Trip-Rock: Escape Into – Ancient Language

Escape Into is a duo from Rio de Janeiro, formed by Dan Flict and Werther Azevedo. They started out in 2012 releasing their first album The Dream, followed one year later by their second album The Drama.

In 2018 the duo is back with The Mirror, their most adventurous release so far, this one not sticking to any specific genre, being classified by them as a blend of freestyle electronic music with strong progressive influences, specially from psychedelic and prog rock. This blend is called by them “trip-rock”.

The album is composed by 6 tracks, being Ancient Language the first one, followed by the highly melodic Purpose, a 7 minute track, together with fast tempo Another World the longest tracks from The Mirror. It is possible to listen that the duo is also highly influenced by the genres Metal, Goa and Psychedelic Trance.

The Mirror was mastered by Colin Bennun and the artwork created by Carol Porto.

It is also available for purchase in Bandcamp.

The track has been featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden:

DJ Mix: Barchi at @Trackers – Techno Garden 12|05|18 SP

Trackers has been one of the best night clubs from São Paulo’s underground scene, great bands, great electronic music. There is no mistake if you are around São Paulo and want to enjoy great Live PAs and DJ sets, in the great atmosphere of Brazil’s biggest metropolis old city centre. With a guaranteed  sunrise from its balcony’s full of junkies.

Barchi, that has released tracks such as Thugh Night and Take Smooth with Capiroto Records has uploaded this techno mix performed in Tracker’s at 12th May, 2018. It’s one hour of great techno tracks, including:

Barchi – Jungle Demon
Dashdot – June
Barchi – Take Smooth
Animal Picnic – Ethorica
Barchi & Shampo – Thug Night
Worakls – Toi
Jonas Rathsman feat. Josef Salvat – Complex (Serge Devant Remix)
Aaryon & Ran Salman – Riptide (Philipp Kempnich)Remix)
Olivier Giacomoto – Bipolar Star (Victor Ruiz Remix)
Victor Ruiz & Drunken Kong – Inside Out
Acid Pauli & Monolink – New Morning


New Release: Capiroto Records/LPascolatti – Prologue of an Insane World

They can kill a rose or two
Spring will come

The track was released last week by Capiroto Records. It is the last track composed by LPascolatti in his former Spiderhuis Studio in Rotterdam. The track mixes music composition in F#Minor together with lyrics inspired in the current misfortunes of global economic crisis and contemporary representative democracies, specially in his home-country Brazil.

The idea was to mix digital, organic and analogue synthesizers in a short-track that would express all the desolate feelings of “an insane world” we’ve been living in.

Art by Olga Sergeeva.

LPascolatti is an artist from São Paulo, Brazil, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Besides producing his own music, managing and releasing it by Capiroto Records, he is also editor of this blog Synths of Eden.

LPascolatti’s first album Born to Die has been re-delivered to digital streaming platforms after one year of its official release in May 2017, you can stream it once again in Spotify.

Psychedelic-Rock: BIKE – Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request

Rompe-ferro, Rompe-nuvem, Beira-Mar
Rompe-aço, Rompe-fogo, Beija o Ar
Serra Azul, Mata Virgem, Encruzilhada
7 ondas, 7 caminhos, 7 matas


I have been listening Bike since 2015, the year they released their first album, indeed a very lysergic year for myself back in São Paulo, apparently also for many people in Brazil, doce was everywhere. Their first album 1943 changed my view on contemporary Brazilian psychedelic rock, that followed bands I have been watching for a long time, such as Boogarins. Bike, from São Paulo, always brings the true psychedelic influences to their music, with clear references to LSD and psilocybin, to start by their name itself. A band I still didn’t have the opportunity to watch alive (though they are certainly coming back to Europe). They are celebrating three years on the read, including an European tour. Bike is active not only alive but specially in the studio.

Last year, their second album Em Busca da Viagem Eterna (Searching for the endless trip) came to me as a surprise, following their 1943 in style, I made sure to add one of its tracks to Synths of Eden playlist Brasil Progressivo (below). Now, Bike is featured with their newest work Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request and their track Ingá. First place of our playlist. The typical sound marked by reverberated vocals and guitars full of effects. Followed by trippy lyrics, this time brings back Brazilian rural tradition, including organic instruments and other types of teas and plants. Two other important features in the album, Bonifrate in Ingá, plus Tagore in Cavalo.

In total 8 tracks. The album’s title is a clear reference to The Rolling Stones, with Their Satanic Majesties Request and Brian Jonestown Massacre ,”Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request” (1996).

You can order the vinyl copy in their official website, as much as check the dates to watch them alive in Brazil and later on in Europe. The album was recorded and mixed in Estúdio Wasabi by Diego Xavier. Mastered by Rob Grant in Poons Head Studio – Perth, Austrália. Art by Juli Ribeiro.

Bike is:

Julito – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar.
Diego Xavier – vocals, electric guitar and viola.
João Gouvea – vocals, bass and viola.
Daniel Fumega – Drums and percurssion
Brenno Balbino – Synthesizers
Pedro Bonifrate – vocal in Ingá
Tagore Suassuna – vocal in Cavalo

Divagation & Lo-Fi/IDM: Vacilant – Só me faça esquecer das coisas (2018)

Há, desde a origem do que chamamos de mundo, a tentativa do homem de não se fazer esquecer, o medo inerente do desaparecimento. A memória como refúgio, o desejo de fazer de perpetuar as sensações, o sentido, a procura do que escapa. “Só me faça esquecer das coisas” se encontra no entre a tentativa de permanência através da memória e da pulsação do desejo de esquecer.

There is, since the origin of what we call world, the attempt of men and women not to be forgotten, the inherent fear of disappearing. The memory as a shelter, the desire to perpetuate the feelings, the senses, the search for escapism. ‘Só me faça esquecer das coisas’ (only make me forget the things), is found in between the attempt to be present through memory and the pulsation of a desire to forget.

Vacilant – Só me faça esquecer das coisas

Today Synths of Eden has the pleasure to feature Vacilant, artist from Forteleza, Ceará.

His album Só me faça esquecer das coisas, with the link in Bandcamp embedded, has been released by Mercúrio Música, label also based in Fortaleza. The whole album itself is great, with 11 tracks in total, mixing audio samples in English and Portuguese with organic and synthesized sounds and instruments. The whole album has been composed by Yuri Costa, mixed and mastered. Though it had the participation of Felipe Couto in the guitars, Clau Anis in the clarinets, plus Junior Quintela in the percussion. Tracks are kind of short, with an average of 3 minutes each. It is Yuri’s second album, after Dissonia, released in 2014.

The 11 tracks are a big voyage through electronic music, mixed with rock influences and lo-fi beat-making. My favourite one is Tecnologias não me ajudam.

It is also possible to stream the album in Spotify. For sure it will be featured in our playlist Synths of Eden this week.

Divagation – Sharing Independent Brazilian Music

As a Brazilian I know pretty well how my country can sometimes be a big enclosed island and it is not itself the most open to the international world, with several great exceptions of course. What is not necessarily wrong, as I strongly disagree with the idea that everybody should know English to have an “international” insertion. I believe in a multi-cultural world and multi-lingualism. So this blog will not be focused on the English speaking world, we want to share artists from whatever country it may be.

What I learned is that Brazil can be a big hub for creative artists that can stay away and unknown for the international English speaking world. They keep hidden in that local Portuguese speaking environment, that revolves around the use of Facebook, regional concerts and parties.Naturally in a country that lacks democracy of means of communication and people have to struggle every day for the most basic rights, making local artists known across the borders is not easy at all.

So when I created this blog I also thought it would be a nice space to share independent Brazilian music to those who read and write in English. I have been living in the Netherlands, I have a master in global communication in this language, so why not? Let’s unite my best knowledge in the Brazilian world and apply it to my knowledge in international communication with this blog.

You can check my playlist Brasil Progressivo here, for the best Brazilian progressive rock and some influences here.

Classic-Brazilian-Reggae: Gilberto Gil – Kaya N’Gan Daya (2002)

Today is a sad day in Brazil, just like every other day, just like the day of coup d’etat against Dilma and our democracy in 2016. I was there, in 2014 and the 7-1 against Germany (which is happening everyday since that day). Which was not the occasion in 2002, when Gilberto Gil released Kaya N’Gan Daya.

