New Experimental and Alternative Electronic

Today I selected four different tracks to share with you. Most of them can be considered experimental or in the field of alternative electronic music, with one exception, being more organic or acoustic, but still in the alternative side of music. With no further ado, here’s the list:

  1. O Future – VOYEUR
  2. Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens – Sweet Dark Moves
  3. Sen Zhi – Give It Up (Music Video)
  4. KERA – Bright Future Ahead (ft. Devendra Banhart)

O Future – VOYEUR

This song is exactly as the title suggests about getting pleasure from watching, viewing unblinking in the corner. Looking through the keyhole at other people.

This modern life is all about looking at other people. Other people’s vanity is our global turn on. This is all at once terrifying, cold, alien, sad and incredibly dystopian spiked- multi/verse sexy.

Featured here earlier with Stay and Smell You, the duo from Los Angeles formed by Katherine Mills and Jens, O Future, is back with VOYEUR. Though they opt for odd metaphoric cover arts, their music is intense, bright, danceable, full of energy and authenticity. Always playing with today’s vanity fair. If there’s something I can assure about this duo is their originality. Voyeur has been added to Synths of Eden.

Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens – Sweet Dark Moves

The next track comes from Germany, by Ralph Heidel, composer, saxophonist, highly influenced by jazz. According to his bio, besides being a composer that has been academically studying music in Munich Musikhochschule, he is also considered a remarkable performer, performing at XJAZZ festival Berlin 2018. You can understand the description while listening the song, Ralph is a 25 years old genius, with stunning compositional skills. He takes modern electronic music with jazz and classic textures into the next level. The track starts soft, with energetic beats, but smooth and ends in one epic explosion. Doing justice for its title. Homo Ludens is a 7 piece ensemble. Sweet Dark Moves has been released as a single by Kryptox, but an album is expected for 5th of April, entitled Moments of Ressonance. It has been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden.

Sen Zhi – Give It Up

A great music video makes all the difference on the experience of listening to a song. Give It Up by San Zhi is not only a great track but also a great music video. It has an Asian feeling, as much as the band’s name, given after the mysteriously cursed Pod City designed in the late 70s in Taiwan. Initially a duo formed by Suraya from Alexandria, Egypt and Peter (Dennis) Howarth-Brown from Bournemouth that met in the University, while studying music in London, they later expanded after meeting keyboard player Patrick-Fraser Stansbie and guitarist Mat Hart. They also released another single recently, Bloodlines, embedded bellow. Give It Up has been added to our playlist Synths of Eden.

KERA – Bright Future Ahead (ft. Devendra Banhart)

There’s no better paradoxical title than Bright Future Ahead, by LA-based KERA, featuring Devendra Banhart. A sweet track, that gives us delicate vocals, organic instruments, the usual folk style of songs that feature Devendra Banhart. Paradoxes apart, Bright Future Ahead brings us a hope sometimes we don’t have. A light on the end of the tunnel, “here we go again, ahh, uhh“. It makes me smile amidst all the chaos I read in the news. It makes me think about all the greatness of Pet Sounds by Beach Boys, also from California, and how it was mixed and produced. The zen philosophy and seeing the beauty on the small things, voices, songs like this. And maybe we have a bright future ahead of us. Added to Synths of Eden too:

New Electronic: John T – Ramen


Synths of Eden’s radar of new electronic music is reacting to JohnT’s newest release, Ramen. Producer from Marseilles, France, JohnT is very active with fresh electronic tunes coming out almost every month, always daring to innovate while keeping that uplifting danceable mood typical from the Mediterranean sea. With Ramen, JohnT was inspired by Asian samples and harmony. The results are likely to impress fans of traditional electronic music and dance alike.

Check our playlist Synths of Eden for more:


New Electronic: eschaton don – party bots

Party Bots by Eschaton Don, from United States’ mid-west. Full of dreamy and wide bass tunes.  It sounds alike a videogame soundtrack. Party Bots provides a high state of mind feeling, you can even close your eyes and imagine how there would be a party full of robots hanging around, dancing or providing extra services for extreme right wing politicians on social media with electronic music. Somehow it sounds heavily influenced by electronic music mixed with instrumental hip hop. Its drop makes me thing about chill out electronic from the 90s, but carrying with it imposing low sounds. It has been released by Teknofonic Recordings.

Check our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden for more:

Electronic: LPascolatti – Rotterdam’s Forgotten Tales

Two unreleased tracks from LPascolatti produced in Spiderhuis Studio when he was based in Rotterdam during the autumn, winter and spring of 2017/2018. Both tracks combine digital and analogue synthesizers with emulated orchestral instruments, with a final result resembling cinematic classical compositions.

Check Capiroto Record’s new release.

Electronic: John T – Fact of Life

John T has been shared here already before more than once, so no need for another presentation for this French producer from Marseilles. He’s back with 2 tracks, Fact of Life, that has hip-hop vocals, plus an electronic disco vibe, with a big touch of pop, ideal for the dance floor. The other one, to be posted here separately today is Come Around (ft. Jax). With the same uplifting vibe, ideal for a party, the typical European taste, that would give a special touch in Erasmus and student parties if just they wouldn’t stick to their usual mainstream EDM, so if you know some of them, share the work of JohnT.


