Classy Tracks: Maribou State – Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)/Turnmills

“Turnmills was where we first experienced electronic music in a club setting. It’s a totally different and transformative listening experience and that communal spirit, atmosphere and feeling has inspired the way we’ve made music,” says Liam. “Clubs are such important hubs for music discovery, especially of songs that you might have overlooked in a different setting. Partly through the feeling in the room and also through the memories attached to the records you hear.”

British duo Maribou State has recently released two tracks Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)  – as embedded – and a month ago Turnmills. These are their first releases since their breakthrough album from 2015 Portraits. The duo is formed by Liam Ivory and Chris Davids. Besides being great with their studio work, they are taking their new live show to an European tour, including Sónar 2018. The two tracks combine the best of downtempo electronic music, groove and pretty vocals.

Both mix electronic music production with some organic instruments and amazing vocals. Turnmills has an electric guitar, hypnotizing arpeggiated bass lines while being followed by soft vocals with some chorus at certain points.  The track is dedicated to the legendary London nightclub of the same name that closed in 2008, which deserves our respect even more.

The real Turnmills in London.

As for Feel Good, the track starts with an addictive guitar riff, followed by synths and vocals totally suitable for dancing. Maribou State’s two newest releases have been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden:

New Release: Capiroto Records/LPascolatti – Prologue of an Insane World

They can kill a rose or two
Spring will come

The track was released last week by Capiroto Records. It is the last track composed by LPascolatti in his former Spiderhuis Studio in Rotterdam. The track mixes music composition in F#Minor together with lyrics inspired in the current misfortunes of global economic crisis and contemporary representative democracies, specially in his home-country Brazil.

The idea was to mix digital, organic and analogue synthesizers in a short-track that would express all the desolate feelings of “an insane world” we’ve been living in.

Art by Olga Sergeeva.

LPascolatti is an artist from São Paulo, Brazil, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Besides producing his own music, managing and releasing it by Capiroto Records, he is also editor of this blog Synths of Eden.

LPascolatti’s first album Born to Die has been re-delivered to digital streaming platforms after one year of its official release in May 2017, you can stream it once again in Spotify.

New Release: Karakter – Takes Time

After being featured here in the blog with his EP Create Your Karakter and Digital Self, Valencian 21-years old producer Karakter is back with a new release: Takes Time.

Following the superb production of last EP, Karakter keeps with his carefully designed synthesized sounds. Combined with an uplifting rhythm in a lo-fi atmospheric feeling. The chord progressions are highly danceable, a lo-fi track that will make you feel like moving your body watching the sunset of a sunny day, it is possible to say that his signature sound is indeed downtempo but with ore rhythmic Latin touches.

Electronic: OhmField – Rest

After a long day of work, all you need is rest. It is even better when we can find a song called “Rest” that aims to fulfil this purpose. This is the type of Rest where you can let yourself go, even dance, lay down, enjoy the feeling and nothing else matters. A song to embrace mindfulness.

OhmField is a producer from London, that combines a different range of influences, traditional and contemporary elements at the same time. The art cover from Rest represents pretty well how his music sounds, different layers, colours, daring to experiment, while keeping with the basic elements of a pleasant track.

Follow Synths of Eden Spotify (embedded) playlist and listen the best tracks featured here in the blog, next weekly update will include Rest.

Buy digitally via Bandcamp or stream it by Spotify.


New Music: Christopher Giffard – Talk to Me

“I’m glad it’s over, to be honest. This thing has been a labour of love and a veritable chapter in my life, but there’s only so long you can work on something and expect it to improve.” Christopher Giffard.

Another track that flirts with pop, yet allows itself to provide us experimental sounds and makes us enjoy music outside the box imposed by the industry’s aesthetics. Though its press release mentioned it being influenced by Flying Lotus, for my ears it sounded way more like a Hot Chip.

Not all the music produced to the perfection level will achieve, as much as there are many track recorded and produced in a few hours with great results. Though it served as push Sydney based artists Christopher Giffard to present a great work with Talk to Me. A blend of percussive jazz piano, dreamy vocals and washy drums. It’s a complex track lyrically simple, it express the powerlessness felt when a loved one struggles to express his or her feelings or accept help from his/her partner.

The track is a collective work, featuring keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany (Birds of Tokyo) and drummer Michael Hardy. It was recorded and produced in collaboration with engineer Nathan Sheeny. This group collaboration happened in Glenn’s vintage studio Electric Sheep Music. The track has been sketched for over an year, showing that productivity meant less than final quality. Before that, there was a mountain of discarded takes in studio.

An interesting fact is that Christopher started making music first in computer to only afterwards get into jazz and piano composition, he claims to be involved by a feeling way more than by a genre itself.

You can stream it Talk to Me by Spotify.


Saturday Track: Biskuwi – Norse

It’s Saturday and the week has been hard. So my day has been fully dedicated on playing Skyrim Special Edition who was in a big discount in Steam this Saturday. Off-topics apart. I had to come and leave a track for this special evening. Special track for when you’re relaxing. The bass notes present in this track are imposing, but not without high notes to mark the tempo, in a melodic way. This is Norse by Stockholm based producer Biskuwi (Yalcin Efe).

Biskuwi has been producing electronic music since 2010. You can check his Soundcloud here for more tracks (as embedded). His sound is highly influenced for traditional techno and house. His music is a kind of progressive house, or tech-house with field recording and imposing sound design. Fully instrumental.

You can stream it on Spotify. Norse is a 2 track EP, with Transient States as a second track.


New Downtempo: Airium – Our Lives Together (radio edit)

Our Lives Together (radio edit) comes as another track for our list of powerful downtempo songs recently released, the tempo can be down, but the track can make you high. Not the danceable kind of downtempo track, it’s more a IDM style, marked by experimental sound design and vocals. It can sound a bit noisy, like as if you are listening to it by cassette, but surely a nice white noise.

Airium is an UK based artist, Saul Wodak, based in London. Ex-member of Australian band Wim and currently touring with Hero Fisher as guitarist. Our Lives Together comes as Saul’s solo experimental electronic. The track ventures trough field recordings to colour his analogue recording sections. A blend between artifical and natural sounds, music through manipulation of audio and instrumentation at the same time.

Besides his Bandcamp page embedded above, you can also follow him on Soundcloud for more.

Electronic: Ceephax Acid Crew – Sidney’s Sizzler (2010)

Before I remove it from our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden, I should feature this fabulous track in the blog. Not only a highly creative album name from Ceephax Acid Crew, artist based in London. Sydney’s Sizzler is part of  United Acid Emirates, as embedded. I cannot guarantee there is acid involved in the composition of those songs, but for sure it is present somehow, at least in the name. Highly lysergic material that deserves a special place here.



New Music: NilSec – 0CHORDT1[160.0][seq2]

NilSec and his track 0CHORDT1[160.0][seq2] was recently shared by us on our playlist Synths of Eden. The artist is based in Brooklin, United States. According to him:

In 2011, JM Giralt tried to purchase a Fuzz Pedal on eBay and was instead sent a drum machine and from that fortuitous accident, Nilsec was born. Influences include most of Warp Record’s catalog from 90’s and acid house from the late 80’s.

Well, indeed that fortuitous accident was really worth it when listening to those interesting drums.