Downtempo-Dance: PINES – Speak


Speak by Australian duo PINES (Adam Dormand and James Kenneally) is track highly suitable for a deep house kind of DJ Set. Those female vocals, with claps intertwined by four on the floor kicks and hi hats marking the tempo. With carrying with it a pop and dance music appeal, without clichés. That style of dance you can actually appreciate the instrumentals. It has been released independently in the second of November, reaching the count of more than 57 thousand of listeners in less than a month. Impressive.

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Downtempo: Isophene – Colours Explode

On debut album Reverbatory, Isophene draws inspiration from the natural beauty of his mountainside studio to craft tracks that are as timeless as the landscapes they were born from. Isophene is the moniker of Melbourne producer Brad Buenen, who creates music from his home studio in the Dandenong Ranges, set amongst towering Mountain Ash rainforests. Reverbatory was lovingly crafted over the course of nearly six years, assisted by producer Tim Johnston (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Dandy Warhols, The Drones) and mastered by Taylor Deupree.”Reverbatory” is out through “Hidden Shoal”

That’s time to add some chill to our evening, so we’re updating Chilling in Eden with Colours Explode by Isophene. A track from the album Reverbatory. A lot of Isophene’s inspiration comes from the nature where he lives and downtempo electronic music, which explains the tunes behind Colours Explode. Which is a self-explanatory title if you think how bright is this song, with enough layers to cover an impressionist painting.

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Downtempo/R&B: Kamaliza – Zenith

‘Zenith’ represents the two minds that can be found when entering a new relationship. There are always reservations about heading into uncharted territory, but this is usually coupled with excitement and enthusiasm. The track features themes of trust, patience, understanding and the desire to help one another out of their shell.

Australian producer Kamaliza presents us with Zenith, a track that mixes R&B with a Sam Smith style of singing (the way he does on his collabs with the internationally recognised British deep house duo Disclosure). Plus, that electronic downtempo feeling of producers like Bonobo blended with an UK Garage. Great lyrics, chorus, production, bass, great track in general.

Kamaliza (John Salamba) is based in western-Sydney, Australia. According to him, he is a self taught musician who has honed his craft to become an artist that writes, produces, mixes, and performs all of his original material – creating a style that blends electronic R&B/Soul with UK Garage influences.

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Psychedelic Waves of Eden: Intenso – Blood Shrinks Everything

Today’s update in our newest Spotify playlist, Psychedelic Waves of Eden, is Blood Shrinking Everywhere by Intenso, an experimental band from Perth, Western Australia.

The track is part of their latest EP, called The Stars Are Cold Toys, that places the band in a more narrative path. They claim to have worked with partially composed pieces, recording everything through the control voltage of a modular synthesizer. According to them:

“The action remains always and foremost free improvisation although entwined in this new EP is a deeper ambient disposition with a greater openness and pace to previous recordings.”

For them Blood Shrinking Everywhere sees a slowing of the heart rate from vintage Intenso into more controlled, moody even movements and vibrations. Sizzling modular synth tones lead us down dimly lit, unknowable sonic corridors which quickly become unstable and fragment exponentially. The Intenso formula is always in flux, the three piece line-up remains the same and the direction, blood simple.

The album was out today in all streaming platforms. And it’s being featured in our playlist as well:

Synthwave: DELOS – Magic City

Synthwave is a perfect style of music to listen at night. Therefore, for this Tuesday night, there will be a Synthwave post. As usual, layers and layers of beatiful synthsizer composition, creating lots of imaginary landscapes and feelings. It’s totally pleasant to listen. Today we chose DELOS and Magic City. With a pretty interesting art cover, not the usual cliché of Synthwave, which is also appreciated.

DELOS is Beau McKee a Melbourn based artist, originally a drummer and founder of a band called “Closure in Moscow”. Now Beau dedicates his time at his studio, as much as working with Sound Egineering, rather than playing the drums. He has managed to build a studio in the hills, so he could get the inspiration from nature and nostalgia. This is when we wrote his first EP, Self Titled EP, available in Bandcamp and in by streaming, such as Spotify.

Magic City is the newest feature of Synthwave in Eden:


New Release: Roz Yuen – Confession

This release will turn you on with its sensual lyrics while it will cause you to fly with its ethereal sound design, a very personal and intimate track but human after all. Roz Yuen, not without a reason, called the track Confession, a confession she’s composed, recorded and is singing to all of us, a confession we all can make.

The track will take part of her new forthcoming EP. She composed Confessions in her home town Melbourne, recalling her memories of London. Though the track has been fully realised in Berlin, where she’s based now.

A clear whispered conversation with an ex-lover and all the emotional consequences that follow up a relationship. The dialogue shares a space with silence.

