New Downtempo: Awe Kid – Diode EP

Diode by British producer Rick Parsons a.k.a Awe Kid is the kind of danceable deep downtempo track, with groovy bass, deep pads, with audio voices, a track for that high state of mind, high quality rhythms, pretty enjoyable to the ears. It was released as a whole EP, having Diode two other remix versions, by Clyde and Ose.

The EP has as second track Leap. The track is split in two parts, having the first one accentuated analogue synths, as for the second part more organic drums. The track also has an official video embedded bellow.

Somehow Diode brings me back Little Fluffy Clouds from The Orb, a British classic from the 90s.

The EP has been released by Sine Language Records, Awe Kid’s own label. You can check the website for more info here.

The track has been featured in Synths of Eden, as much as for Little Fluffy Clouds mentioned above:


Downtempo: Abalone – Avery

It has been a while since we last posted a downtempo track following this style, but now we’re introducing Avery by Abalone (artistic name for Anders), artist from Denmark that composes “organic electronic music”. The track is part of his 6 tracks EP Beginnings that was recently released the 19th of April. This is downtempo electronic dance music to dream and dance

The EP falls into the same genre of artists such as Smok-Mon featured here before. The whole EP deserves attention, if you are a fan of this approach to electronic music, it starts with Grace, a entirely instrumental track that builds the feeling for what is coming on, while Avery works as a conclusion to what has been provided by Abalone during those more than 20min of music.

Microsamples: Jelly Thing – Nonmeeting

Insane bass-lines, drums and vocals, a very interesting track. It is short and brings you up with its groove, while still carrying with itself a mystic lo-fi feelings. This is jelly thing with Nonmeeting, track from recently released 3 tracks EP Night Jelly.

According to the Los Angeles based producer:

The EP was predominantly built from microsamples of other songs, which were heavily edited into instruments, which were then used to play the melodies and construct the drums for the record“.

Experimental: Macro/Micro – A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist

20th April Macro/Micro released his new EP, called A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist. He called it a “17 minutes sonic journey though a strange and powerful dream”.

In total, the EP is a big track divided in 4 movements, but keeping the flow from the first to the last track. It is ambient music, with experimental, glitch and drone touches, bright keys share the space with long low sounds and noise. Voices are used rather as an instrumental than precisely as vocals. We have a lot of dynamism and is best experience in one sitting, just like watching a short film.

Macro/Micro is the electronic music project of Tommy Simpson, artist based in Los Angeles and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The EP is available for streaming by Spotify and Bandcamp as embedded, but you also follow Macro/Micro on Soundcloud for more.

Ambient: Poztman – Shinrinyoku

Poztman and the track Shinrinyoku is one of the most interesting works I’ve received lately. This track is about the Japanese practice of “soaking in the atmosphere of a forest, i.e. ‘forest bathing’ “.

The track is part of the 40th release from Outtallectuals, Komorebi EP. This is the debut release from producer Poztman on the label. The sound is “an exploration of dark industrial spectral electronic music, with an overall influence of Japanese concepts and sounds”.

Didgeridoo, an Australian wooden trompet, was played by Tel’aran’rhiod.

About the EP: it is composed by elements of ambient drum n bass, post-black metal, neuro, and the avant-garde, to manifest a dystopian etherealm. Each song portrays a certain concept, aurally represented through the specific attunement of each composition.


New Music: RTIK – Arrival EP

The Games We Play, London (UK) based label has recently released in 4th April this two tracks EP called Arrival by Italian artist RTIK, from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The EP’s two tracks are Arrival and Snow. Being both downtempo tracks, with strong four on the flour kicks summed by Vangelis-like atmospheres (such as in Blade Runner Soundtrack). In general, a short track with 3:45 min, inspired by dystopic cinema. As according to their Bandcamp:

There comes a time when an artist is deeply inspired by something they see, hear or experience. The Italian artist RTIK wanted to create a small project to translate his love for dystopic and futuristic realities, influenced by cinematic atmospheres of movies such as Blade Runner, and the latest TV series “Altered Carbon.”

For 2,25 euros you can purchase RTIK whole discography in Bandcamp, here is a tip.

Space Disco: Slow Babylon EP

Slow Babylon is a project from producer Leo Vasilets, based in Moscow, Russia. It is great dance music with amazing synthesizers and instrumentals. There is a whole EP that should be heard.  You can stream everything on Soundcloud by now.

