R&B/Downtempo: Saba Abraha – Sweet Mirage (New EP)

Ethiopian artist based in USA Saba Abraha has been featured in Synths of Eden with Pathway, in April, mixing R&B with electronic downtempo. Now she’s back with Utopia, a track that follows the same mood, but with much more intensity and allowing herself to dig even deeper into the experimentalism of electronic music. The track is part of her recently released EP Sweet Mirage.

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Synthwave in Eden: Pax Humana – Cybernetic Fantasy

Cybernetic Fantasy by Pax Humana is the newest feature from our synthwave playlist, Synthwave in Eden. Although it’s not precisely the traditional synthwave track, it’s a great work with synthesizers, the rhythm and the whole harmony shown by the use of arps and compelling bass lines. Plus, the whole sound design is great. According to the producer of Pax Humana, New York based Brian Lindgren, the track was inspired on a post-apocalyptic cyber-punk setting, Blade Runner style. It is part of his 6 tracks EP, Revolution . You can also download it via Bandcamp.

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Electro: ÆDAN – Le temps (EP)

four-time DMC World DJ champion who won four Victoires de la Musique awards and notched a double-platinum record under the alias DJ pFel as a member of French legends C2C, retreated to the countryside in 2015 to conceptualize his vision for solo material

Released 6th July, Le temps is a track that mix synthesizers with different sorts of string sounds, making a combination in contrasts whilst keeping the harmony, with hip hop beats as rhythm. ÆDAN is Pierre Forestier, a DJ that was participating and winning several DJ Championships (I didn’t know that it existed) in France, as much as other prizes by the French Ministry of Culture (Victoires de la Musique). In 2015 he retreated to the countryside and three years later came out with an EP, in which Le temps, is one of its tracks. Certainly a lot has changed in Aedan’s career, I’m sure he will not disappoint his old fans.

You can stream the whole EP here. Or, in Spotify, Chilling in Eden is back with Le temps:

Techno Premiere: Victorious – Good Behavior

Synths of Eden is the official promoter of Capiroto Records, so we present you with Victorious and Good Behavior.

Producer from São Paulo, Victorious (Iuri Pereira) produces and plays techno open air with Underground Movement SP, which he is co-founder, occupying public places such as Avenida Paulista.

It will be released featuring another original track, Cyclic Tendencies, and two remixes from Barchi and Noolapa.

You can check the pre-order in Bandcamp.

Official Release of the EP, 13th July in all streaming platforms.

Art by Olga Sergeeva

Progressive House: JP Lantieri – The Dark Side

When we say “The Dark Side”, what do you think? A catchy phrase from Star Wars? A place from beyond where bad creatures live? Well, let’s demystify this point of view, shall we?

The artist JP Lantieri shifts between techno, deep and progressive in London, where he plays in the main clubs like Ministry of Sound and EGG. In addition, he also won the Independent Music Awards in 2015 for his EP “London Calling” and 3 years earlier he took home the Gold VIMA Award for Best Electro/Dance Act.

Now, let’s talk about his new works, The Dark Side EP, that is a result of his collaboration with Paul Hazendonk and Ornery. This EP is the real deal when we’re talking about progressive house. When it starts playing you might even think that it is not at all about the bad things, until you get stucked into a self-discovery vibe that might take you to meet your very own dark side, but in a pleasant way, believe me.

A smooth bassline and delicate percussion makes the original song a very light and amusing music; when it comes to the second track the acid hints take over and leads you toward the edge of your own being. By the end of it we’re facing Ornery’s work in which the techno rhythm takes you up and down.
Ready to take a look at this EP? You can access it on streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

By collaborator Wallace.

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New Downtempo: Awe Kid – Diode EP

Diode by British producer Rick Parsons a.k.a Awe Kid is the kind of danceable deep downtempo track, with groovy bass, deep pads, with audio voices, a track for that high state of mind, high quality rhythms, pretty enjoyable to the ears. It was released as a whole EP, having Diode two other remix versions, by Clyde and Ose.

The EP has as second track Leap. The track is split in two parts, having the first one accentuated analogue synths, as for the second part more organic drums. The track also has an official video embedded bellow.

Somehow Diode brings me back Little Fluffy Clouds from The Orb, a British classic from the 90s.

The EP has been released by Sine Language Records, Awe Kid’s own label. You can check the website for more info here.

The track has been featured in Synths of Eden, as much as for Little Fluffy Clouds mentioned above:


Downtempo: Abalone – Avery

It has been a while since we last posted a downtempo track following this style, but now we’re introducing Avery by Abalone (artistic name for Anders), artist from Denmark that composes “organic electronic music”. The track is part of his 6 tracks EP Beginnings that was recently released the 19th of April. This is downtempo electronic dance music to dream and dance

The EP falls into the same genre of artists such as Smok-Mon featured here before. The whole EP deserves attention, if you are a fan of this approach to electronic music, it starts with Grace, a entirely instrumental track that builds the feeling for what is coming on, while Avery works as a conclusion to what has been provided by Abalone during those more than 20min of music.

Microsamples: Jelly Thing – Nonmeeting

Insane bass-lines, drums and vocals, a very interesting track. It is short and brings you up with its groove, while still carrying with itself a mystic lo-fi feelings. This is jelly thing with Nonmeeting, track from recently released 3 tracks EP Night Jelly.

According to the Los Angeles based producer:

The EP was predominantly built from microsamples of other songs, which were heavily edited into instruments, which were then used to play the melodies and construct the drums for the record“.

Experimental: Macro/Micro – A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist

20th April Macro/Micro released his new EP, called A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist. He called it a “17 minutes sonic journey though a strange and powerful dream”.

In total, the EP is a big track divided in 4 movements, but keeping the flow from the first to the last track. It is ambient music, with experimental, glitch and drone touches, bright keys share the space with long low sounds and noise. Voices are used rather as an instrumental than precisely as vocals. We have a lot of dynamism and is best experience in one sitting, just like watching a short film.

Macro/Micro is the electronic music project of Tommy Simpson, artist based in Los Angeles and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The EP is available for streaming by Spotify and Bandcamp as embedded, but you also follow Macro/Micro on Soundcloud for more.

Ambient: Poztman – Shinrinyoku

Poztman and the track Shinrinyoku is one of the most interesting works I’ve received lately. This track is about the Japanese practice of “soaking in the atmosphere of a forest, i.e. ‘forest bathing’ “.

The track is part of the 40th release from Outtallectuals, Komorebi EP. This is the debut release from producer Poztman on the label. The sound is “an exploration of dark industrial spectral electronic music, with an overall influence of Japanese concepts and sounds”.

Didgeridoo, an Australian wooden trompet, was played by Tel’aran’rhiod.

About the EP: it is composed by elements of ambient drum n bass, post-black metal, neuro, and the avant-garde, to manifest a dystopian etherealm. Each song portrays a certain concept, aurally represented through the specific attunement of each composition.