Psychedelic Rock: Gator – Gator (2018)

Gator from San Francisco, sounds like a mixture of early-post punk with psychedelic rock, David Bowie on Station to Station style. Their homonymous album has been released in 2018, with 12 tracks, including Full Moon. The band is also organising a vinyl pre-order, which is great. Although it has a psychedelic rock kind of sound with Full Moon, all Gator tracks are pretty short, heavily influence by punk-rock, specially in the tracks’ length. The opening track The Middle Part / Summertime, is as punk as Dead Kennedys. The track Gator, sounds like being influenced by Iron Maiden or British Heavy Metal from the 80s blended with Slayer or Sepultura in the guitar, specially in the closing seconds. One thing is true, watching Gator alive would be great!

Check our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden for more modern progressive/psychedelic rock:

New Electronic: ea Collective – Amazonas Cruise

Turning corners again, ea Collective goes clubbing. Many thanks to Uenay who remixed our rudimentary demo into an atmospheric dark underground soundtrack. Oliver Kern (ea Collective) then replied with an edit, strictly using only snippets from the original. Many thanks to for the mystic cover collage and to Capiroto Records for releasing this piece.

“Amazonas Cruise is the result of ea-Collective’s collaboration with German music producers Uenay and Oliver Kern. Amazonas Cruise has originally been produced using a simple, short circuited mixer as music instrument, that later on has taken different forms after two new mixes. Amazonas Cruise shows us once again that there are no limits to independent music production, that music can come out of simple electronic devices such as a mixer.“
Capiroto Records, Amsterdam.

Released 21st December by Capiroto Records, Amazonas Cruise is a purely original single by ea Collective, Oliver Kern and Uenay, artists from Freiburg, Germany. The opening track, ACE, sounds like an exciting melody of a humming bird with marked distorted “kicks”. Although it’s experimental in the sound design, melody and composition. Overall it fits with the underground techno scene and can be highly danceable. The artwork was created by Belrost and it has an important role in making Amazonas Cruise so unique. Uenay’s version is even more underground, sounding more atmospheric and dares to dive even deeper in the audio production, adding voice over samples and field recordings (?). Amazonas Cruise ends with its original version by Oliver Kern, that served as the base inspiration for the two other versions by ea Collective and Uenay.

You can listen for the whole piece on Spotify:

Dream Pop: FMFL – Functional Music for Lovers (Album)

Today we’re again talking about Brazilian-born producer Adam Matschulat and his debut album as FMFL. His first singles have been covered by this blog in March, such as Hear my Heart, when we also interviewed him about his plans for 2018, such as releasing an album as FMFL. The album got released a little later than expected and with less tracks than promised; yet, it is a special material that cannot go unnoticed by Synths of Eden. In fact, FMFL’s album comes out as something dark, impressive and delicate at the same time. A mixture of Adam’s feelings with a blend of trip-hop, summed by a Björk style of experimentation.

Adam lives in London where he writes, records and produces “Functional Music for Lovers” in his own home studio, released by RESTERECORDS. Clearly the album has been written in a hard period for Adam and you can tell it by the melancholy that takes over throughout the tracks. Of course, it is not only about melancholy and suffering, even though most of the tracks take this route, it is clear the different shades, some more hopeful, others more neutral.

FMFL explores simple melodies and bright synth lines that bring back Adam’s childhood with a sense of nostalgia tinged melancholy. The track “I Don’t Know What to Do” is a good example of an introspective melancholic state that is counterbalanced by “Lost Love Songs” a much more uplifting track.

The album itself is filled with synthetic textures, calm, delicate and worm vocal lines that provide us with peace, drive by compelling drum patterns. Somehow, it makes us feel as if we’re in a deep slumber, numb to the reality, especially in the track “Up to the Sky” the wheezing sounds makes you wake up briefly, so you know you are still breathing.