Synths of Eden: Landon Holloway – Let It Go

The newest feature of Synths of Eden Spotify playlist is Let It Go from Landon Holloway. This track is a mixture of Depeche Mode with Nick Cave style of vocals, in a dark atmosphere. Amazing instrumentals and vocals, a blend of contemporary electronic music with synthpop and post-punk. Great track that ends with field recordings. This is Landon’s second released single.

New Electronic: Drinker – Fragment II

How fleeting and elusive to feel fulfilled in such a strange world. When you search for it in another person and look at what you find, it never feels like what you expected, so you search for something new. You look inside, you think you find it, but when you come back out, it just fades into the noise around you.

Listening to Drinker, the first think that comes in my mind thinking about all the material covered by the blog is British producer Yuki Ame. Though Drinker is an project created in USA, its style reminds British post-bubstep or UK Bass, such as Mount Kimbie, also featured here before with their 2010 album Crooks and Lovers.

Drinker is a project of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/composer Ariel Loh. Fragment II is the second single from their upcoming debut LP “Fragments”.

Fragments II has been featured in Synths of Eden:


Electronic Discovery: NÖMAK – Weight Loss Program – EP

By collaborators Igors & Wallace

Are you familiarized with the concept of the Schrodinger Cat? It is nothing more than quantum mechanics in which a cat is put insight a box with a glass of poison and then the box is closed. Is the cat alive or dead? None, he is an alive-dead cat. “What does this have to do with music?” you might ask. Well, the answer is Nömak.

Resultado de imagem para Weight Loss Program EP

Nicolas is a French musician that has been putting out his tracks for almost 10 years, and frankly, nothing sounds the same. The track entitled Schrodinger Cat from the Weight Loss Program EP will serve as a sample of it. The short speech that shows up after the introduction this of this mostly electronic track make sure to emphasise the idea behind the EP:

“[…] by loading up on healthy foods like low glycemic vegetables and large portions of protein you can help curb your cravings and give your body a healthy start to the year.”

The track itself is divided in two parts which aim to describe life and death (after the theory), the first half is cheerful and if you close your eyes you may even see colours dancing under your eyelids. However, everything dies after the speech, as a poisonous consequence, and the track follows this rule, being alive and dead at the same time amidst its apex, followed by a time of silence during more than one minute, then becoming death in the second part, finishing as a downtempo second half, with string-style synths, keys and long pads, full of bass drums.

Indie Rock Discovery: POLIÇA

By collaborators Igor and Wallace


Poliça means Police in Polish. Originally an Indie Rock formed in 2011 in  Minneapolis (USA), blending electronic music and R&B. One of their main characteristics are synth-made basslines that make us feel beats in our chest, Very Cruel brings an almost magic energy. No wonder that is part of the soundtrack of The Magicians, a SciFi TV series based on the homonymous books by Lev Grossman.

Resultado de imagem para poliça shulamith

The choice of Very Cruel for the soundtrack was more than correct, mainly by the standard of sound established by the band that sings it. Another track we can bring to light is Wandering Star from their previous album, Give You to The Ghost (2012). This one goes beyond their average tunes and is summed by visual effects in a video clip.

This one speaks of a lady artist who sees her paintings coming to life, while she turns into art herself. Both in The Magicians’ world, as well as in the Wandering Star clip, we can find magic as a no easy-to-handle element. All the questions involving political systems, divine limitations make the magic much more palpable. This is how the music of POLIÇA makes you feel as if magic itself was something easy to play with.

Another track worth commenting for the same reasons mentioned above is Lay Your Cards Out (2012). We can find evidence of transcendental enjoy in this song, so uniquely, that it becomes the setting of a dystopic universe where magic really exists! It is in this artistic environment that POLIÇA finds inspiration and attracts their audience with songs that touch deeply the feelings.

Lay Your Cards Out is the newest feature of our Synths of Eden playlist:

New Electronic: Purchase – Performance Mode

Released today 23rd of July, by Capiroto Records.

If you’re looking for highly original electronic music, Performance Mode by Purcha$e is definitely the kind of track you’re looking for.

Purely melodic, while keeping the aggressive synth lines, arpeggios and drums mixed with basslines. Many different layers of music offered in two different cuts, extended and original mix.

The track is pure electronic music, it brigs us to an old techno atmosphere, while keeping to a more contemporary style of electro.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Purcha$e. Including the artwork.

Brandon K. (Purchase), from Iowa CIty, USA, has been producing music since he was 18. According to him, creating music is an expression of narrative and colour, which are the subjects who leads his productions. The song Performance Mode was inspired in the joy of listening EDM when he was a kid, when he would find CDs labelled “Techno”, or “Progressive Trance”, amongst others. In each of those discs, there would be a track that would really stand out. He occasionally would dive into those specific artists he liked and searched for more. In a nutshell, he would define it as “an experience of finding something new, vital and little off.”

The track is also the newest feature of Synths of Eden, Spotify playlist: