Synths of Eden is back: Odd XX – Restart (Music Video)

That’s it! We’re back, with lots of exciting music to share.

First of them is Restart by Odd XX, solo project of Berlin-based composer and producer, Turi Agostino from Australia. A track that has been interpreted as a dance, on a music video created by Choreographer Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen and Theatre Director Jahman Davine. It talks about a broken love, letting go of what once was and starting over. Agostino seeks to channel through Odd, the various musical frequencies that oscillate between dark and industrial: tender and melodic, which is true for Restart. Vocals have been performed by Star Kendrick from the band Geowulf.

You can check more of what we curated in our playlist Synths of Eden:

Synths of Techno: Gold Apple, by Ness Uno

Newest techno featured in our playlist Synths of Techno is Gold Apple, by Ness Uno from Berlin. Underground piece, melodic, progressive, with a big presence of acid bass. I could not stop moving my body while listening to it. It’s a track full of energy, in the whole arrangement. There are chorus vocals, while we can hear the bass giving all the groove. With additional distorted melodies.

Synths of Techno: Bioslave – Riders

Synths of Techno’s newest addition is Riders, by Bioslave. The track is part of a 10 tracks compilation called X, by Lost Crate label from Berlin. The track has special synth sounds, in magical therms, they are bright and colorful, followed by sparkled techno drums. In total, 8 minute of pure underground, progressive techno. Something that is not limited to loud kicks, hi hats and an appealing bass line, great music. Unique material.

Downtempo: GRÜN GLAS – Cell

Cell, by Berlin based artist GRÜN GLAS, is those downtempo tracks that are on the edge with techno, which means it fits the headphone vibe on an introspective music discovery as much as with the dance floor, due to its groove. Cell has been released as a single yesterday, 25th of December. You can also find Cell available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Cell has been added to our chill electronic Spotify playlist – Chilling in Eden:

New Electronic: Jonny Element – Balete

A recipe for a great track can mix enthusiastic danceable drums, with cinematic samples joined by synth pads and snippets of a woman’s voice that serve as vocals, plus good mixing techniques. Then, all of this should be summed by an art cover that gives pleasure to your eyes. Ultimately, cover arts serve as an important visual element to music, music is also graphic design at some point. Balete feels danceable, cinematic, almost goa-like.  Balete is a tree found in the Philippines that is believed to house magic creatures. The art was made by Johannes Helgelin.

Johnny Element was previously part of London bands Southpaw, The Razzle and Orfan. Presently focused on instrumental electronica, his musical fascination revolves around samples, beats and guitar. As it’s evident by his music. He was born in a small coastal town in Norway. As a child, Element’s family moved to London. He grew up having viking tales and Nordic mythology as a background for his child fantasies, thus story telling became the central vein to his artistic expression. He later moved to Berlin, where he makes music and does some gigs once in a while in Europe and Asia.

Balete hasn’t been released yet on streaming platforms or online stores, but we’ll keep you up to date as soon as it is.

Psychedelic Rock: Voodoo Beach – Ozean

“It took me some time to leave my comfort zone of singing in English and to give my mother-tongue a shot. “Wahn” was the first song I wrote where it felt like it all worked and sounded natural. The band also seemed to find their sound with that song also, an 80’s German post-punk bass and drums sound seemed to catch with us all and we knew we were on the right road. John [the bassist] helped me write the lyrics so I could concentrate on finding a fluid and soft vocal sound that isn’t too German. It wasn’t easy but we discovered ourselves as a band through that process”. Verita Vi

Voodoo Beach is band from Berlin that recently released their Ozean EP, on 26th October. The EP has in total 5 tracks, with songs containing lyrics in German, which makes it even cooler. Ok English is nice and understandable, but it’s oversaturated and it never makes the same sense  as if a native speaker is singing, which can also make me think about Boogarins and how the fact that they sing in Portuguese is so important for the psychedelic rock scene in Brazil, event though they release by a US-label. Y

Listening Voodoo Beach you should pay attention to the imposing bass of Jon van Mono, besides the amazing dark vocals of Verita V, that also plays guitar. Just like our recent psychedelic rock features, such as Lukka and Heartthrob Chassis it also  draws inspiration from 70s rock and a post-punk atmosphere, like Heart and Siouxsie & The Banshes. Ignacy San is in charge of keys and vocals, while Josephine O plays the drums and sings the back vocals. If you like the style, I definitely recommend listening the whole EP.

Listen to our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden for more:

Electronic Fusion: Hellbach – Im Neunklang (Mahler 10​.​1)

Im Neunklang (Mahler 10​.​1) by Hellbach from Berlin is a re-interpretation of Gustav Mahler with synthesizers. The whole album Mahler is dedicated to re-interpreted the Austrian composer’s tracks with electronic music. In total 9 tracks. Great work that gives a total new face to what is conceived as classic music. Proving that you can certainly make classical compositions with the electronic music aesthetics making use of contemporary instrumentation and studio work.

Listen to Synths of Eden in Spotify for more:

Trip Hop: Hubrist – Cave Jazz

Today we feature a new trip-hop track, Cavejazz, by Hubrist, producer from Berlin. The track is part of the Cavejazz EP, though it has only 3 tracks (technically a single). You can also find the album for download in Bandcamp. It’s a faster tempo trip-hop track that will certainly not disappoint you, which mixes chill electronic music with typical hip-hop beats in a faster tempo. Almost 6 minutes of the best chill out/trip hop vibe, good for listening on a headphone as much as for the dance floor.

Disco: Ducks! – Top Horse

First time I heard Ducks! I was not sure what it was exactly, though Cut & Run is compelling, it was also a bit mysterious, a bit awkward. One thing is certain , It sounded authentic above everything. Top Horse came to me as something impressive, what they called surreal dance floor odyssey. It’s the type of track I dream to listen to. Several different layers converging with a perfect groove yet innovative in all the senses, without reinventing the wheel. It’s like going through a sound adventure.

Ducks! is a duo formed by Australian artists based in Berlin, a singer-songwriter Lani Bagley with producer Craig Schuftan. The song was written in Malta. The duo spent four weeks in Valletta making field recordings, experimenting with musique concrete techniques, hosting electronic music workshops and collaborating with the city’s creative community. It’s possible to purchase Top Horse by Bandcamp as much as Ducks! previous singles. This dance floor odyssey has been feature in our playlist Synths of Eden:


New Release: David August – D’ANGELO

Two years ago, I had this urgent desire to have a true dialogue with myself,”David explains. “All these influences came during the process of finding an identity, the own story and not being a slave of whatsoever. I had to go back in time, confront my Italian roots and embody this rich culture as much as possible into my work. Something I never did before and sad enough I needed 26 years to do so.” 

David August, artist from Berlin, released in the beginning of July his single D’Angelo, that will be part of his new 7 tracks album, that has been signed with [PIAS] Recordings. This sound immediately brings back Darkside (2013), band composed by Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. The album was recorded in Italy and was inspired in the paintings of Caravaggio.

The newest features of Synths of Eden are Paper Trails – Darkside and D’ANGELO by David August.