Crossover Tech-House: M!NT – Derek Foreal

Derek Foreal by New York based producer M!NT is a track that sounds like tech-house but dives in the bridge sections with use of vocals, audio samples yet being highly instrumental. It crosses genres at some points, with many hip-hop references, that is easily explained by M!NT’s latest productions, that was hip-hop and beats. Derek Foreal has been released by Outside In Records.

You can check M!NT‘s Bandcamp page for his earliest works.  The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Dub Techno: TTilawok – Rooted

Rooted was released this 25th of May by TTilawok, part of the album Into Memory (Bandcamp), another singular techno track, surely not the one you’ll listen in your underground local techno club. TTilawok calls it dub techno in his metadata, not without a purpose, as this track mixes techno with ethereal synth pads. The track, as much as for the whole album itself, is highly composed by danceable chord progressions, rhythms and arpeggiated sequences.  It has been recorded in EMS (Elektronmusikstudion), Stockholm, during the years of 2016/2017. Besides being released digitally it is also being distributed in cassettes, that can be ordered by Bandcamp as well.

The album does not limit itself to techno, also trespassing the fields of house, acid, dub, ambient and downbeat. Rooted is being featured is our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden.

Bio: TTilawok is a photographer and electronic music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. His photography utilizes double exposure to create unique scenes from both natural and human born landscapes. His musical style ranges from deep house and techno to lo-fi, minimal, and ambient. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, he traverses the realms of acid, ambient, low-fi, and downbeat.

For those YouTube lovers out there, here you go the embedded music video:

Chill-Glitch: Messy & The Gang – Dream Designer

Well, another artist that has been featured here before with No Surrender and his album A New Principle, Messy & The Gang is back with a new single Dream Designer. The track is available for streaming in traditional DSPs and in Bandcamp. The track contains many of the characteristics of A New Principle, but this time with a more chill and glitchy feeling.

The track has been produced, mixed and mastered at FunkHaus Studios,  Berlin. It has been produced by analog synths, VSTs and a modular system to glitch the sounds of the drum.

The track is a new feature of our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden:


Chill Downtempo: Outbanders – Emergent Patterns

Imagined as a surrealistic descent into an abstract alternate universe, Emergent Patterns is a small collection of dark, celestial electronic instrumentals that evokes imagery of ethereal and arcane ancient geometries.

New release from Outbanders Austin, Texas duo composed by Zak Angelle and Brandon Valosek. The release is available in Bandcamp and in Spotify, the second track Topograppler has just been featured in our chill playlist Chilling in Eden. Embedded below. Another release with an amazing artwork besides the tracks. This cover totally makes sense when you think about the word topograppler and possible geographic references to it.

According to Outbanders, Emergent Patterns begins with a shimmering crescendo of reverb-drenched synth lines backed by glitched-out drums in Dawnburst, followed by the driving rhythms of the polymetric jam Topograppler. Emergent Patterns finishes with the dreamy, smeared-out chill vibes of the melancholic final track Sacred Lines Spread Sacred Lies.

New Release: Capiroto Records/LPascolatti – Prologue of an Insane World

They can kill a rose or two
Spring will come

The track was released last week by Capiroto Records. It is the last track composed by LPascolatti in his former Spiderhuis Studio in Rotterdam. The track mixes music composition in F#Minor together with lyrics inspired in the current misfortunes of global economic crisis and contemporary representative democracies, specially in his home-country Brazil.

The idea was to mix digital, organic and analogue synthesizers in a short-track that would express all the desolate feelings of “an insane world” we’ve been living in.

Art by Olga Sergeeva.

LPascolatti is an artist from São Paulo, Brazil, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Besides producing his own music, managing and releasing it by Capiroto Records, he is also editor of this blog Synths of Eden.

LPascolatti’s first album Born to Die has been re-delivered to digital streaming platforms after one year of its official release in May 2017, you can stream it once again in Spotify.

New Hip-Hop Release: Eamonn Nolan – Indigo Hydration

Amsterdam based Eamonn Nolan released today his debut album Indigo Hydration, this is hip hop and beat-making without much pretension, which shows out to be even more impressive than more pretensions works in the genre. Lyrically it contains tracks with a high sense of humour, such as Freshwater, while it still provides some experimentalism sonically. Kicks Hit Pavement is a track that talks about Amsterdam and life here. Another track that deserves attention is the instrumental Holy. Hip hop is a a flexible genre of music, that combines lyrical composition and beats, nothing more democratic than this, don’t expect the most experimental and complex post-rock riffs or synthesizer hallucination of Flying Lotus, but for sure this work is outstanding and deserves a place in this blog.

You can also stream it in Spotify:

As usual for other tracks featured here in the beatmaking genre, it was featured in our playlist Chillin in Eden.

Tra$hwave: Purcha$e – Medium Desire

Medium Desire by Purcha$e is a combination of heavy synthesizers in the intro, that are followed by a rhythmic groove combined by an everlasting melody that will make you want to dance and trip in your own particular way. Purcha$e is a composer from Iowa City, USA. He defines his music as Tra$hwave. The track is part of an album with the same title, containing 7 tracks. It can be purchased in Bandcamp. Also you can follow his Soundcloud profile.


VCV Rack/Modular: Inconsolable – Time_Controlled_Organism

An ambient track that draw my attention, not the most typical synthesized sounds, obviously that could have been done by a modular rack, which is more impressive is the fact that this is a free modular software called VCV Rack, which I started to try myself after that, not an easy thing to do. The whole track Inconsolable was composed by this virtual modular synthesizer.

According to Time_Controlled_Organism, producer from Paris, France, the track was influenced by IDM and the Berlin School, it is dedicated to his mère, evoking nostalgia and sadness.

Lo-Fi: Shook – Wind On The Water

This track will be featured in our lo-fi playlist Chilling in Eden, click to listen it and follow for more.

This song is chill and bucolic just like watching the waves caused by the harsh wind on the water, almost zen. As if in an imaginary microuniverse you could surf in the huge waves of an otherwise calm river or lake, as if in that micromoment of mindfulness, the universe is bigger than what your mind can grasp and that single moment is deeper and bigger than a simple Wind On The Water.

Shook is Jasper, a Dutch artist, and his latest single just came out this 24th April. It is the first single of an upcoming album, Bicycle Ride, expected for June, 2018. The album is already available for pre-order in Bandcamp. Meanwhile you can listen his earlier tracks in Spotify.

Retrowave: Mellow Fields – From Great Heights

After L CON, another great track coming from Canada. Mellow Fields is an artist producing retrowave/synthwave tracks, but that sounds pretty original at the same time, with drops of lo-fi elements and fast bass lines. From Great Heights is a purely instrumental track. Also available in digital streaming platforms, a great fit for our playlist Synthwave in Eden. It ends and finishes with a subtle use of field recordings.

Illustration done by: Derek Rudy

The track ends the homonymous 5 tracks EP of Mellow Fields. It is available for purchase in Bandcamp.