The album closes with “Hear my Heart”, the song that we talked about back in March. Which talks about the connection between listeners and music. Plus, how it is translated to the connection between people. All of it in a bright-melancholic way.

By collaborators Wallace & Igor

Lost Love Songs has been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden:

Souncloud Playlist: Synths of Eden – June/July

Most of the tracks featured by Synths of Eden during June and July of 2018. A considerable diversity of genres and styles one after the other. A discovery playlist. So, don’t expect a cohesive playlist. But a diverse and highly creative mix.

As the month of June had fewer number of submissions, this month’s Soundcloud Playlist came out together with the July tracks featured by Synths of Eden. In total, 42 tracks with all the different content shared by the blog.


Soundcloud May Playlist

As usual, we are sharing a Soundcloud playlist with most of the tracks featured by Synths of Eden during the month of May. Not the busiest month for the blog, as mentioned in our last Editorial/Disclaimer, but for sure full of new ideas and motivation to make this blog something nice for music fans all around the globe.

In total we have 32 track from many varied genres covered here, from more experimental to more pop tracks.

Hope you all enjoy!

Post-Punk: LPascolatti – Capiroto Amado

Celebrating more than a 1000 streams in Spotify, Capiroto Records is offering a hundred codes to download Capiroto Amado in Bandcamp.

Actually part of “My Music” page in this blog. Capiroto Amado is so far my favourite track from all those crap I produced this year, a mix of synthpop with post-punk featuring the classic sub-urban “carro da pamonha” seller, shouting for people to check their delicious pamonha from the pure cream of green corn. The track goes a bit beyond the synthpop/synthwave vibe from my earlier Up Side Down release, with more aggressive mixing/mastering and use of noisy analog synthsizers. To celebrate more than a 1000 streams in Spotify I just created a 100 codes to download the track in Bandcamp, as embedded. You can click here to check all the codes.

Psychedelic-Rock Album Review: BIKE – Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request (2018)

Rompe-ferro, Rompe-nuvem, Beira-Mar
Rompe-aço, Rompe-fogo, Beija o Ar
Serra Azul, Mata Virgem, Encruzilhada
7 ondas, 7 caminhos, 7 matas


I have been listening Bike since 2015, the year they released their first album, indeed a very lysergic year for myself back in São Paulo, apparently also for many people in Brazil, doce was everywhere. Their first album 1943 changed my view on contemporary Brazilian psychedelic rock, that followed bands I have been watching for a long time, such as Boogarins. Bike, from São Paulo, always brings the true psychedelic influences to their music, with clear references to LSD and psilocybin, to start with their name.  In 2018 they celebrate three years on the road, including an European tour. However, Bike is not only active alive but specially in the studio.

Last year, their second album Em Busca da Viagem Eterna (Searching for the endless trip) came to me as a surprise, following their 1943 in style, I made sure to add one of its tracks to Synths of Eden playlist Brasil Progressivo (below). Now, Bike is featured with their newest work Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request and their track Ingá. First place of our playlist. The typical sound marked by reverberated vocals and guitars full of effects. Followed by trippy lyrics, this time brings back Brazilian rural tradition, including organic instruments and other types of teas and plants. Two other important features in the album, Bonifrate in Ingá, plus Tagore in Cavalo.

In total 8 tracks. The album’s title is a clear reference to The Rolling Stones, with Their Satanic Majesties Request and Brian Jonestown Massacre ,”Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request” (1996).

You can order the vinyl copy in their official website, as much as check the dates to watch them alive in Brazil and later on in Europe. The album was recorded and mixed in Estúdio Wasabi by Diego Xavier. Mastered by Rob Grant in Poons Head Studio – Perth, Austrália. Art by Juli Ribeiro.

