Experimental Electronic: Yem Gel – Knotg3rl

Premiered by Mixmag in Soundcloud, London-based musician and visual artist Alecs Pierce launched his new project a month ago as @yemgel with a four-track EP titled ‘Knot Being’ on @kick-clap-2.

According to his premiere by Mixmag:

At its forefront, ‘Knotg3rl’ channels an 0PN-esque stuttering sheen – glossy sounds flutter like jets of serotonin. Beneath, sounds spanning breaks, abstract grime pops and digi-harp strums meet in an intoxicating concoction of misfit styles. We can’t get enough.

It is not an easy track to listen, it goes to the absurd when it comes to experimentation with audio files and what you can do composing music by aggregation of samples. But it’s quite impressive the work done by Alecs Pierce. We have 6 minutes of a composition that dares to experiment and to impose itself as the creation of several layers and different music elements, stuttering sounds that are annoying per se, but in the end combined became deep music, it’s not something easy to do.

Yem Gel’s debut EP Knot Being has been released this Friday and it’s been featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden:


Experimental: Jimmy – Smile

“I tried to throw myself into the fucked-up dream that is the opioid epidemic in the United States and capture what I could of its hazy and ironically self-destructive fantasy.”

Well, this track impress me. I don’t have a genre to classify this, it would be a kind of progressive rock with an influence of stoner rock and many other things. Highly well produced. I will not say much, I’ll leave it to yourselves to judge. According to Jimmy, about his newest track Smile:

“I didn’t write Smile because I’d found any answers and writing it hasn’t afforded me any catharsis. Smile is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business, to all the trendy marketing campaigns of the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries with their side effects in fine print or sped-up voice-overs, and the innocent souls on the other side of a rigged transaction.”

It will also be featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist, so don’t follow it if you want to loose many nice tracks curated by this blog for the past few months.


New Music: Christopher Giffard – Talk to Me

“I’m glad it’s over, to be honest. This thing has been a labour of love and a veritable chapter in my life, but there’s only so long you can work on something and expect it to improve.” Christopher Giffard.

Another track that flirts with pop, yet allows itself to provide us experimental sounds and makes us enjoy music outside the box imposed by the industry’s aesthetics. Though its press release mentioned it being influenced by Flying Lotus, for my ears it sounded way more like a Hot Chip.

Not all the music produced to the perfection level will achieve, as much as there are many track recorded and produced in a few hours with great results. Though it served as push Sydney based artists Christopher Giffard to present a great work with Talk to Me. A blend of percussive jazz piano, dreamy vocals and washy drums. It’s a complex track lyrically simple, it express the powerlessness felt when a loved one struggles to express his or her feelings or accept help from his/her partner.

The track is a collective work, featuring keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany (Birds of Tokyo) and drummer Michael Hardy. It was recorded and produced in collaboration with engineer Nathan Sheeny. This group collaboration happened in Glenn’s vintage studio Electric Sheep Music. The track has been sketched for over an year, showing that productivity meant less than final quality. Before that, there was a mountain of discarded takes in studio.

An interesting fact is that Christopher started making music first in computer to only afterwards get into jazz and piano composition, he claims to be involved by a feeling way more than by a genre itself.

You can stream it Talk to Me by Spotify.


Experimental: Macro/Micro – A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist

20th April Macro/Micro released his new EP, called A Grain of Sand in the Blue Mist. He called it a “17 minutes sonic journey though a strange and powerful dream”.

In total, the EP is a big track divided in 4 movements, but keeping the flow from the first to the last track. It is ambient music, with experimental, glitch and drone touches, bright keys share the space with long low sounds and noise. Voices are used rather as an instrumental than precisely as vocals. We have a lot of dynamism and is best experience in one sitting, just like watching a short film.

Macro/Micro is the electronic music project of Tommy Simpson, artist based in Los Angeles and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The EP is available for streaming by Spotify and Bandcamp as embedded, but you also follow Macro/Micro on Soundcloud for more.

New Downtempo: Airium – Our Lives Together (radio edit)

Our Lives Together (radio edit) comes as another track for our list of powerful downtempo songs recently released, the tempo can be down, but the track can make you high. Not the danceable kind of downtempo track, it’s more a IDM style, marked by experimental sound design and vocals. It can sound a bit noisy, like as if you are listening to it by cassette, but surely a nice white noise.

Airium is an UK based artist, Saul Wodak, based in London. Ex-member of Australian band Wim and currently touring with Hero Fisher as guitarist. Our Lives Together comes as Saul’s solo experimental electronic. The track ventures trough field recordings to colour his analogue recording sections. A blend between artifical and natural sounds, music through manipulation of audio and instrumentation at the same time.

Besides his Bandcamp page embedded above, you can also follow him on Soundcloud for more.

New Ambient: Porya Hatyami & Arovane – Vaun

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this track was the collab between Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto. It recalls the noisy glitches followed by a slow and mellow piano composition. The track Vaun is also a collaboration among a German producer and a piano composer, this time between Arovane (Uwe Zahn) and Iranian Porya Hatyama. Vaun is being released in vinyl as a LP called Kaziwa that can be pre-ordered in n5MD website’s.

