Playlist: Beats Only – Chill, Soulful, Jazzy, Boom Bap (Instrumental Hip Hop)

Since 1997, has been delivering hand picked hip-hop from artists & producers around the globe. Beats Only is a mix of Chill, Soulful, Jazzy, LoFi, Boom Bap Instrumental Hip-Hop tracks with Hip-Hop leaning EDM mixed in.

Synths of Eden has recently prepared an instrumental hip hop only playlist to share with you. But before that, we will share a playlist by the blog and radio Sphere of Hip Hop that has inspired us to curate a playlist full of different beats. In total there are 67 hand picked songs, with almost 3 hours of instrumental hip hop. I listened to it occasionally and I should confess the tracks are jazzy, easy listening like, but instigating at the same time, not only a bunch of beats that sound all the same. If you like the genre, this playlist is gold. They are very active on the Submithub community, which means that they are constantly accepting submissions.

If you want to have your playlist shared here in Synths of Eden, please fill our playlist form here:

Uplifting Beats: Zap Holmes – Bumblebee Bad Boy

Bumblebee Bad Boy by Zap Holmes is an uplifting hip-hop style track that: “is about not being so bad even if you try.” Well, sometimes what actually happens is the opposite, you try not to be so bad, but end up being really bad, in the most optimistic scenario. Zap Holmes is here to prove us that you can, sometimes, try to be bad at something and end up not being that much. If he tried to make a bad track with Bumblebee Bad Boy, for sure this was a failed mission, as this is a great electronic/future beats work. 

Zap Holmes has been releasing tracks since 2014 and Bumblebee Bad Boy is this Gothenburg’s producer most streamed track so far.

This track has been featured in our Chilling in Eden Spotify playlist to provide it with its cheerful feelings:

Hip-Hop/beats: Meister Lampe – Huang Shan

Swiss dj, producer and beatmaker Meister Lampe and his track Huang Shan shows how beatmakers can be highly creative when combining different elements with their beats, which is the case for this track and the use of Chinese vocals (I guess). Summed by this nice illustration, Huang Shan cannot go unnoticed.

This seem to be the case for other Meister Lampe’s tracks. The whole album Orb has 9 tracks and has the same fusion vibe, with groovy beats and oriental vocals, African and Latin influences (the whole world in a single album), I highly recommend Marsala as well. It’s also available in vinyl, besides digital.  In a nutshell, the whole album is a must listen if you enjoy the style.

Lo-Fi: Sebastian Kamae – Dust

Another track that will be featured this week in our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden, this time Sebastian Kamae (Pin de Jong) and his Dust. An artist from the same country this blog is based in, the Netherlands.

The track is chill, with jazzy grooves, very melodic, with several different textures of bright synthesizers. For sure Sebastian Kamae is highly influenced by hip-hop and the beatmaking scene, as much as for the artists featured here earlier on.

You can also check his Bandcamp page.


Chill: Instupendo – Sunny

‘Sunny’ is a low key, swaying, “happy-go-lucky” affair that, for me, brings to mind the feeling of ease and freedom I associate with birds flying aloft in thermals.

Coincidence or not, recently we have been featuring songs dedicated to provide chill feelings. Comfortable beats, not that Tangerine Dream complexity for now, time to relax and bring all that mindfulness nearby your yoga mattress, because it is time for Instupendo and his Sunny coming with the spring in northern hemisphere, while down in the south pole he is taking a break from being so harsh.

This track is part of his sophomore EP, Faces I Know, recently out. Instupendo is an artist from Philadelphia, USA. Another track that will be feature in Chilling in Eden this Thursday (follow it for the next chill moments).

Lo-Fi: Jason Barty – Simple Day

Today we also featured a beatmaker track, Ego Trippin’… again by MR.SHN; however, this track is exactly the opposite from those dark glitchy beats of MR.SHN. Simple Day, by Jason Barty from Cape Town, South Africa, are beats of a simple day, very straightforward, chill and calming. The ideal soundtrack for a quite and simple day, as much as for the ending of a stressful day. That’s how I’ll end my busy day, listening to Simple Day. Needless today that it will be featured in our chill playlist Chilling in Eden in the next weekly update.

You can also check Jason Barty’s Bandcamp for more.

Glitchy-Beats: MR.SHN – Ego Trippin’… again

Represent darkness

Ego Trippin’… again by MR.SHN is a track that combines trippy beats with glitch sounds, not the chill type of track marked by hip-hop beats, this kind is a more trippy one, that would make dance clubs more psychedelic, it would be the perfect trip for a downtempo DJ section.

The track was released by Neuushi, a collective of beat makers and musicians. M R . S H N’s soundcloud is huge bank of nice beats that can fill a whole DJ set himself alone. Check his Soundcloud for more (as embedded)

Electronic-Jazz: Anomalie – Canal

This track is a combination of great jazz, cinematographic, summed by chill music, full of beats, that seem to have been made by sticks at some parts. Canal is the 2nd single of Anomalie‘s forthcoming EP, Metropole Part II, to be released tomorrow, independently.

Anomalie is the project of keyboardist and producer Nicolas Depuis, from Canada. The Metropole EP is dedicated to Montreal and the canals from his childhood times.  Nicolas has been studying jazz and piano since his early years, which consolidated his skills as a musician.

His popularity is due to his ability at live performing, especially playing keyboard. Much more than a studio artists, he dedicates his career as a performer. He performed together with artists such as Gramatik.

Follow-Up Post: Sal Dulu – Antasma (2017)

Before releasing Tyko, Irish producer Sal Dulu has gave birth to Antasma, a track full of nice beat and samples that deserves another space in this blog. The track arrives to 1:30 with a striking distorted synth lead sharing space with soulful vocals to then go back to its chill beats, followed by this lead chorus again and ending beutifuly, as much as Tyko, it is satisfying to listen the productions of Sal Dulu. You can stream it by Spotify here, also take your time to enjoy those magnificent Japanese audio samples with Duluoz Dream (too much idiot adjectives to describe what can only be heard). That’s an spontaneous work, nothing complex, nothing progressive, not so fancy with huge synthesizers, he does a great job with rhythms, nice harmonic keys, audio samples and beats that you don’t listen in many complex and hermetic 9 minutes tracks. Well, after all, not always it is necessary huge modulars to do great electronic music.

New Chill: Ikonika – Where Is Your Wife (2018)

Another one from our new chill series. The new album from producer Ikonika (Sara Chen) features the song Where Is Your Wife? it is the second track of her latest album The Library Album. It has been added to our new Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden. The album has been released by EMI Production Music, with a focus on television and visual arts. Sara has been releasing by the well-know label Hyperdub, her work reminds the tradition of dubstep with a hiphop style of beats. The album has 16 tracks that deserve to be listened from begging to the end, it’s somewhat of a darkchill beats, let’s say. With many different experiences of synths and beats. Tracks are short, something around 2 or 3 minutes, the whole album can be listened with a wink of the eye.

The album has been released this 9th March. In some parts, we can listen to a videogame soundtrack style of electronic music, such as the old Doom, in tracks like Passenger, with a pretty interesting bassline. In Where U Now? we can listen a typical track from Ikonika with a touch of IDM synths, long pads with beats. Ikonika has been a ground breaking producer and DJ since 2010 (debut album ‘Contact, Love, Want, Have’ – Hyperdub), within the UK dubstep scene. Videogame soundtracks are a big inspiration for her, such as the music composed by Yuzo Koshiiro (The Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage).