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Synths of Eden – February/March 2019 Playlist

Synths of Eden – January 2019 Playlist

Synths of Eden – December 2018 Playlist

Synths of Eden (1 year) – November 2018 Playlist

Synths of Eden – Soundcloud September/October 2018 Playlist

Synths of Eden – Soundcloud August 2018 Playlist (52 tracks)

Synths of Eden’s September and October Soundcloud playlist, with most of the tracks featured by the blog during those two months

Best of CAN

Synths of Eden curated the best tracks from German Krautorck band CAN that are less than 10 minutes long. Special playlist for old fans or for those who want to discover the greatest tracks by CAN.

90s Metal: Scott Burns (Producer) – Best Of
Spotify Playlist by LPascolatti

90s metal is not the usual style covered by Synths of Eden, but it’s a style of fundamental importance in the recent music history, especially the work of some great bands and producers that are worth being shared.

So here’s a playlist edited by LPascolatti (this blog’s editor) for all those metalheads that eventually follow/read our blog. A collection of tracks that were part of albums produced by Scott Burns during the 90s, including classics from Death, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Obituary and others.

Synths of Eden – Soundcloud August 2018 Playlist (23 tracks)

23 tracks of artists shared by Synths of Eden in Soundcloud during the month of August.

Psychedelic Waves of Eden

Starting with 50 tracks, the idea is to grow this number, for now we are aiming to 70.

A playlist full of trippy rock tracks. Psychedelic Waves of Eden wants to provide you with the best selection of modern psychedelic rock, shoegaze and stoner rock curated by the music blog Synths of Eden.

Synths of Eden – June/July 2018 Soundcloud Playlist (42 tracks)

Most of the tracks featured by Synths of Eden during June and July of 2018. A considerable diversity of genres and styles one after the other. A discovery playlist. So, don’t expect a cohesive playlist. But a diverse and highly creative mix.

As the month of June had fewer number of submissions, this month’s Soundcloud Playlist came out together with the July tracks featured by Synths of Eden. In total, 42 tracks with all the different content shared by the blog.

Synths of Techno

Synths of Eden new techno playlist. Classic techno, new techno, heterodox techno, traditional techno, all techno.

At first we were mainly posting techno tracks in Synths of Eden playlist, but I guess techno is such a particular style of electronic music that it deserves a playlist just for itself. The idea was to mix different influences of techno, some more contemporary, others more unconventional or “heterodox”, as much as some progressive techno, minimal or more old school techno, everything when it comes to techno is included. As usual, 50 tracks, that will be updated each new techno track or artist we feature on the blog, which means it’s a rotative playlist.

Submissions are more than welcome!

Synths of Eden – May 2018 Soundcloud Playlist (32 tracks)

-Most of the tracks featured by the blog during May/2018

Synths of Eden – April 2018 Soundcloud Playlist (52 tracks)

-As for every month, there’s a special Soundcloud playlist with all the songs re-posted by Synths of Eden there. In total, this month there were 52 reposts, from the very end of March to the end of April. Not counting whole albums shared by the blog.

Synthwave in Eden

-After a few posts with Synthwave related artists and albums we finally Synths of Eden own Synthwave playlist.

We are accepting submissions to feature on this playlist, so if you make Synthwave send us your tracks and we’ll feature it there. Premium submissions by Submithub can eventually end up being featured here as blog posts.

Art by: Olga Sergeeva.

Synths of Eden – March 2018 Soundcloud Playlist (62 tracks)

-Our March Soundcloud playlist features all the songs covered as blog posts or just shared in our Soundcloud page. In total 62 tracks, an almost endless playlist for you to enjoy the greatest tracks curated by Synths of Eden

Chilling in Eden 

-Synths of Eden just published in its Spotify profile its new playlist, this time curating the best tracks to chill. The aim is to select tracks with beats that inspire those moments when we’re mostly feeling like laying down accompanied by a cup of wine, coffee, tea or having that smoke break. Tracks to relax, it doesn’t matter if it is day or night, if you are in your bedroom, living room, favourite library, coffee bar or public transport. You will be chilling and keeping up to date with the best tracks curated by us.

Art by: Olga Sergeeva.

International Women’s Day 2018 Playlist

-To mark International Women’s Day Synths of Eden has made this playlist with songs performed by Women. As much as sharing women making great music all around.

Synths of Eden – February 2018 Picks 2018
-This month is staring mainly electronic tracks, that are exploring the boundaries between electronic music, distorted guitar, experimental, noise and heavy sounds, such as LPascolatti, Retrodome, The Suicide of the Western Culture and Introspect.

Synths of Eden – January 2018 Picks 2018
-A playlist with all the tracks curated, shared or covered by Synths of Eden in this January of 2018.

Brasil Progressivo
-The best of Brazilian Progressive Rock throughout the time. Past and present of non-commercial material. O melhor do rock brasileiro viajado, pelos tempos. Passado e presente de material nada comercial. Foto: Arnaldo Baptista.

Synths of Eden
-This blog’s main playlist. With the music featured in this blog, general out of the box electronic music, new indie artists, famous artists, old and new sounds.