Bike is:

Julito – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar.
Diego Xavier – vocals, electric guitar and viola.
João Gouvea – vocals, bass and viola.
Daniel Fumega – Drums and percurssion
Brenno Balbino – Synthesizers
Pedro Bonifrate – vocal in Ingá
Tagore Suassuna – vocal in Cavalo

Editorial: Synths of Eden – March Soundcloud Playlist (62 tracks)

March has been the busiest Month since the website started. The blog is growing and growing in numbers of followers in Soundcloud and Twitter, I am glad about it. And as every decision is political, I am officially declaring here my decisions to boycott some social media networks as this blog’s editor, something that has been done since I started Synths of Eden.

As it’s been done every month since the blog started, our March Soundcloud playlist features all the songs covered as blog posts or just shared in our Soundcloud page. In total 62 tracks, an almost endless playlist for you to enjoy the greatest tracks curated by Synths of Eden.

Facebook and Instagram are abandoned by the blog, at least in FB it keeps with automatic posting, thanks to WordPress machines. However, I should state that I am very disgusted by Facebook as a company and as a platform itself for a long time. I don’t use it, not even as personal profile. We receive a lot of traffic from there, thanks to people who share the blog’s links in their pages, and I am grateful for that. Yet, I don’t have a personal profile since 2017, as editor of this blog I am not logging in to check its page, I am no longer going to pay anything to this company (I tried as an experiment) and I am not going to spend any quality time there. As most of the traffic comes from USA, I should state that it has nothing to do with the USA’s elections and Kremlin’s influence there (as Jim Carrey stated in his Twitter), it’s not the point. This is an ‘universal’ problem and company’s such as Facebook don’t own “the internet” (Morozov, E. The Net Delusion, 2011) and should stop playing with politics, extreme-right wing groups, fake news and post-truth democracy all around, it’s a consequence of irresponsible business decisions coming from Silicon Valley and that is poisoning the whole world, not to say criminally. I deny being manipulated by those behaviourist experiments with likes and shares over there, as this company explicitly plays with people’s brains and productive time (besides the fact that those mechanisms also exist in Soundcloud and Twitter, which I’m pretty active).

For me, it exists a lot of egocentrism in Instagram, a kind of ‘a trip to egomania’ with narcissist and snobs showing off their whole lives in exchange for empty ‘likes’ (neuro-dopamine and all its effects). I even wish I could keep posting every artist being shared here (of course it helps with the promotion), especially those with nice artworks, but it consumes a big time and it hardly attracts people to leave the platform itself and access the blog to read what’s is really being written here, it’s a crap for bloggers, differently than Twitter, that is more welcoming for platforms such as Synths of Eden. In the sense that everything is a trade-off and for a blog that is managed by a single person, choices have to be made, so I am focusing to use only Twitter and Soundcloud as “social medias”.  In addition to Spotify playlists. I know many people use YouTube as a way to listen music, however I am not very familiar with the platform apart from just watching videos, much of the criticism towards Facebook can also be applied to Google itself as well, but in different ways.

P.S: I also want to post older music, rather than only new music, I just received too much nice premium submissions by Submithub and I just can’t leave them unnoticed.

(Nu) Disco: Sky Renee – Why Don’t We Dance More

At first influenced by the virtual cultural movement of vaporwave, but not enough to a highly creative artist such as Sky Renee, from Los Angeles, California.

The track Why Don’t We Dance More? is absolutely about dancing. At first, it reminds Confessions On a Dancefloor from Madonna, but it’s not simply like that. The track Why Won’t We Dance More has been written and produced by Sky Renee herself. It’s a very simple question that carries with itself a lot of meaning behind it.

Sometimes all you can do is breath and dance your cares away until you feel better.

Sky Renee combines 70s groove with a psychedelic ear. The song is almost an escapism, why don’t we dance more instead of just sinking into deep melancholia with all the fascism and chaos we’re dealing with? Well, the question is open to be answered by the listeners, or let’s say, dancers. The artist is here to inspire positive changes in the world. Her songs contain simple yet insightful lyrics.

Her new single Believe is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, 27th February.