New Music: Follow the Wave – Collapse Project (2017)

There is something interesting in the dark synthwave scene. It reminds industrial music, with many influences from 80s heavy metal, but played in synthesizers. An atmosphere that seems as if you came back in time and are playing Doom all of over again, lots of shootings monsters and labyrinths filled with synthesizer melodies, heavy bass and primal melodies. The German “Collapse Project” from  Kaufbeuren, founded in 2005, is a band that should be listened to. After 10 years of hiatum, the band has gathered to record Follow the Wave, recently released in December 24th, 2017. They call their music dark wave, a synthwave with heavy music influence. Germany is a place where heavy music (well, german heavy metal scene…) is taken seriously, as much as music made by synthesizers (Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk), and both are proofed to be as the influences of Collapse Project, check their Soundcloud page.  You can stream and download the whole album in Bandcamp, in total it’s composed by 13 tracks, that mix arpeggios with heavy tuned synths, that sound pretty much like a distorted guitar.  Vibrating with the sounds of arpeggios and drums. Collapse project is pure synthwave, heavily appealing for fans of dark and heavy synthwave. Tracks like Cybercrime, Dark Planet, Supernova, The Dark Castle and Colors in the Dark,show a high class work from the band.