When asked about his style, Leo Vasilets answers with a good sense of humour and spontaneously:

“(about the genre) I think it lurks somewhere between space disco, electro rock and psychedelic funk. I call it “Escobar’s moustache”.

In Slow Babylon’s Soundcloud page we can read:

“Pakistani funk… rebelling against modern music”.

Well, this rebellion indeed sounds great. Vasilets shows to be a skilled multi-instrumentalist that can craft disco that goes beyond disco itself, in a creative way, without letting go the funky grooves of disco itself.

Asked about the instrumentals, he repplied:

“I was always a fan of analogue synthesizers and funky beats, so this time I’ve tried to combine both. I do everything by myself in my home studio, putting hands on several analogue synths and funky vintage loops.”

It is clear that Funkadelic is a main influence to his signature sound as a producer. In two tracks Slow Babylon features vocals, with guest vocalists, while another song you can listen Vasilets mumbling himself.

Art by Roman Boltinov.

Let’s hope Slow Babylon will come out with new material soon while we enjoy this EP.

New Music: Bells and Robes – Euphoria (feat. Animal Prince)

The songs starts with an arpeggio that  reminds me pretty much the construction mode soundtrack of the life simulator ‘The Sims’, followed by dense bass lines and bright vocals. All of this is filled with streams and interesting beats that come together in one epic chorus. The song Euphoria does justice to its name, however this would be a bright Euphoria, full of joy and sunlight.

This track closes Bells and Robes newest EP, Pleasures of the Mind, which explains the fact that the Euphoria expressed on this track seems more like a pleasant one rather than sour. The violin section was recorded by Animal Prince.

Bells and Robes is a duo from Atlanta, from the state of Georgia in USA. Their music is marked by improvisation with synths and drums. Luke Sipka is responsible for the former while Dean Spaniol for the latter. They are inspired by chillwave with high-tempo bass lines. They two have been performing around USA since 2012 and have shared the stage with artists such as: Odesza, Lotus, Emancipator, Mr. Carmack, HYWYRE, Manic Focus, Break Science, Soulection, Autograf, Kodak To Black.

You can stream it on Spotify below:

New Music: Gobblebit – Rarer Fraction

Rarer Fraction is the first track of Vermit. Debut EP of Melbourne based producer Gobblebit. The track has a dense texture, almost distorted at the begging, that lingers for a while before it is summed by intense beats, slightly reverberated. I’d say that this track is split into two different parts, in which the first is dense, dark and monotonous, while the second is marked by a more complex use of brighter synth layers and beats. The song evolves and grows with the time, ending in its apex.

Vermit has in total 4 tracks, none of them too long but all with them providing the same feeling, overall. Tracks marked by punctuated beats with interesting layers of synthesizers, such as Little Heart.

Gobblebit has grown in Midwest USA and learned electronic music on a DOS computer with an old tracker software. In theory, making music is just one thing, it doesn’t matter if you are programming a software that is being used as a music instrument, it can only evolve to more complex ways of composition that are not limited to a DOS tracker software. Exposed to the world of electronic music making, but without proper equipment and a local scene to support him, Gobblebit started to make video games.  However, without drawing the attention of videogame’s industry as he once did, he returned to making electronic music 20 years later.

According to him, his influences shift from Squarepusher to The Legend of Zelda, in which he mixes nostalgic synthesizers, melodic percussion, modern, and clean elements.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud and Spotify, as embedded.

New Music: Semper Volt – Leve (2018)

Semper Volt is João Tenorio, also Dj Telefunken in the past. First started as a Drum and Bass producer, now he does an electro-indie, with psychedelic and experimental influences. His new EP, Leve, has 5 tracks and it is available for streaming and to be purchased in Bandcamp. It is excellent pop music sung in Brazilian Portuguese, well composed lyrics and instrumentals.

Semper Volt is from São Paulo, Brazil, and his music is highly electronica, with a big presence of bass in his tracks, as much as interestingly composed lyrics. The new generation of electronic Brazilian artists is very far from Alok, Vintage Culture and all that commercial EDM crap. The track “Alvorada” speaks about fatherhood and the rise of new generations. After that, the EP starts to be more aggressive in its instrumentals, going to the “Lá vem o Robo” a highly experimental and aggressive bass that talks about robots, just like Kraftwerk but in a more contemporary Brazilian way. The next track is the only one in English, called ‘Rotating Lights’. The EP ends with ‘Leve’, an experimental instrumental track.

Semper Volt deserves to be in the spotlight of Brazilian electronic music artists with his new release ‘Leve’.