New Electronic: Altvater – Arcturus

According to Altvater, when Arcturus was produced he was constantly bobbing his head, it’s the darkest sound on Walking Creatures EP. The track is also the newest feature of our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden.

Altvater is a music producer from Columbia, United States. His main influences are trip-hop and electronica. He recently released a new single called Moonbird, with a more chill sound if compared to Arcturus.

Neo-Psychedelic Rock: GORGG – Flying Leaf

One of Synths of Eden’s plans is to create our own neo-psychedelic rock playlist with the best tracks and trends of 2018, as many nice things have been released everywhere. Still, while we don’t make our own curation of neo-psychedelic rock, we present you with GORGG and Flying Leaf.

GORGG is an experimental electronic and alternative music project originated in Tehran (Iran) and that is now based in Toronto, Canada. The band is lead by Koohyar Habibi and Paria Forouzesh. Koohyar as the Producer, Singer and Songwriter, while Paria is responsible for the keys as well as managing the project.

Quoting their own bio:

Both of them have found their passion in early childhood and started studying western and eastern classical music from the age of twelve at Tehran School of Music. Individually, they started to self study different styles of songwriting, Electronic and Rock music production, and furthermore, exploring overall sound design. While studying his musical education, Koohyar decided to combine cultural elements and formed the project GORGG to present those ideas as an innovative Art concept. The music scene in Iran is limited due to serious censorship, lack of music copyright regulations, and laws forbidding women to take part in music. This situation made it hard for GORGG to continue working as artists and brought them to Canada to further develop as an international Act. Their sound can be best described as dream-like atmosphere along with modal harmonic progressions in a minimal structure.

You can also check their Bandcamp page for earlier tracks.

Flying Leaf by GORGG has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Vinyl: Smok-Mon – 05:09

After featuring Smok-Mon and his chill track Serotonin, it’s time to write a remind post about how nice the whole album is, specially when you can hear it in vinyl that came directly from Gothenburg. In total 7 tracks of minimum and chill electronic sounds, besides, the art cover is amazing, representing some synthesizers such as Teenage Engineering OP-1 and a Snorlax costume. Plus, amazing vocals from Lorentzo Jönsson.

You can purchase the 12′ vinyl in Beat Bordell Records/ SIFTW Records website:

Experimental: Karakter – Digital Self

After all my critics to online communication and some social media companies written today in the editorial, a song that is talking about ‘Digital Self‘. Nothing more appropriate. The song was produced by Karakter, artist from Valencia, Spain. The track is part of the EP Create Your Own Karakter, which tells the story of three different characters, as expressed by its art cover. Besides Digital Self, there are also other tracks such as Grass and Chimp Up.

Digital Self is an experiment with long synth lines, glitch sounds and drums. It is a four minutes track worth listening. It reminds pretty much Flying Lotus, it is electronic music on a slow tempo, with drops of experimentation and audacity when producing music. The sound design is finely selected, each synth sound is summed by refined production techniques. This is for sure not more of the same, the whole EP launched by Karakter represents high class electronic music.

It is possible to stream Karakter’s song in his Spotify profile here.

New Chill: Smok-Mon – Serotonin

Serotonin is purely chill. A combination of minimum electronica, beats and resonant synth chords that are ideal for a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee. It is part of Smok-Mon‘s newest album 05:09.

The whole album in total has 7 tracks. Released by Beat Bordell Records/ SIFTW Records, in streaming and as 12′ vinyl. Both sides are very similar sonically speaking, except for two tracks featuring Lorentzo Jönsson‘s voice in Sthlm and 05:09.

Smok-Mon with an indie-pop background in Gothenburg, a city with renowned bands such as Little Dragon. A lover of dirty-beats, Smok-Mon evolved to his style of minimum electronica. His studio work is executed with a modular synthesizer and an old-school sampler. With which he creates his deep and mellow bass lines  summed by its soft rhythm.

05:09 comes out as his debut album, representing a journey through the lost youth, lost love, lost lives and nights. Throughout this journey, he lets his 808 fill the background layers, as his moog bass and modular synth execute the groovy harmony. The album was mixed by Smok-Mon himself and mastered by Andreas Tilliander.

This album is ideal for both fans of dance as much as lo-fi. You can stream the whole album by Spotify (embedded).

