Prog Rock: Algorhythm – Why Now

Why Now is Algorhythm’s first single. Band from Montréal, Canada, they make a prog rock that reminds us the golden age of British progressive rock, with bands like Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes or their Canadian counterpart Rush. Remarkable instrumentals, they show us all their virtuous skills during 4 minutes, but with special remarks to the bass solo that starts at around 2:30 and stands for a long time, which is complemented harmoniously by guitar, keys and drums. I’m really looking forward listening their new single scheduled for release on the 24th of February. Lots of cool bands coming from Montréal, such as Ellemetue featured here in January.

Meanwhile, you can listen Why Now is our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Experimental: Ellemetue – En pays lontains (2018)

Ellemetue is a project from Mingo l’indien and Nunu Métal , from Montréal, Canada. It’s an album, with 10 tracks, called En pays lontains, released in November 2018. It’s a blend of psychedelic rock, electronic and experimental music. That’s something that deserves to be spread and listened by its geniality. If you are fan of those styles.For studio geeks reading this, you should check its impressive set up, mentioned in its Bandcamp. Before starting the project Ellemetue, Mingo l’Indie was part of a band called Les Georges Leningrad. Plus, amazing cover art by Nunu Métal.

Check our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden for more experimental and psychedelic rock tracks:

Synths of Techno: Elpine – Terrasect


Synths of Techno’s newest addition is Terrasect by Canadian techno producer Elpine. Top quality techno, the rhythm, the harmony, the sound design, everything flowing smoothly and energetic enough, while keeping techno’s best dark side. The type of techno track I aim to curate for Synths of Techno. Terrasect has been released on a single called Veil (cover art above). Terrasect will certainly provide you 7 minutes of pure pleasure.

Synths of Techno: DJ Jace – Sheltered Society

The newest feature of Synths of Techno is DJ Jace, from Canada, with his newest track Sheltered Society, released 15th of October by FineGrind Audio. The cutest art cover for a techno track that I’ve ever seen, that is still psychedelic and suitable for techno, tough with a cute kitten displayed in the center. Nothing more appropriate for primal this primal sound design, a bit distorted, high and keeping an arpeggiated feeling. Great rhythm after its drop. The high arpeggiated synths give the danceable feeling that are synchronized with the drums somehow. Sheltered Society comes as a single, featuring two other tracks: House Sick and The Boxer.

Synthwave in Eden: Mellow Fields – Wage of Destruction

Featured by Synths of Eden in April, producer from Canada, Mallow Fields is back with Wage of Destruction. Another epic synthwave track, that starts with a minimalistic set of long notes in the intro,  that are later followed by  synthesized waves combined with an unique rhythmic pattern that is similar to a 3x3x2, but a bit faster in the last beat? It has been released 18th of June, mixed and mastered by Tonebox. With illustration by Derek Rudy. It’s the first single of his EP Mellow Fields. Available in Bandcamp.

The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist, Synthwave in Eden:

Midnight Chill Post: Brava Kilo – Birds, Central Park, November

The track is a chill that grows and grows, resting by the end, mixed with field recordings of birds, interesting use of harmony, the sounds design is always filled by a white noise and birds. In the chorus we have vocals, electric guitars, vibraphone, Fender bass and drums. It’s a beautiful track. So much inspiration for an afternoon in the park in the Canadian November weather. This is Brava Kilo (with artists below) and Birds, Central Park, November.

Composed and Produced by:
Brian Kobayakawa – synthesizers & samplers, Fender bass
Michael Davidson – vibraphone
Kevin Breit – electric guitars
Serena Ryder – voices
Tim Proznick – drums

Recorded by James Paul at Union Sound Company, Toronto, ON
Assistant engineer Darren McGill
Additional recording by BK, various locations
Mixed by Andre Wahl at The Little Girls Room

The track will be featured in the album Hang On, You Demons! coming June 29, 2018. It had support of Canadian public policies that are investing in art and culture, funded by the city of Toronto. It is also a new feature in our Spotify Playlist Chilling in Eden.

Electropop: Hollowlove – Diamond Mine

After four days of rest, time to get back with the best synthesized sounds recently released in songs. This track has superb bass lines, combined by long synth pads and other synth layers, such as sequencers. All of this, topped by vocals inspired by Sade. Another interesting part of this song is the creative use of rhythms that don’t limit to the usual kick, hats, claps and snares, exploring more wooden type of percussion, with an added reverberation as a “spice”.

In total 7 minutes of another great original sound that is worth being shared by this blog.

Diamond Mine is the fifth single from Canada Hollowlove, released 26th April. The track originally had 3:40 minutes, as a single, and received this special full length/extended version. It is available for streaming in Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud (as embedded).

Hollowlove is an electropop project from Keith Gillard and Ryan Slemko of Fidgital. The track was mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.

Diamond Mine will be featured in the next update of our blog’s dedicated Spotify playlist Synths of Eden. So make sure you follow it meanwhile.

Plus, there’s an YouTube video:

Retrowave: Mellow Fields – From Great Heights

After L CON, another great track coming from Canada. Mellow Fields is an artist producing retrowave/synthwave tracks, but that sounds pretty original at the same time, with drops of lo-fi elements and fast bass lines. From Great Heights is a purely instrumental track. Also available in digital streaming platforms, a great fit for our playlist Synthwave in Eden. It ends and finishes with a subtle use of field recordings.

Illustration done by: Derek Rudy

The track ends the homonymous 5 tracks EP of Mellow Fields. It is available for purchase in Bandcamp.

Avant-Pop: L CON – You Were Right

“About two hours north of Toronto, there’s a studio nestled in the woods where you can go to write and record, free from distraction. It’s co-owned by Lisa Conway, a writer, musician and composer who makes kinetic avant-pop music under the name L CON”

I love songs with nice synthesizer melodies, finely crafted sound design, summed by amazing vocals. The whole song was performed, written, arranged and produced by L CON (Lisa Conway), except for the Saxophone, that was performed by Karen Ng.

You Were Right is the first single of her forthcoming album, Insecurities in Being.

Lisa Conway has composed music for performance artists, film-makers and dancers, but it’s her solo work that better expresses her artistic world views. You Were Right shows Lisa’s skills as a producer and composer, that is not limited to synthesizers, but also open for organic instruments. Needless to say that her vocals are also an important part of her music.

You can also stream it by Spotify.

Electronic-Jazz: Anomalie – Canal

This track is a combination of great jazz, cinematographic, summed by chill music, full of beats, that seem to have been made by sticks at some parts. Canal is the 2nd single of Anomalie‘s forthcoming EP, Metropole Part II, to be released tomorrow, independently.

Anomalie is the project of keyboardist and producer Nicolas Depuis, from Canada. The Metropole EP is dedicated to Montreal and the canals from his childhood times.  Nicolas has been studying jazz and piano since his early years, which consolidated his skills as a musician.

His popularity is due to his ability at live performing, especially playing keyboard. Much more than a studio artists, he dedicates his career as a performer. He performed together with artists such as Gramatik.