Electronic: John T – Fact of Life

John T has been shared here already before more than once, so no need for another presentation for this French producer from Marseilles. He’s back with 2 tracks, Fact of Life, that has hip-hop vocals, plus an electronic disco vibe, with a big touch of pop, ideal for the dance floor. The other one, to be posted here separately today is Come Around (ft. Jax). With the same uplifting vibe, ideal for a party, the typical European taste, that would give a special touch in Erasmus and student parties if just they wouldn’t stick to their usual mainstream EDM, so if you know some of them, share the work of JohnT.


Disco: Ducks! – Top Horse

First time I heard Ducks! I was not sure what it was exactly, though Cut & Run is compelling, it was also a bit mysterious, a bit awkward. One thing is certain , It sounded authentic above everything. Top Horse came to me as something impressive, what they called surreal dance floor odyssey. It’s the type of track I dream to listen to. Several different layers converging with a perfect groove yet innovative in all the senses, without reinventing the wheel. It’s like going through a sound adventure.

Ducks! is a duo formed by Australian artists based in Berlin, a singer-songwriter Lani Bagley with producer Craig Schuftan. The song was written in Malta. The duo spent four weeks in Valletta making field recordings, experimenting with musique concrete techniques, hosting electronic music workshops and collaborating with the city’s creative community. It’s possible to purchase Top Horse by Bandcamp as much as Ducks! previous singles. This dance floor odyssey has been feature in our playlist Synths of Eden:


Disco: J Lauda – Resonance

If you want to talk about contemporary instrumental dance, you’ve got to listen the recently released Resonance, from J Lauda. In total, there are 3 tracks, an original mix that served as inspiration to the two remixes that follow: The Chemical Harmony and the VIC-20 Remix. This artist from NY developed his work mainly in Toronto, where he was able to dive deeper in the dance scene.

This new release brings back a retro like style of synths, that resembles snaps of synthwave. When It comes to the Chemical Harmony, it provides us an upbeat approach and last but not least, VIC-20 Remix ends Resonance with a deeper approach.

Interested to know about what we are talking about? Don’t miss these three versions of the same melody which are certainly going to take you dancing with the fertile influences of the 90’s underground electronic music.

The track has been featured in the Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

Apocalyptic Dream Disco: Panama Papers – Under the Sun

Where do the shadows take you
And when do they plan to set you free
There’s so much to see
Do you feel the laughter pausing
When you thought bright would always be
And living in me

Another one for the series of follow-up posts I made about artists that have been featured here before and come back with other tracks. This is the case for Panama Papers, that has been here before with Brite Nights and now are back with Under the Sun. This is another one of their tracks released in 2017 but should not go unnoticed. Originally released in Soundcloud, the track is part of their homonymous 2017 EP (available in cassette), the fifth track out of five.

As much as for Brite Nights, the track is a disco without ambition, yet sonically amazing. It follows the pop indie-electro tradition, but with a more underground music touch, that allows itself to explore and go away from the commercial barriers imposed by the industry. Expect nice synths.

You can also stream it by Spotify and Bandcamp.

Space Disco: Slow Babylon EP

Slow Babylon is a project from producer Leo Vasilets, based in Moscow, Russia. It is great dance music with amazing synthesizers and instrumentals. There is a whole EP that should be heard.  You can stream everything on Soundcloud by now.

When asked about his style, Leo Vasilets answers with a good sense of humour and spontaneously:

“(about the genre) I think it lurks somewhere between space disco, electro rock and psychedelic funk. I call it “Escobar’s moustache”.

In Slow Babylon’s Soundcloud page we can read:

“Pakistani funk… rebelling against modern music”.

Well, this rebellion indeed sounds great. Vasilets shows to be a skilled multi-instrumentalist that can craft disco that goes beyond disco itself, in a creative way, without letting go the funky grooves of disco itself.

Asked about the instrumentals, he repplied:

“I was always a fan of analogue synthesizers and funky beats, so this time I’ve tried to combine both. I do everything by myself in my home studio, putting hands on several analogue synths and funky vintage loops.”

It is clear that Funkadelic is a main influence to his signature sound as a producer. In two tracks Slow Babylon features vocals, with guest vocalists, while another song you can listen Vasilets mumbling himself.

Art by Roman Boltinov.

Let’s hope Slow Babylon will come out with new material soon while we enjoy this EP.

(Nu) Disco: Sky Renee – Why Don’t We Dance More

At first influenced by the virtual cultural movement of vaporwave, but not enough to a highly creative artist such as Sky Renee, from Los Angeles, California.

The track Why Don’t We Dance More? is absolutely about dancing. At first, it reminds Confessions On a Dancefloor from Madonna, but it’s not simply like that. The track Why Won’t We Dance More has been written and produced by Sky Renee herself. It’s a very simple question that carries with itself a lot of meaning behind it.

Sometimes all you can do is breath and dance your cares away until you feel better.

Sky Renee combines 70s groove with a psychedelic ear. The song is almost an escapism, why don’t we dance more instead of just sinking into deep melancholia with all the fascism and chaos we’re dealing with? Well, the question is open to be answered by the listeners, or let’s say, dancers. The artist is here to inspire positive changes in the world. Her songs contain simple yet insightful lyrics.

Her new single Believe is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, 27th February.



Panama Papers – BriteNite (2017)

The Panama Papers was for sure a big leak in 2015 that showed a lot of dirt stuff going on in the depths of financial and political world. Not only big offshore corruption and capital related schemes, it is also an ‘apocalyptic dream disco‘ duo from New York, that has released an homonymous EP last year. It is a kind of electric-indie-pop that is at the same time chill and danceable.

A track that doesn’t bring with itself a lot of pretension and does a great job, nice synths and interesting original vocals (this can be said about the whole EP). It is interesting new material to be following, especially for those who are fans of Nu-Disco and related chill indie-electronic material. Check their Spotify profile and Soundcloud (below) for more info.

The track is also available by Bandcamp, including in cassette.