Experimental: Macro/Micro – A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist

20th April Macro/Micro released his new EP, called A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist. He called it a “17 minutes sonic journey though a strange and powerful dream”.

In total, the EP is a big track divided in 4 movements, but keeping the flow from the first to the last track. It is ambient music, with experimental, glitch and drone touches, bright keys share the space with long low sounds and noise. Voices are used rather as an instrumental than precisely as vocals. We have a lot of dynamism and is best experience in one sitting, just like watching a short film.

Macro/Micro is the electronic music project of Tommy Simpson, artist based in Los Angeles and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The EP is available for streaming by Spotify and Bandcamp as embedded, but you also follow Macro/Micro on Soundcloud for more.

Krautrock: Dadanaut – Panoptikum

Inside the panopticon. Just a hotchpotch of curious minds?

When I read the word “Panoptikum” I immediately recall Michel Foucault and all his theories about power, discipline, surveillance society and prison system. Taking into consideration what I have written in this blog before about my views on social media, such as last March editorial I should say that we live in a world where surveillance is the rule, and everybody is watching each other through the windows of social media, a behaviour that is both imposed by the establishment as much as done irrationally on purpose, exactly like a panopticon. People fed themselves with mind control information, are instigated to act in certain behaviour of likes and share actively. What one day was a monopoly of radios, newspapers, magazines and television, now we have the web as a hub of companies/individuals who are shaping people’s behaviours and taste. Again, partially imposed and partially a rational decision, that in the end is more irrational than ever.

Dadanaut (maybe the cosmonaut of Dadaism) a German composer from Lauffen Am Neckar has released this 14th April his album Kabale, with 9 ambient/drone/experimental tracks, some of them shorter and other ones longer, such as Panoptikum itself. Well, considering everything written above, a track that uses this word in a track is nothing more than appropriate for our contemporary world.

Though the subject explored by Foucault and all the surveillance theories about individuals and communities in the digital age are quite complex and mindblowing, Panoptikum is in fact mostly a calming track, that provides chill ambient feelings for 12 minutes, but providing that big tension of being spied by someone far above you, that is controlling everything you do 24/7, with no space for private or to breath in peace.

You can check more releases from Dadanaut in their Bandcamp page, with track that go back to 2012.


ABBY MAC – GazeboStalker (2017)

GazeboStalker is interesting drone music track from ABBY MAC. It’s 3:30 of experimentation. The first two minutes has a very quiet and far vocal, almost inaudible, it is mixed with a kind of dark ambient tune, field recording and bass. After around 2min of song it is possible to listen drums that build up as much as the other instruments, an uplifting beat that remains until the end together with a danceable chord progression. This is an original piece from this New York producer. Moreover, the art is very interesting too, the track is the 8th from ABBY MAC’s second album Bilharzia, released in the end of 2017.

The album is also available in Bandcamp.

Eulogy – Fall (edit) (2018)

Originally a 5min track that was pure noise in the first 2min of the beginning, Fall (edit) comes out to be a track that is pure gold in its edit version. An introduction with an audio file, with a narrator speaking about brains. Followed by an interesting bass, guitars and synth lines. Later on joined by kick drums with vocal layers. A pretty interesting prog rock track, that comes from noise to audio experimentation to later on be composed by regular instrumentation that is just full of colours and layers, that make you become involved with the track from beginning to end. Pretty much an original material from Eulogy.

The artist has a pretty interesting story about his whole album and how he became a musician after suffering an accident in childhood and how it reflected on his musical work, you can check everything in his page here. Moreover, the lyrics were inspired in T.S Elliot, The Wasteland, poetry and Buddhist writings.

You can also purchase his album Into the Heart of Light for download in Bandcamp.

New Electronic Music: Bryan Nord – Mapping the Mind (2018)

Mapping the Mind is an ambient/drone track has nice melodies, electric guitars, glitch. It is part of a conceptual album from Bryan Nord. As much as electronic music about medieval architecture, we can also find instrumental electronic music about artificial intelligence. The conceptual album Aniagiasi was released this late February and it is a perfectionist two years project, where he explains everything here in his website.

Bryan Nord comes from USA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and this is his first self-produced solo album. Aniagiasi is available in Spotify (embedded)

Long Live Death! Down with the Intelligence! – The Suicide of Western Culture (2015)

Today it was shared on Soundcloud the album from a band from Barcelona, The Suicide of Western Culture, album entitled Long Live Death! Down with the Intelligence, released 2015.

This is post-rock with heavy electronic influences, such as drone-music, marked by amazing synthesizers that are combined with cinematographic samples. Using great thematics in the tracks, with songs that posses appealing titles. The sound reminds a lot bands such as Mogwai. However, not limiting to the post-rock field and far crossing the genre borders to a more electronic style of music.

It is also possible to check their discography in Bandcamp for more info.