Today some of them are probably celebrating, with the smile of insanity, those days when fireworks represent barbarity, just like in 2016. I wonder what Gilberto Gil is thinking right now. You might be far away from home, but home is inside you. The pain of injustice, when presumption of innocence is no longer a constitutional right in the land of coup d’etats, one after the other, the dream of democracy didn’t last long after all. Democracy and human rights are not more than some words in a law somewhere written in the past. Workers, black, poor, women who achieve their fight by democracy and politics end up being victims of death, persecution or jail. It is not only about Lula and what he represents.

What is left for me is listen to Gilberto Gil and when he sung songs of Bob Marley. After all, the fight against injustice, for freedom and justice continues, no matter how, who you are or where you are.

“Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.
Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright!”

Bem que eu me lembro
Da gente sentado ali
Na grama do aterro, sob o sol
Ob-observando hipócritas
Disfarçados, rondando ao redor…

Amigos presos
Amigos sumindo assim
Prá nunca mais
Tais recordações
Retratos do mau em si
Melhor é deixar prá trás…

Não, não chore mais
Não, não chore mais
Oh! Oh!

Say, say you just can’t live that negative way
If you know what I mean
Make way for the positive day
And if it’s news, news and days
New time, and if it’s a new feelin’
Said it’s a new sign:
Oh, what a new day!

I rebel music (2x)
Why can’t we roam this open country?
Oh, why can’t we be what we want to be?
We want to be free

3 o’clock roadblock – curfew
And I’ve got to throw away
Yes, I’ve got to throw away
A yes, but I’ve got to throw away
My little herb stalk!

I rebel music
Why can’t we roam this open country?
Oh, why can’t we be what we want to be?
We want to be free

Electro-Pop: PUZZLE – Trial By Fire

“The song is about human struggle of fighting for something or someone against impossible odds; it’s the embodiment of not being afraid to stand for what you believe regardless of the consequences.”

It was shared in our Soundcloud page this electro-pop track from Brazil born and UK based artist. Before making electro-pop PUZZLE toured Europe in his younger age singing gospel before settling down in the UK. The track was released 2 years ago. In 2017 PUZZLE released his debut EP called Babylon. He is also influenced by R&B and dance. Already in UK the artist has been working as a session singer and background vocalist.



Interview/New Release: Hear My Heart – FMFL

New release of FMFL out today 19th March by RESTERECORDS, following Just Blink Twice, already reviewed here before in the blog.  Hear My Heart comes with a more uplifting production, but still with the same delicate and relaxing feeling provided by Just Blink Twice. This song talks about exactly what it says in its title. After all, FMFL is functional music for lovers. Songs to be listened and think about those we love the most.

Hear My Heart sings about the connection of feelings when listening to a song, that is the connection between people, how artists can write about their feelings to unknown others. Which can be represented by the act of ‘hearing (the artist’s) heart’. Both tracks are short but full of feelings, providing a bright-melancholy, that cannot be defined as ‘sad’ at the same time, a bit nostalgic. A sadness that can be something bright, represented by love, shining and singing the heart of an artist can mean something deep. An artist that sings about the absence of somebody.  The harmony and brightness of the sound design prove to be the high sides of the track.

The title-track is followed by Up to The Sky, an instrumental, a mixture of keys, pad synths, glitch drums, that last for 3 minutes, ending with an atmospheric synth, a bit robotic yet glamorous. A short track with lots of textures.

According to Adam Matschulat, producer of FMFL:

“The whole album, which is coming out in May, has been a gigantic cathartic experience for me. I am used to producing other people’s music and I compose experimental electronics normally. Writing songs was an emotional challenge, as I wanted them to be as vulnerable as possible, as transparent and honest as possible.”

The debut self-titled album “Functional Music for Lovers”, with 12 tracks, will be released in May 2018.

This review features a short interview with Adam himself, that also designed the EP’s cover (below).

