New Single: Sal Dulu – Tyko (2018)

Third release from producer-instrumentalist from Dublin, Ireland. This came to us by Submithub, this is highly original material, that plays with instruments and audio files. It has a certain hiphop drum style with it, that is super chill. Plus, the artwork is just awesome. You can check Sal Dulu’s releases by Spotify and Soundcloud. We’ve recently shared Tyko in our Soundcloud, but soon it will be in our playlists.  Very well mixed work too, that puts you in the song’s atmosphere. This also reminds a bit the work of Flying Lotus with a touch of vaporwave.

You can also stream his track by Spotify.

New Single: Thundering Typhoons – Concrete Disco (2018)

It all starts with an electric piano, followed by a bass and a trip-hop style vocal. Thundering Typhoons is the new single of London based live band Concrete Disco (out 23rd February). It reminds a lot Mount Kimbie, with a touch of Prodigy with the drum and bass drums. This is the first record of the band with the label The Animal Farm.

Concrete Disco is a trio formed in 2010 by Johnny Warton, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist, plus brother Joe and Dom Cusack. According to them, this release marks a new phase of their career, more focused in the vocals and keeping with the noise music characteristic of their previous releases.

Not only a studio band the trio is also performing alive.

“Gig highlights include Glastonbury Festival, Glade Festival, Secret Garden Party, The Roundhouse Camden, Whelans Dublin, Camden Proud, and The Borderline. Support slots have included DeadMau5, Beardyman, DJ Yoda, Maxi Jazz, Freestylers and Plump DJs. They dropped their debut album Work for your Living, Play for your Life in 2014, writing, producing, recording and releasing the album themselves, along with a free companion download of remixes and mashups. This was followed by 2016’s Skyways EP, which brought them to the attention of The Animal Farm.”

Check more of their work in Spotify (embedded below):

New Music: Zach Maxwell – Music for Life (2018)

This 2018 brings us this primal work from multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Zack Maxwell. His work combines “the best of contemporary pop, funk, gospel, soul, with the intention of exploring higher realms of consciousness through music”. It reminded me a bit the work of Andre 3000 sometimes. Like in Forever Wild  but it can also remind sometimes a bit of Kaytranada with Romare in Wonder of the World. The fourth track Are You? shows an excellent jazzy track, perfect for chilling, that Kind of Blue vibe for laying down and blaze. It is a not very pretentious EP but with high results in quality. It deserves to be listened.

New Electronic Music: Bryan Nord – Mapping the Mind (2018)

Mapping the Mind is an ambient/drone track has nice melodies, electric guitars, glitch. It is part of a conceptual album from Bryan Nord. As much as electronic music about medieval architecture, we can also find instrumental electronic music about artificial intelligence. The conceptual album Aniagiasi was released this late February and it is a perfectionist two years project, where he explains everything here in his website.

Bryan Nord comes from USA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and this is his first self-produced solo album. Aniagiasi is available in Spotify (embedded)

Progressive Rock: Malady – Nurja puoli

I have listened some very extreme bands coming from Finland, such as Força Macabra. A finish band that plays Brazilian heavy metal with a mostly unrecognisable vocals written by themselves in Portuguese. A country full of extreme metal bands can also have very interesting progressive rock. Nurja puoli has 22 minutes and reminds a lot the old work of Yes but bringing lots of new elements. It is a very delicate song, with vocals, that completely tells a story with instruments, from beginning to the end.  It has guitars that sound good to the ears, drums that grow in build ups just like Mogwai. Riffs that remind Iron Maiden.  Malady is a band from Helsinki. Their upcoming album ‘Toinen Toista’ is being released 30th March by Svart Records.

According to its lyricist and drummer Juuso Jylhänlehto:

“This album is open to many interpretations and laden with symbolism, but at its core lays the basic questions of being human and the transient nature of things.”

It also has a very nice cover art:

Malady is the combination of Tony Björkman in the guitar, Babak Issabeigloo with guitar and vocals, Juuso Jylhänlehto with drums, Ville Rohiola with hammond and keyboards plus Jonni Tanskanen with the bass guitar.



Spotify Playlist: Synths of Eden (Updated)

This week our Spotify playlist is featuring some of the artists recently covered by us. Such as the synthwave from Collapse Project, deep ambient techno from Origin ST, nu-disco from Panama Papers, Chemical Cure from Me Not You, following the legacy of Gary Numan in the playlist and Sal Dulu, with his great track Tyko and Jack LNDN with his latest release ‘Rain’.

Panama Papers – BriteNite (2017)

The Panama Papers was for sure a big leak in 2015 that showed a lot of dirt stuff going on in the depths of financial and political world. Not only big offshore corruption and capital related schemes, it is also an ‘apocalyptic dream disco‘ duo from New York, that has released an homonymous EP last year. It is a kind of electric-indie-pop that is at the same time chill and danceable.

A track that doesn’t bring with itself a lot of pretension and does a great job, nice synths and interesting original vocals (this can be said about the whole EP). It is interesting new material to be following, especially for those who are fans of Nu-Disco and related chill indie-electronic material. Check their Spotify profile and Soundcloud (below) for more info.

The track is also available by Bandcamp, including in cassette.

New Techno Release: Capiroto Records – Nebula (2018)

Capiroto Records will release in 14th March, 2018, a techno album, staring BarchiShampo, Chrstian Saw and LPascolatti. The work contains 5 tracks, being 2 of them a collaboration between Shampo & Barchi (Thug Night) and Shampo & Christian Saw (Mind Machines). Plus, 3 original mix tracks from Shampo (Bongos), LPascolatti (Black Lodge) and Barchi (Nebula – title track).

The album is already available for pre-order in Bandcamp, for full WAV/FLAC/MP3 files. Soon to be also available in Capiroto’s Beatport page. You can also check the tracks in the artists’ official profiles and in Capiroto Records‘ playlist in Soundcloud. For more information, follow Capiroto Records on Twitter.

New Music: Origin ST – Manchester (2018)

Manchester, by Origin ST (formerly Origin Soundtrack) explores electronic music with a big influence of other more atmospheric artists such as Sigur Rós. It has been classified as ‘deep ambient techno’ by this multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from UK, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  He plans to have a busy 2018 with new releases, such as Manchester and Antwerp.

The track mixes low tunes with glitch drums and high pads that create a certain ambient foggy vibe. This is for sure a contemporary ambient track that is worth being listened to. It starts very mellow and intensively builds up at around 4 minutes with different synthesizers and glitch drums.

You can stream his tracks in Soundcloud and Spotify. You can also follow him in Twitter (bellow), to keep updated about his newest releases.

International Women’s Day 2018 Playlist

We received quite a few submissions with new women artists to mark the International Women’s Day so I decided to make a playlist with all those great women making nice music that are worth to be shared.

Apart from Cehryl (featured with NASAYA), Stav G, Me Not You and Elizabeth Goodfellow that have been previously covered today in the blog.

We also have LOVE SICK, Scottish-duo boy-girl from Glasgow, that got support even from Elton John, a romantic track, indie-electronic with big trip-hop influences.  They come now with What I’d Do.

Alexx Mack is an-indie pop artist from Los Angeles that have collected a few hits since 2015. She is featured with Wine in Bed, her latest release.

The playlist also feature a great track from LANNDS, her track Legendes is gold. From Memphis, USA, born Rania Woodard together with producer Brian Squillace, created this soulful electro-indie with personal influences of blues. Very original work.

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