You can purchase the vinyl following this link:


Electronica: Warrego Valles – Madmen

For the past few years I spent lots of hours reading and watching Slavoj Žižek and all his contradictory and complicated thoughts, for sure I had a lot of fun, if it’s what you can call fun (at least for a social sciences nerd like me). However, with Warrego Valles I discovered a new kind of fun from Slovenia, the duo composed by Nina Hudej and Nina Belle is something that cannot go unnoticed if you are a fan of heavy and extravagant electronic music, full of psychedelic spices.

Madmen is a track from their newest album entitled Botox (not a trace of Don Draper there). I’d say that Warrego Valles is part of that category of posts I should write about a specific track I received, just to make it cute in Hype Machine catalogue but in fact I am suggesting the whole album itself. Botox has 13 tracks and I’d say it’s 13 tracks of pure electronic insanity, Stop That Noise made me really inspired to start this day, just wishing for more and more of this noise. The album has been released 1st March by Kamizdat label.

You can purchase it in Bandcamp, as embedded, for 15 euros you can have it as a flash card with an awesome handmade booklet designed by Rok Mar, illustrated by Stefan Fähler and with liner notes by Luka Prinčič.

Well, I guess after writing all of this I still need more time to reflect about their sound design. They use fast drum machines, with many glitch sounds and vocals. They put themselves in the experimental techno, as style. Overall, I’d say it’s a combination of glitch, traditional low tuned drums and vocals. It’s possible to find evidences of pad synths that serve as background layers for all those fast drums, such as Cyborg not Cyborg. Moreover, I like the fact that this techno is not male dominated, as it is for many techno dudes out there.

I’d say Warrego Valles is deeply influenced by an underground techno scene. According to their press release, pretty much like a manifesto itself:

It is a result of dark minimalist, abstract post-genre eletro and glitchy sonic landscapes. it tells the story of present times: ephemerality of all action and destruction of the planet duo to climate change and slavery. A grim vision of a world ruled by psychopaths driven by the will to control, greed and domination.

“How else can the drive for immortality be manifest than as an unstoppable exploitation, an endless extraction of resources, a seemingly limitless growth on a finite planet? In a dystopian post-apocalyptic vision called forth into the present in these abstract sounds with words buried in sombre electronic beats and glitches, there’s no sign of mankind after we’ve lost the red sun, our land and sky. We are loosing and destroying our environment. We are fostering more slavery than ever by refusing immigrants, stuffing them in camps and treating them like animals.

In these relationships, humanity is lost while feelings of abandonment, defeat and solitude grow within the personal realm. Underpinning these tracks is a grim vision of the world ruled by psychopaths, driven by a will to overpower and dominate. Only through submission of one’s own body (and mind) will it be possible to find »success«. The greed, the insensitivity, the lust for profit and power, the ability to kneel and to kill.”

Warrego Valles is also available for streaming in Soundcloud and Spotify.



New Music: Semper Volt – Leve (2018)

Semper Volt is João Tenorio, also Dj Telefunken in the past. First started as a Drum and Bass producer, now he does an electro-indie, with psychedelic and experimental influences. His new EP, Leve, has 5 tracks and it is available for streaming and to be purchased in Bandcamp. It is excellent pop music sung in Brazilian Portuguese, well composed lyrics and instrumentals.

Semper Volt is from São Paulo, Brazil, and his music is highly electronica, with a big presence of bass in his tracks, as much as interestingly composed lyrics. The new generation of electronic Brazilian artists is very far from Alok, Vintage Culture and all that commercial EDM crap. The track “Alvorada” speaks about fatherhood and the rise of new generations. After that, the EP starts to be more aggressive in its instrumentals, going to the “Lá vem o Robo” a highly experimental and aggressive bass that talks about robots, just like Kraftwerk but in a more contemporary Brazilian way. The next track is the only one in English, called ‘Rotating Lights’. The EP ends with ‘Leve’, an experimental instrumental track.

Semper Volt deserves to be in the spotlight of Brazilian electronic music artists with his new release ‘Leve’.

Playlist: Synths of Eden (Update)

Today a new update has been made to this blog’s playlist ‘Synths of Eden’. Make sure to check our newest curation featuring new artists such as Cosmo Cocktail (synthwave), General Procedures (indie-electronica) and FYEO (indie-electronica).