IDM: Rik Ronner – Aghori (2019)

Artwork – Shueti:

The music channels practices related to the Aghori, including processes of reaching enlightenment through years of meditation, and rituals such as smearing cremation ashes on the body and using bones from human remains as jewellery and ornaments. Accordingly, the four tracks follow on this theme through the Hindu concepts of Samsara (worldly wandering), Maya (the creation of a sensible world), Moksha (spiritual emancipation) and Tapasya (meditation and self-discipline).

Aghori is an album released by Outtallectuals and produced by Rik Ronner, from Amsterdam, from Wondermonster. It is a dark and obscure journey involving death, through an Indian cultural perspective, in 4 acts: starting with Samsara, proceeded by Maya (embedded), then Moshka (with a video by Shueti) and ending with Tapasya. A 4 tracks EP based on post-mortem rituals of ascetic Hindu sadhus. The four songs were originally composed for the conceptual dance piece, AGHORI, created by Shailesh Bahoran, and produced by Korzo and ISH Dance Collective.

Production, Composition & Mixing – Rik Ronner
Mastering – Sandy Finlayson
Vocals – Raj Mohan

New Electronic: John T – Ramen


Synths of Eden’s radar of new electronic music is reacting to JohnT’s newest release, Ramen. Producer from Marseilles, France, JohnT is very active with fresh electronic tunes coming out almost every month, always daring to innovate while keeping that uplifting danceable mood typical from the Mediterranean sea. With Ramen, JohnT was inspired by Asian samples and harmony. The results are likely to impress fans of traditional electronic music and dance alike.

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Downtempo-Dance: PINES – Speak


Speak by Australian duo PINES (Adam Dormand and James Kenneally) is track highly suitable for a deep house kind of DJ Set. Those female vocals, with claps intertwined by four on the floor kicks and hi hats marking the tempo. With carrying with it a pop and dance music appeal, without clichés. That style of dance you can actually appreciate the instrumentals. It has been released independently in the second of November, reaching the count of more than 57 thousand of listeners in less than a month. Impressive.

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Dance/Acid-Bass: Loco Dice – Positive Vibin’

If you are a fan of tracks with amazing acid-bass like me, Positive Vibin’ by Dusseldörf based artist Loco Dice is a great suggestion. Another one for that big list of amazing underground dance music that blends the best of mainstream and underground in itself.  Plus, this acid bass mixed with drums and audio recordings is just superb.

Positive Vibin’ was released by KMS Records by Armada Music.

New Downtempo: Tomás Novoa – Danza Gris

Danza Gris comes out as a danceable downtempo track from Tomás Novoa, Berlin based dance music producer. A track filled with nice and bright sound design, besides 3x3x2 kick bass beat, great for that magical dance vibe, trippy. Ideal track for a night time Dj set.

According to his Soundcloud profile:

Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul.

Ambient-Pop: Imre Elzer – WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE

Nice chord progressions and touchy vocals. As I always write in this blog, there are no limits to the invention of new sub-genres. With Imre Elzer and his WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE, producer/songwriter based in the pretty Nijmegen, here in the Netherlands, we come across what can be called Ambient-Pop, this is traditional dance music, with long synth pads, four the floor beats and a mellow vocal, that is a great match for a comfortable, yet melancholic rainy afternoon, as much as it is perfect for an underground night club, in the lounge dance-floor, full of drunk people that is enjoying the night for so long so much and cannot go back home with so many nice songs, so they say “we’ve been here for a while”.

The track is part of the album Pommes Car, recently self-released, it deserves to be fully listened if you like that track, soon to be added in Chilling in Eden.

You can also check his Bandcamp page:

(Nu) Disco: Sky Renee – Why Don’t We Dance More

At first influenced by the virtual cultural movement of vaporwave, but not enough to a highly creative artist such as Sky Renee, from Los Angeles, California.

The track Why Don’t We Dance More? is absolutely about dancing. At first, it reminds Confessions On a Dancefloor from Madonna, but it’s not simply like that. The track Why Won’t We Dance More has been written and produced by Sky Renee herself. It’s a very simple question that carries with itself a lot of meaning behind it.

Sometimes all you can do is breath and dance your cares away until you feel better.

Sky Renee combines 70s groove with a psychedelic ear. The song is almost an escapism, why don’t we dance more instead of just sinking into deep melancholia with all the fascism and chaos we’re dealing with? Well, the question is open to be answered by the listeners, or let’s say, dancers. The artist is here to inspire positive changes in the world. Her songs contain simple yet insightful lyrics.

Her new single Believe is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, 27th February.



New Pop: SOFI TUKKER – Baby I’m A Queen (2018)

I have been enjoying SOFI TUKKER since Matadora, I’m not sure they have any relation with Brazil/Portugal but that track showed me somebody that was making interesting pop-music that was being sung in Portuguese language and that could stand out for the Brazilian market. I have been sharing their songs in some playlists I work with and none of their singles ever disappointed me, as I’ve said before in other posts, I’m more than tired of those disco/EDM that are put in a ‘cake tin’ and it gets ready full of hihats repeating 32times in a bar that then goes to a drop and built up repeating the same stuff with a single sample of synths or chord progressions for the rest of the track. Come on, how can’t people make different stuff? You don’t go to a club to listen 32 different songs that sound all the same, thanks Armin van Buuren/SpinninRecords and friends for that.

SOFI TUKKER is pop music with a very nice use of drums, especially the toms, different elements of percussion, electric guitar, synths and this gorgeous female vocal of Sophie Hawley-Weld. Also, all their singles have very nice art covers. Such as this one below. They are announcing their debut album due out April 13th.

New Music: NASAYA – Orange (ft. cehryl)

Orange, by young French producer NASAYA, features Los Angeles based vocalist Cehryl. The track is danceable yet atmospheric at the same time. It is for sure very influenced by Kaytranada and Tame Impala. with a bit of sampling here for sure.  The vocals performed by Cehryl are very pleasant, added by the bright textures of the instrumentals. It is a must for those who love chill dance music, perfect for a night club, party, as much as for driving or chilling at home on a rainy day.

According to NASAYA himself: “The aim with with the production on this track was to melt those ‘futuristic’ textures/sound design with more retro/analogue (jazz, rock etc..) references. I love to work with contrasts and references from styles of music that ‘seem’ completely opposed”.

His earlier tracks: Snow and Milk are also worth listening.  Bringing the same Tame Impala and Kaytranada vibes, with female vocals and huge bass lines.

It is also available for streaming in Spotify

New Music: jackLNDN – Rain EP

jackLNDN has recently released his new EP, named ‘Rain‘, it has three short tracks and has been shared in our Soundcloud profile.  jackLNDN has a suitable artist name for somebody from London, quite obviously. A big fan or harmonic chord progressions and arps. It is a big example of an artist that makes dance music without clichés. It reminds a lot deep house, such as Disclosure, with a more quite and downtempo vibe, that keeps itself to instrumentals.  His earlier release, Start Over Again, is an example of how he uses tracks such as those belonging to ‘Rain’ on a more deep house style with big arps tunes.

It is also available in Spotify.