Apocalyptic Dream Disco: Panama Papers – Under the Sun

Where do the shadows take you
And when do they plan to set you free
There’s so much to see
Do you feel the laughter pausing
When you thought bright would always be
And living in me

Another one for the series of follow-up posts I made about artists that have been featured here before and come back with other tracks. This is the case for Panama Papers, that has been here before with Brite Nights and now are back with Under the Sun. This is another one of their tracks released in 2017 but should not go unnoticed. Originally released in Soundcloud, the track is part of their homonymous 2017 EP (available in cassette), the fifth track out of five.

As much as for Brite Nights, the track is a disco without ambition, yet sonically amazing. It follows the pop indie-electro tradition, but with a more underground music touch, that allows itself to explore and go away from the commercial barriers imposed by the industry. Expect nice synths.

You can also stream it by Spotify and Bandcamp.

Follow-Up Post: Sal Dulu – Antasma (2017)

Before releasing Tyko, Irish producer Sal Dulu has gave birth to Antasma, a track full of nice beat and samples that deserves another space in this blog. The track arrives to 1:30 with a striking distorted synth lead sharing space with soulful vocals to then go back to its chill beats, followed by this lead chorus again and ending beutifuly, as much as Tyko, it is satisfying to listen the productions of Sal Dulu. You can stream it by Spotify here, also take your time to enjoy those magnificent Japanese audio samples with Duluoz Dream (too much idiot adjectives to describe what can only be heard). That’s an spontaneous work, nothing complex, nothing progressive, not so fancy with huge synthesizers, he does a great job with rhythms, nice harmonic keys, audio samples and beats that you don’t listen in many complex and hermetic 9 minutes tracks. Well, after all, not always it is necessary huge modulars to do great electronic music.

ABBY MAC – GazeboStalker (2017)

GazeboStalker is interesting drone music track from ABBY MAC. It’s 3:30 of experimentation. The first two minutes has a very quiet and far vocal, almost inaudible, it is mixed with a kind of dark ambient tune, field recording and bass. After around 2min of song it is possible to listen drums that build up as much as the other instruments, an uplifting beat that remains until the end together with a danceable chord progression. This is an original piece from this New York producer. Moreover, the art is very interesting too, the track is the 8th from ABBY MAC’s second album Bilharzia, released in the end of 2017.

The album is also available in Bandcamp.

Panama Papers – BriteNite (2017)

The Panama Papers was for sure a big leak in 2015 that showed a lot of dirt stuff going on in the depths of financial and political world. Not only big offshore corruption and capital related schemes, it is also an ‘apocalyptic dream disco‘ duo from New York, that has released an homonymous EP last year. It is a kind of electric-indie-pop that is at the same time chill and danceable.

A track that doesn’t bring with itself a lot of pretension and does a great job, nice synths and interesting original vocals (this can be said about the whole EP). It is interesting new material to be following, especially for those who are fans of Nu-Disco and related chill indie-electronic material. Check their Spotify profile and Soundcloud (below) for more info.

The track is also available by Bandcamp, including in cassette.

Album: Lindstrøm – It’s Alright Between Us As It Is (2017)

One of the greatest albums of 2017 when it comes to electronic music. Lindstrøm and ‘It’s Alright Between Us As It Is’ released in 2017 by his own label Feedelity. It brings us amazing contemporary disco tracks such as Shinin and But Isn’t It, with sensitive lyrics as much as female vocals. The other tracks are instrumentals with great use of synthesizers, basslines with long pads, arpegiators and dance drums.  The tracks are in general very chill, not anything heavy like techno, house. The are no genres used as tags to define his style.  Overall, there is no rule when it comes to this album, tracks like Bungl (Like a Ghost) is a very cinematographic track, with a narrative-poem written and sang by Jenny Hval, that turns to a dance track full of repetitive phrases more like a techno style, with basslines sequences.  Tracks are in general long with around 7 min each. The name of the album is a reference to a dialog in the film ‘Wild Strawberries‘ from Ingmar Bergman. 

The album is available via Lindstrøm’s Bandcamp page. But can also be streamed in Spotify. His Soundcloud page has been active for 5 years. Hans-Peter Lindstrøm grew up on the outskirts of the oil town Stavanger, but is currently based in Oslo,where he is making ‘contemporary dance music’.



Album: Jacques – A Lot of Jacques (2017)

This week, 31th January, the English electronic-music and technology Fact Magazine featured the French music producer Jacques in their Against the Clock series. According to them, one of the weirdest episodes of the series, for Synths of Eden, this was one of the best and most intriguing episodes . Against the Clock gives music producers 10 minutes to produce a track, in this case, Jacques appeared there with lots of objects that could be improvised as music instruments, when recorded via microphones attached to guitar pedals, such as an elastic rubber band that could be used to make a bassline and a drill that could be used to perform a lead synth. The reason why Jacques started to use instruments like this was the fact that he couldn’t afford real instruments when he started out to make music.

Quoting FACT: “Now he tours the world with his homemade orchestra of scrapers, cups, wooden spoons and other ephemera, recording them and putting them through an array of pedals, loopers and samplers.”

Apart from being an outstanding live performer with awkward improvised instruments attached to guitar pedals, he also does a great work in studio, as shown by his 2017 releases, such as “A Lot of Jacques”, embedded below. Released by French label, Pain Surprises.

Moreover, Jacques also recorded a multi-lingual album, in which he released his single “Dans la Radio” in 7 different languages, including Esperanto, French, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

His 2017 album, A Lot of Jacques, features 6 different short tracks with around 6 minutes, all of them a more “house-like” electronic music to more experimental downtempo styles of electronic music. Plus 3 tracks that are longer, with more than 9 minutes, such as Limbo in Limbo, Bushwack on the Dancefloor and Escape from Boredom. All the tracks have singular music instrumentation, as evidenced by his Agains the Clock performance, Jacques is not any regular music producer. It is also possible to buy his merch, such as music in vinyl on the following link: https://bigwax.fr/fr/pain-surprises

Review – OMEGA dB – Speaking with Machines EP

Recently I shared in our Soundcloud Profile the newest release from Barcelona based producer OMEGA dB, Speaking With Machines, with Hypersunday Records, from 20th October 2017 (Soundcloud page below). This new release is a very heavy techno style. Hard synths, atmospheric, catchy crude melodies and beats that are dancing and mental at the same, very well produced, with automated synths and well chosen samples. Great for a DJ set that wants to keep the public dancing in euphoria.

First track has no vocal samples, it is called Big Data, touching this subject of contemporary society and life, which brings the themes covered by old style techno. Around 6 minutes track that are no boring at all, it involve the listener from beginning to the end. Second track is called Speaking With Machines, also with around 6min, bringing together with that techno a more videogame 8bits, chipset style, with a sample uttering “Try again”, as if you were playing an arcade, failing, getting up and preparing to “Try again”, very symbolic.

This is his third EP, being the first My Church (2014) and Utopian Reality (2015). Both also having emblematic names when it comes to techno music and contemporary lifestyle, where reification is a constant matter, workers are turned to precariat, life is being constantly converted to virtual reality, such as Big Data, full of machinery and a huge demand for a moment of euphoric dance. You can check his other works on Soundcloud below as much as Spotify.