Synthpop: Widdendream – Nothing Is Real

Widdendream is a synthpop duo from San Francisco area in California, United States, formed by Mei-Lee Chen on vocals and Alex Clark on synthesizers. We feature them in Synths of Eden with Nothing is Real, a classic synthpop Construction Time Again style. Though the band claims it’s a mixture between dark wave and synthpop, I prefer to stick with the latter. The track is part of their recently released album In The Night. Available for download in Bandcamp.

Nothing is Real has been featured in our playlist Synthwave in Eden:

South American Instrumental: Wiki Chaves – Tribal

Recently, Wiki Chaves, artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, released his  Andante EP, with tracks such as Tribal. It mixes string instruments, such as classic guitars with electronic music, with that Latin feeling in the rhythm and the in the riffs. It indeed reminds me some artists from back home in São Paulo, such as Sonido Tropico, that share the same recipe to make great music. Though Andante itself has a more chill and organic vibe.

Wiki started his career playing guitar as an adolescent in Buenos Aires, his first EP was with a groups of close friends in a garage, a rock band called Olaguer, that launched an EP. According to Wiki, the main inspiration was Argentinian bands such as the legendary Soda Stereo.

Since 2011 he’s been based in California, where he started to experiment with electronic music. In 2017 he launched an album called Camino. In his own words:

“An instrumental album inspired by the spirit of a road trip. The album is a blend of different sounds and styles from traditional Argentine folklore, Andean music, electronic and California surf music”.

Tribal has been featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

Synthwave in Eden: Elk Bird – Rendezvous with Ramen (2017)

Synthwave in Eden is back with a new feature, this time Rendezvous with Ramen, another track with a funny title, by Elk Bird, synthwave artist from Los Angeles, California.

The track is part of Exclusion Zone, an album highly inspired by sci-fi, as usual for tracks following the synthwave/chillwave thematics. You can stream the whole album by Spotify, as much as purchase it in Bandcamp (as embedded above). The whole album itself is not purely synthwave, having tracks that are more experimental when it comes to electronic music, such as Golem, for instance.

You can listen the track in the top of our Synthwave in Eden Playlist, as much as other submissions sent to Synths of Eden. Reminding that we’re always receiving submissions for new Synthwave tracks for this playlist, by Submithub or e-mail.

New Music: Orfeo – Dead Inside

Another downtempo track that just came out from the oven, Dead Inside, yet fresh and worm, directly from Los Angeles, California. Nice vocals, it reminds 90s trip-hop songs, specially those heavy long bass lines, that shares the space with atmospheric vocals, a more ambient style of downtempo.

Orfeo inspires his music on R&B/Soul, somehow it reminds the work of Brazilian producer Semper Volt, featured here earlier. The track has been released today by Nahuālli Records.

Besides being a music producer, Orfeo is also a trained opera singer. The past few years he’s been collaborating with producers such as Robin Hannibal from Quadron/Rhye and Computer Jay.

Alternative-Pop: Hot Flash Heat Waves – Glo Ride (2018)

At a first listen it sounds like a mixture between Tame Impala from Currents and Oasis. Glo Ride by Hot Flash Heat Wave, band from San Francisco, California is an interesting track that came to us. The band has earlier works available in Bandcamp and their Spotify. Which means they have been releasing music since 2014 at least.

According to Adam Abildgaard (Guitar) about “Glo Ride”:

The unknown is a frightening concept in most people’s lives. Being unsure of your direction or wondering if your passions are valid enough to pursue can stop you from doing what you love or trying new things. Since childhood we are told to buckle down and find a career that will make money and lead to success, to take the reigns and make a 5 year plan. In ‘Glo Ride’  we assume the passenger’s point of view, it’s about embracing the unknown and letting it take us for a ride. Though setting goals and having purpose in one’s life is important, it is equally necessary to know when to sit back and indulge in the moment. I tend to find when I relinquish control and let my expectations melt away I can truly experience the beauty of life and enjoy the journey it has in store for me through the fog and darkness.