Another similarity with Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto’s collaborations is that both artists have been already working on other full-length albums before, being Kaziwa their third collaboration. The difference is especially in the sound design, while Alva Noto and Sakamoto have composed very minimalistic piano samples with glitch, the collab between Porya Hatyami & Arovane is more focused on a atmospheric and ambient tunes, deep and dark. Way more involving. It is possible to feel white noises on the background that sound like rain field recording.

To check some more works by Porya Hatyami you can access his Bandcamp. Porya has releases that go back to 2012.


Experimental: Σrrant Monks – BKM (Thamus SW Misunderstanding)

Another song for our ‘extremely original material’ posts. Usually the blog receives lots of experimental music that make my ears want to bleed or explode. Contrary to those weird songs we receive almost everyday Errant Monks and BKM  provides great use of audio collage, glitch noises and drums to create a 9 minutes work that is worth listening and not tiring for the ears at all, it starts interesting and finishes impressively until the last second.

This single should be the first of Errant Monk’s forthcoming LP The Limit Experience.

Errant Monks is an UK based artist, from Manchester. Together with their press release there are some quotations to be shared here:

“Fandango Shack, M16 – In the aftermath of August’s Révülé, the patient reports information transmitted by a variety of television and radio apparatus set up about the day room. Forgetting these signals are external, the patient begins to believe the simulcasts are in fact internal instructions on how to successfully navigate a peaceful world order.

“Cosh Administered – A monochromatic blitzkrieg of global sin; surveillance and news footage awash with hypnotic cathode rays warping in and out of minds paralysed in night terror revelation. If you look closely enough you will see the sharp side of Skariphastai.

“Enter Σrrant Monks: Psychopposition- Advanced Guard, counteracting punishment of insanity in the face of incessant bombardments of Machiavellian control. Perpetrators of social and creative oppression, you’ve been reading words upside down! Adjust your gaze. What runs North also runs Downstream. They call this exercise in Agnosticism; Denial of The Nile. Serious business!

“We encourage those caught up in the struggle to reach out and let us know. Much experience of The Manipulancients and their many rigged agendas and Technopolies has left us with system navigation knowledge in abundance. Organise! Red is the colour of Origin! Rise and Work… Sdvig!”

There is also a superp music video for this track:

You can stream their earliest works by Soundcloud, as embedded above. Meanwhile, let’s wait for that new LP.

Ambient: Lyne – Prelude

London based producer Lyne wrote this track around an year ago, while living in the countryside. According to the artist, this was a kind of self-discovery recording process, when Lyne felt completely lost in the music, intimidated by the beauty of such a composition. The picture that illustrates the record was shot in La Verne, Italy, by Nicholas Lyne.

The song is actually short, what is rather unusual for ambient music. It sounds pretty much like a prelude for what can be an entire project. It brings into memory the feelings represented by a ‘prelude’, the start of a long journey, whose ending is unknown.  Interesting rhythms, marked as mysterious drums and ethereal glitches that appear once in a while during this almost three minutes of a ‘prelude’ contemplation.

It is possible to purchase the track by Bandcamp, as embedded here. Also, you can stream it on Soundcloud.

Experimetal: BNNY RBBT – I Hate Love

With this badly written internet-like quote we discover BNNY RBBT:

“Guys, just couple months ago I go to yard sale where I find old school camcorder bag. Inside was random weird items and VHS tape. And on VHS tape I discover something that changed my life forever… BNNY RBBT!!! The most amazing musician I ever hear!!

So I set up youtubes chanel and website try to find more music from him. After awhile Big World song submitted by fan and now — BREAKING NEWS!!! — a new BNNY RBBT song and video has been found. Song is called “Bombs” and is super magical and strange but beautiful!! I know BNNY RBBT fans will love.

Please to share on you blogs!??


When I said this blog supports original material, some artists around the world take it very seriously when they send us tracks. I Hate Love by BNNY RBBT is something extremely hard to define, but pretty. Overall it sounds pretty much like progressive-rock, with a big influence of pop music, sung with a soft voice and followed in the end by an interesting synthesizer. It is indeed well produced and doesn’t particularly fits into a specific genre, which is good, I like it.

Artistically speaking it goes beyond music itself, as BNNY RBBY is a factious character, artist. Therefore, there is not much information about in its official pages except for some quotes about him being:

A giant animal singer (probably 7 foot tall?) who sings like angel and was last seen in 1990s”

It’s official website looks like something from the beginning of the internet, those times where you used to ‘surf’ on dial up connections and read HTML websites. Maybe not the most pop artist you will listen, also it doesn’t sound pretty much from the 90s, otherwise it would be heavy rock, something grunge or highly pop. There are quite a few YouTube videos about this artist, as much as several pictures in Instagram. According to Spotify itself, those songs were really produced in the 90s. Well, truth or not it is something original and highly interesting that can be listened to. I’m leaving here embedded a link to its Spotify profile besides Soundcloud.