is Your Wife? it is the second track of her latest album The Library Album. It has been added to our new Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden. The album has been released by EMI Production Music, with a focus on television and visual arts. Sara has been releasing by the well-know label Hyperdub, her work reminds the tradition of dubstep with a hiphop style of beats. The album has 16 tracks that deserve to be listened from begging to the end, it’s somewhat of a darkchill beats, let’s say. With many different experiences of synths and beats. Tracks are short, something around 2 or 3 minutes, the whole album can be listened with a wink of the eye.

The album has been released this 9th March. In some parts, we can listen to a videogame soundtrack style of electronic music, such as the old Doom, in tracks like Passenger, with a pretty interesting bassline. In Where U Now? we can listen a typical track from Ikonika with a touch of IDM synths, long pads with beats. Ikonika has been a ground breaking producer and DJ since 2010 (debut album ‘Contact, Love, Want, Have’ – Hyperdub), within the UK dubstep scene. Videogame soundtracks are a big inspiration for her, such as the music composed by Yuzo Koshiiro (The Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage).

New Single: The Hails – Younger (2018)

Well, I haven’t been personally a fan of good boy’s pop-rock with dramatic and romantic lyrics since my adolescence or my early 20s, when I used to go every year to Lollapalooza São Paulo back in the days. Recently, my favourite style of rock has been heavy sounds such as old-school Sepultura or other styles of Psychedelic/Progressive Rock. Since I started working with this blog, music production and promotion in general, such as playlist-making, I have been refining my ears to identify what is good independent rock bands with future and what are basically industrial crap. I receive many things everyday, so I have some clues how to identify it.

The Hails with its new release Younger has cute lyrics with great production that stand out. Recorded in Miami, Florida, with engineer & producer Matt Lewin it mixes contemporary pop-rock with a 70s groove, marked by interesting keys that fill the spaces of the guitar, bass and drums. Vocals from Robbie Kingsley are pretty and soft in this track. Previous works from the band remind a lot Jack White’s style of playing guitar and singing, such as Bronco, from their last EP, much more traditional hard rock style than their new single Younger. The Hails is formed by: Andre Escobar (bass-guitar) / Zach Levy (drums) / Robbie Kingsley (lead-vocals) / Dylan McCue (guitar) / Franco Solari (guitar-vocals).

You can check their work in Soundcloud and Spotify.