Pre-lunch Chill: Common Tiger – The Paisley Agreement

The Paisley Agreement from Common Tiger is relaxing, sounds great as a production, has amazing rhodes keys, piano keys apart from organic drums. A track composed by several different instruments, which is explained by the fact that Common Tiger is the pseudonym of a multi-instrumentalist and producer called Matthew Mahoney. For me, this track resembles Mogwai, but without distorted guitars.

Another curious fact about Matthew is that he spent some time in a Buddhist temple in Portland, Oregon (USA) and currently he resides in a bus in Oregon studying music theory, piano, and working on his next musical releases.

You can also check his Bandcamp profile for more:

This track is magnificent and deserves a place in our playlist Chilling in Eden:

New Downtempo: Awe Kid – Diode EP

Diode by British producer Rick Parsons a.k.a Awe Kid is the kind of danceable deep downtempo track, with groovy bass, deep pads, with audio voices, a track for that high state of mind, high quality rhythms, pretty enjoyable to the ears. It was released as a whole EP, having Diode two other remix versions, by Clyde and Ose.

The EP has as second track Leap. The track is split in two parts, having the first one accentuated analogue synths, as for the second part more organic drums. The track also has an official video embedded bellow.

Somehow Diode brings me back Little Fluffy Clouds from The Orb, a British classic from the 90s.

The EP has been released by Sine Language Records, Awe Kid’s own label. You can check the website for more info here.

The track has been featured in Synths of Eden, as much as for Little Fluffy Clouds mentioned above:


Downtempo: Abalone – Avery

It has been a while since we last posted a downtempo track following this style, but now we’re introducing Avery by Abalone (artistic name for Anders), artist from Denmark that composes “organic electronic music”. The track is part of his 6 tracks EP Beginnings that was recently released the 19th of April. This is downtempo electronic dance music to dream and dance

The EP falls into the same genre of artists such as Smok-Mon featured here before. The whole EP deserves attention, if you are a fan of this approach to electronic music, it starts with Grace, a entirely instrumental track that builds the feeling for what is coming on, while Avery works as a conclusion to what has been provided by Abalone during those more than 20min of music.

New Release: Karakter – Takes Time

After being featured here in the blog with his EP Create Your Karakter and Digital Self, Valencian 21-years old producer Karakter is back with a new release: Takes Time.

Following the superb production of last EP, Karakter keeps with his carefully designed synthesized sounds. Combined with an uplifting rhythm in a lo-fi atmospheric feeling. The chord progressions are highly danceable, a lo-fi track that will make you feel like moving your body watching the sunset of a sunny day, it is possible to say that his signature sound is indeed downtempo but with ore rhythmic Latin touches.

New Downtempo/Trip-Hop: NothingAboutME – BLUEBELL

BLUEBELL was written in response to difficult emotions surrounding the loss of the duo’s close friends to suicide. It also recognises the ongoing battle in people who struggle with trauma and intermittent depression.

BLUEBELL is the debut single from NothingAboutME a fresh new downtempo with a big touch of trip-hop released this Friday in all streaming platforms by Riverfish Records.

NothingAboutME is a duo formed by Joe Dworniak and Sarah Stanton. They make highly emotive lo-fi music, a big match for fans of Portishead, as an example. The duo was formed in 2016, the name was chosen  as an identity for the songwriting duo.

BLUEBELL will be featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist.

Artwork by Cornish based artist Ricky Chaplin.

Electronic: OhmField – Rest

After a long day of work, all you need is rest. It is even better when we can find a song called “Rest” that aims to fulfil this purpose. This is the type of Rest where you can let yourself go, even dance, lay down, enjoy the feeling and nothing else matters. A song to embrace mindfulness.

OhmField is a producer from London, that combines a different range of influences, traditional and contemporary elements at the same time. The art cover from Rest represents pretty well how his music sounds, different layers, colours, daring to experiment, while keeping with the basic elements of a pleasant track.

Follow Synths of Eden Spotify (embedded) playlist and listen the best tracks featured here in the blog, next weekly update will include Rest.

Buy digitally via Bandcamp or stream it by Spotify.


New Release: Roz Yuen – Confession

This release will turn you on with its sensual lyrics while it will cause you to fly with its ethereal sound design, a very personal and intimate track but human after all. Roz Yuen, not without a reason, called the track Confession, a confession she’s composed, recorded and is singing to all of us, a confession we all can make.

The track will take part of her new forthcoming EP. She composed Confessions in her home town Melbourne, recalling her memories of London. Though the track has been fully realised in Berlin, where she’s based now.

A clear whispered conversation with an ex-lover and all the emotional consequences that follow up a relationship. The dialogue shares a space with silence.

You can also stream the track in Spotify as embedded.


R&B/Downtempo: Saba Abraha – Pathway

After a small break from posting to enjoy the weekend, it’s time to get back to the activities with the blog. Let’s start this Monday with a more easy-listening track, one of the first R&B we’re posting here, mixed with downtempo electronic music. This time Pathway, from Ethiopian singer based in USA, Saba Abraha.

She started our as a songwriter after moving to USA and exploring with English literature. The track will  be part of her upcoming EP, also caled Pathway.

The track was produced by De’Jour Thomas.

Chill: Instupendo – Sunny

‘Sunny’ is a low key, swaying, “happy-go-lucky” affair that, for me, brings to mind the feeling of ease and freedom I associate with birds flying aloft in thermals.

Coincidence or not, recently we have been featuring songs dedicated to provide chill feelings. Comfortable beats, not that Tangerine Dream complexity for now, time to relax and bring all that mindfulness nearby your yoga mattress, because it is time for Instupendo and his Sunny coming with the spring in northern hemisphere, while down in the south pole he is taking a break from being so harsh.

This track is part of his sophomore EP, Faces I Know, recently out. Instupendo is an artist from Philadelphia, USA. Another track that will be feature in Chilling in Eden this Thursday (follow it for the next chill moments).

Lo-Fi: Jason Barty – Simple Day

Today we also featured a beatmaker track, Ego Trippin’… again by MR.SHN; however, this track is exactly the opposite from those dark glitchy beats of MR.SHN. Simple Day, by Jason Barty from Cape Town, South Africa, are beats of a simple day, very straightforward, chill and calming. The ideal soundtrack for a quite and simple day, as much as for the ending of a stressful day. That’s how I’ll end my busy day, listening to Simple Day. Needless today that it will be featured in our chill playlist Chilling in Eden in the next weekly update.

You can also check Jason Barty’s Bandcamp for more.