You can also stream the track in Spotify as embedded.


New Music: Christopher Giffard – Talk to Me

“I’m glad it’s over, to be honest. This thing has been a labour of love and a veritable chapter in my life, but there’s only so long you can work on something and expect it to improve.” Christopher Giffard.

Another track that flirts with pop, yet allows itself to provide us experimental sounds and makes us enjoy music outside the box imposed by the industry’s aesthetics. Though its press release mentioned it being influenced by Flying Lotus, for my ears it sounded way more like a Hot Chip.

Not all the music produced to the perfection level will achieve, as much as there are many track recorded and produced in a few hours with great results. Though it served as push Sydney based artists Christopher Giffard to present a great work with Talk to Me. A blend of percussive jazz piano, dreamy vocals and washy drums. It’s a complex track lyrically simple, it express the powerlessness felt when a loved one struggles to express his or her feelings or accept help from his/her partner.

The track is a collective work, featuring keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany (Birds of Tokyo) and drummer Michael Hardy. It was recorded and produced in collaboration with engineer Nathan Sheeny. This group collaboration happened in Glenn’s vintage studio Electric Sheep Music. The track has been sketched for over an year, showing that productivity meant less than final quality. Before that, there was a mountain of discarded takes in studio.

An interesting fact is that Christopher started making music first in computer to only afterwards get into jazz and piano composition, he claims to be involved by a feeling way more than by a genre itself.

You can stream it Talk to Me by Spotify.


New Music: SangLien – Low Battery

Low Battery from SangLien is a track that will draw your attention from beginning to the end. It is chill and funky at the same time. 808 drums with low decay bass lines. Those quirky vocals make it a track with high sense of humour. Those kind of tracks that are danceable yet good enough for all the occasions. SangLien is indeed good at providing nice atmospheres, finely chosen sound design that create space for the other elements to flow freely throughout the whole sound. The beat making reminds hip hop.

SangLien comes from a small suburb of Sydney, Five Dock, in Australia. His latest EP was Digital Eskimo, from August 2017. Available for streaming by Spotify.

New Music: Gobblebit – Rarer Fraction

Rarer Fraction is the first track of Vermit. Debut EP of Melbourne based producer Gobblebit. The track has a dense texture, almost distorted at the begging, that lingers for a while before it is summed by intense beats, slightly reverberated. I’d say that this track is split into two different parts, in which the first is dense, dark and monotonous, while the second is marked by a more complex use of brighter synth layers and beats. The song evolves and grows with the time, ending in its apex.

Vermit has in total 4 tracks, none of them too long but all with them providing the same feeling, overall. Tracks marked by punctuated beats with interesting layers of synthesizers, such as Little Heart.

Gobblebit has grown in Midwest USA and learned electronic music on a DOS computer with an old tracker software. In theory, making music is just one thing, it doesn’t matter if you are programming a software that is being used as a music instrument, it can only evolve to more complex ways of composition that are not limited to a DOS tracker software. Exposed to the world of electronic music making, but without proper equipment and a local scene to support him, Gobblebit started to make video games.  However, without drawing the attention of videogame’s industry as he once did, he returned to making electronic music 20 years later.

According to him, his influences shift from Squarepusher to The Legend of Zelda, in which he mixes nostalgic synthesizers, melodic percussion, modern, and clean elements.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud and Spotify, as embedded.

New Psychedelic Rock: Raindrop – Another World (2018)

Sydney-based artists Raindrop, pretty much influenced by the current neo-psychedelic scene, releases Another World, the second single from forthcoming album Meltdowns. The track also features a very nice music video, that mixes real footage with animation in a beach scenario with rocky mountains.

Raindrop is the solo project of Miles Devine guitarist for the psychedelic rock band Regular John. The whole album has been created at his home studio and counted with the support of other Sydney producers such as SPOD for the final touches.

The track has bright synths, plus a woody bass. It is a small psychedelic journey. It reminds pretty much the work of MGMT. The decision to create the album was after Regular John disbanded, with whom he had recorded and toured extensively. The bedroom studio expended and transformed into a full studio on his top floor in Sydney, called Mindfield Studios. He makes music as a sort of escapism.

With a couple of EP’s in the back catalogue, Miles has channeled his energies into creating a full-length album. With his cat and girlfriend as his only company and influence, he barricaded himself behind a wall of synthesizers and tape machines obscured by a cloud of marijuana. This strange paradise resulted in the album ‘Mild Meltdowns’. ‘’Another World,’ delves into the reality behind self-inflicted isolation and how avoiding people can skew their idea of you even further’’. Miles Devine

Raindrop’s debut LP Mild Meltdowns will be released later this year.