Chilling in Eden: Salvatore Cordova – Yuumei

Our chill electronic playlist Chilling in Eden now present you Salvatore Cordova, from Chicago (USA) and his track Yuumei, from The Mountain (EP).

Salvatore Córdova’s truly masterful instrumentation mixes traditional guitar riffs, keys and percussion with deep electronic beats and danceable rhythms.

It’s soft, the usual downtempo type of track, it’s a good one for a lounge DJ Mix while being a good fit for an introspective and meditative time with a headphone. The Mountains is highly recommendable for fans of downtempo electronic music.

Chilling in Eden, Dub & Downtempo: Danya Vodovoz – Fourtwenty

“Fourtwenty” is a melancholic and trippy tune from my upcoming album called “Nostalgia” where my focus was to create a sonic cinema for the mind. With its bass-heavy groove, unexpected musical elements, and expressive saxophone solo I’ve tried to recreate a mystical and psychedelic experience.

Fourtwenty is a track Danya Vodovoz’s latest album, Nostalgia. An excellent combination between old school dub and contemporary downtempo electronic music, such as trip hop. The new album has many influences in the field of more chill electronic music, but dub is omnipresent in almost all the tracks, such as Train of Thought, but there’s a big presence of tunes belonging to jazz, specially the use of keys. The last track is more progressive and lasts for 10 minutes, El Topo, chill yet psychedelic. Danya has been featured here before with a deep house track called Nautilus. If you like easy-listening and dub music, you should def take a listen to Nostalgia.

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Downtempo: Cale Hawkins – Origami

Chilling in Eden is back with a new track on the top, Origami, by Cale Hawkins, from Brooklyn, New York. According to his press release, Hawkins has lived as a nomadic musician since 2012. Touring, writing, and producing internationally with a wide array of artists and groups. His songs draw from experiences both real and surreal, influenced equally by a childhood spent in isolation, and recent years of performing across four continents and seventeen countries.

violin by Chase Potter
cello by Ansel Cohen
all other vocals & instruments by Cale Hawkins

engineered by Cale Hawkins at Greylock Records, Brooklyn, NY
and Eric Tait, Jr. at The Farm, West Chester, PA
mixed by Ben Talmi at Greylock Records, Brooklyn, NY
mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering
cover art by Dylan Aiello and Cale Hawkins

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Downtempo: Isophene – Colours Explode

On debut album Reverbatory, Isophene draws inspiration from the natural beauty of his mountainside studio to craft tracks that are as timeless as the landscapes they were born from. Isophene is the moniker of Melbourne producer Brad Buenen, who creates music from his home studio in the Dandenong Ranges, set amongst towering Mountain Ash rainforests. Reverbatory was lovingly crafted over the course of nearly six years, assisted by producer Tim Johnston (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Dandy Warhols, The Drones) and mastered by Taylor Deupree.”Reverbatory” is out through “Hidden Shoal”

That’s time to add some chill to our evening, so we’re updating Chilling in Eden with Colours Explode by Isophene. A track from the album Reverbatory. A lot of Isophene’s inspiration comes from the nature where he lives and downtempo electronic music, which explains the tunes behind Colours Explode. Which is a self-explanatory title if you think how bright is this song, with enough layers to cover an impressionist painting.

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Chilling in Eden: Anomie Belle – Flux (Robot Koch & Anomie Belle Remix)

Chilling in Eden’s newest update is Flux, by Anomie Belle and remixed by Robot Koch & Anomie Belle. It is dramatically chill, the typical track of Chilling in Eden, that kind of electronic music without much energy but that is not limited to beat making itself and will never disappoint on a Monday morning with a coffee cup. Released 17th August by Diving Bell Recording Co, as Carrot Flowers EP.

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Ambient: Ambient Endeavors – Awake

Ambient Endeavors is the ambient instrumental project of guitarist Andrew Schibilla. We’re featuring his track Awake. With this project, Andrew finds inspiration in emotion of artists such as Hammock, Explosions in the Sky, and Lowercase Noises.

Awake has been featured in our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden:

Downtempo: Good Gatsby – Bright

Bright, by Good Gatsby is a mix of beat making with downtempo electronic. The most remarkable thing of this track is the gospel samples used, that combined with the beats and how it’s arranged makes the final result something very chill for a bike ride after work.

The track has been added to our playlist Chilling in Eden:

Instrumental Hip Hop: Sal Dulu – Duluoz Dream

Featured in Synths of Eden earlier with Tyko and Antasma, Irish producer/beatmaker Sal Dulu comes back with his first release, Duluoz Dream. As much as with his most recent singles, he did not waste samples of Japanese dialogues and chill chords, resulting in great instrumental hip hop vibes, the ideal track  for your chill/lo-fi playlists.

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Chilling in Eden: Saro – Deconnecter

Inspired by an anti-social media movement aimed at building more natural relationships through departure from social technology, ‘Deconnecter’ is a new hip-hop project being released this summer that combines light synths and field recordings from Bristol / Japan to form a lofi bouncing atmosphere, created predominantly as a staging for female vocalists/MC’s

Chilling in Eden‘s newest feature is UK based producer Saro, with a lo-fi instrumental hip-hop track Deconnecter. As mentioned in the quote above, the track was inspired by an anti-social media movement, which is completely respectful due to all the complex problem that social media has caused to society in the recent years. As mentioned in earlier editorials from this blog, we don’t support social media that much, so we abandoned Instagram and use bots for FB, managing only Twitter in the end.

The whole thematics of Saro involve over-consumption, egocentrism and digitality, however they are presented as music in a whole delicate way, with light synths, a lo-fi instrumental hip-hop that is not only about loops. He has been featured in BBC and is making music for 8 years. Currently, he’s working on a full-length record.


Chilling in Eden: d.E.n.k – dEnk (feat. Henk und Mischa)

Originally d.E.n.K has been released in a multi-artist album called Fusions 1, a collaborative project full of chill out tracks, such as d.E.n.K itself. The track counts with the special participation of Henk and Mischa playing trombone and saxophone. According to the German producer with the same name, dEnK (without the punctuation): the track “has a chill trip-hop type of flavor and is well suited as music for relaxing and enjoying a good evening at the terrace”. You can check dEnK‘s soundcloud profile for more.