1. How was the recording process of your new EP? Tell us more about the work in the studio. Who participated in the production, mixing and mastering or your newest release?
I’m afraid but I will disappoint all techie musicians out there as my work as FMFL is done completely with virtual instruments. For me, having a background in engineering, is all about what sounds good or not. I don’t have any analogue equipment, what I got are good genelecs [studio monitors] and a studio with great acoustics. I produced, mixed and mastered this release. Which is absolutely fine if you leave big gaps between stages of production/post-production. I run a post-production agency ‘The Listening Tower’ – Instagram @thelisteningtower ( which offers good prices for smaller labels, independent artists & filmmakers too. Please visit, if you contact me saying “I saw your website at Synths of Eden” I am more than happy to do a job for you half price 😉 We can talk.
2. What inspired you to compose your new tracks? Are there any artists/genres of music that were fundamental to the composition process? As a source of inspiration. 
Inspiration is flooding in every second of the day… For me is all about looking inward and learning how to spot ‘tricks’ you come up with time, so its very important for me to avoid this ‘bag of tricks’ and try to dig deep to the essence of the matter you are exploring. I don’t think I have artists to name and point yes my sound is inspired by theirs… No way…. I honestly think that for this album my main ‘force’ of inspiration is old video games….  I think for 2 reasons, psychologically they bring me back to a time of safety, when I was 6 to 11 years old…I think the songs I wrote comes from a necessity of feeling safe. As emotionally the last 2 years of my life have been challenging for various personal reasons.
3. What are the next plans for you as an artist after this new release?
Well I am very pleased that in May I am releasing the Album ‘Functional Music for Lovers’ and after that I am giving priority to a new album of my trip-hop project ‘Godasadog’ – Instagram @godasadog – ( which I produce with Victor Meira, from the band Bratislava, back in São Paulo. Parallel to that I am already working on a new experimental project as ‘Matschulat’ – Instagram @adamatschulat – ( which will be a film I am working with my brother who is a filmmaker (@aron.matschulat).
4. With which new artists or songs do you wish your newest release would be featured with in a playlist or DJ set? 
Well. I don’t know how to answer this question. I hope that this project finds its audience. A friend told me I should go to South Korea… So maybe a DJ over there? 🙂
You can listen by FMFL’s new EP by streaming stores, plus Bandcamp and YouTube (bellow).




New Music: Semper Volt – Leve (2018)

Semper Volt is João Tenorio, also Dj Telefunken in the past. First started as a Drum and Bass producer, now he does an electro-indie, with psychedelic and experimental influences. His new EP, Leve, has 5 tracks and it is available for streaming and to be purchased in Bandcamp. It is excellent pop music sung in Brazilian Portuguese, well composed lyrics and instrumentals.

Semper Volt is from São Paulo, Brazil, and his music is highly electronica, with a big presence of bass in his tracks, as much as interestingly composed lyrics. The new generation of electronic Brazilian artists is very far from Alok, Vintage Culture and all that commercial EDM crap. The track “Alvorada” speaks about fatherhood and the rise of new generations. After that, the EP starts to be more aggressive in its instrumentals, going to the “Lá vem o Robo” a highly experimental and aggressive bass that talks about robots, just like Kraftwerk but in a more contemporary Brazilian way. The next track is the only one in English, called ‘Rotating Lights’. The EP ends with ‘Leve’, an experimental instrumental track.

Semper Volt deserves to be in the spotlight of Brazilian electronic music artists with his new release ‘Leve’.

New Music: FMFL – Just Blink Twice

Just Blink Twice is a track of FMFL. The song reminds those scenes of Twin Peak’s third season, when there are gigs going on in The Roadhouse. It is the debut work of Brazilian producer from São Paulo, Adam Matschulat, based in London. FMFL means Functional Music for Lovers. It brings a very delicate voice, followed by keys and glitch sounds. It is an experimental yet sensible work. The cover art was made Clara Kelly and it is very interesting. Somehow represents very well this work. The second track is called Interlude I, very ambient, sounding much like Brian Eno’s early works.

FMFL is expecting 2018 to be a very productive work for him. His next work Hear My Heart is due to be released in 18th March. You can stream his work on Spotify and also purchase it in Bandcamp as embedded below.