New Electronic: John T – Ramen


Synths of Eden’s radar of new electronic music is reacting to JohnT’s newest release, Ramen. Producer from Marseilles, France, JohnT is very active with fresh electronic tunes coming out almost every month, always daring to innovate while keeping that uplifting danceable mood typical from the Mediterranean sea. With Ramen, JohnT was inspired by Asian samples and harmony. The results are likely to impress fans of traditional electronic music and dance alike.

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Electronic: John T – Fact of Life

John T has been shared here already before more than once, so no need for another presentation for this French producer from Marseilles. He’s back with 2 tracks, Fact of Life, that has hip-hop vocals, plus an electronic disco vibe, with a big touch of pop, ideal for the dance floor. The other one, to be posted here separately today is Come Around (ft. Jax). With the same uplifting vibe, ideal for a party, the typical European taste, that would give a special touch in Erasmus and student parties if just they wouldn’t stick to their usual mainstream EDM, so if you know some of them, share the work of JohnT.


Electronic Discovery: NÖMAK – Weight Loss Program – EP

By collaborators Igors & Wallace

Are you familiarized with the concept of the Schrodinger Cat? It is nothing more than quantum mechanics in which a cat is put insight a box with a glass of poison and then the box is closed. Is the cat alive or dead? None, he is an alive-dead cat. “What does this have to do with music?” you might ask. Well, the answer is Nömak.

Resultado de imagem para Weight Loss Program EP

Nicolas is a French musician that has been putting out his tracks for almost 10 years, and frankly, nothing sounds the same. The track entitled Schrodinger Cat from the Weight Loss Program EP will serve as a sample of it. The short speech that shows up after the introduction this of this mostly electronic track make sure to emphasise the idea behind the EP:

“[…] by loading up on healthy foods like low glycemic vegetables and large portions of protein you can help curb your cravings and give your body a healthy start to the year.”

The track itself is divided in two parts which aim to describe life and death (after the theory), the first half is cheerful and if you close your eyes you may even see colours dancing under your eyelids. However, everything dies after the speech, as a poisonous consequence, and the track follows this rule, being alive and dead at the same time amidst its apex, followed by a time of silence during more than one minute, then becoming death in the second part, finishing as a downtempo second half, with string-style synths, keys and long pads, full of bass drums.

Electro: ÆDAN – Le temps (EP)

four-time DMC World DJ champion who won four Victoires de la Musique awards and notched a double-platinum record under the alias DJ pFel as a member of French legends C2C, retreated to the countryside in 2015 to conceptualize his vision for solo material

Released 6th July, Le temps is a track that mix synthesizers with different sorts of string sounds, making a combination in contrasts whilst keeping the harmony, with hip hop beats as rhythm. ÆDAN is Pierre Forestier, a DJ that was participating and winning several DJ Championships (I didn’t know that it existed) in France, as much as other prizes by the French Ministry of Culture (Victoires de la Musique). In 2015 he retreated to the countryside and three years later came out with an EP, in which Le temps, is one of its tracks. Certainly a lot has changed in Aedan’s career, I’m sure he will not disappoint his old fans.

You can stream the whole EP here. Or, in Spotify, Chilling in Eden is back with Le temps:

(Nu) Disco: Kazy Lambist – Do You

Today we’re talking about electro-pop with a funky touch. We’re bringing back Kazy Lambist, a French artist that was born and still lives in Montpellier where he started and constructed his career.

In March of this year, he released the album 33000 FT. however, he’s still on fire and that’s why we’re talking about him again so soon, this time with the track Do You. Lambist is still on the same game, but this song comes with a touch of drama that makes the feelings go a bit off with the beat.

Resultado de imagem para Kazy Lambist - Do You

It’s even possible to make a parallel with the song we talked about back in March – Love Song – they follow the same recipe but deliver two completely different dishes. Love Song is a chill song with a strong bass line while Do You that is much more intricated and with the ability to get down into your bones but with the same bass skeleton in which the lyrics and other components manage to grow from.

This is a true work of art when it comes to electro-pop, and if you’re really into it, you can dive even deeper getting to know other artists such as Metronomy and Seth XVI with the song How She Goes delivering a much similar vibe to Love Song.

Do You is also the newest feature from our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

By collaborators Wallace & Igor

Chill Electronic: Medilöme – 38

A combination of sounds, which is sophisticated and friendly, peculiar but elegant, both melancholic and appealing, emotional and interesting at the same time.

This is Medilöme, from France, and its track 38. Released by 56 STUFF. The track is the first of an EP called Xima.

This track is a blend of everything, hip-hop beats, electro synthesizers and peculiar experimental intro. Overall, this is an absolutely original track that deserves to be featured in our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden, for it’s potential chill feeling and its experimentation with beats:

Soundcloud IDM: ABSTe – Acid Disorder

Well, if the acid kicks in, don’t expect order. Not sure what ABSTe wanted to express with his track Acid Disorder, if it’s about lysergic experiences, the track tries to show what could be an adventure of acid and its effects by the means synths, thus the natural disorder, that starts, grows and ends after 2 minutes and a half of climax.

The track is part of an EP called Anonymous Delivery and it’s available in Soundcloud (as embedded).


Vinyl: Gaëtan Vigier – Mamie Techno EP

Instrumental electronic music with good sense of humour and a French house-disco touch, this is Gaëtan Vigier and Mamie Techno EP, released by Arcade 8-bit (Paris). Besides having techno in the name, don’t expect that dark crude repetitive techno that shows itself on the small details, like Underbooz previously covered here.

Gaëtan goes for a more danceable and party feeling, full of sense of humour. Sounding like an instrumental disco-house, first things that come to my mind as my next tracks are other French artists such as Homework from Daft Punk and those tracks in between the big hits or some other tracks from Justice, like Genesis (1997). Big use of synthesizers and repetitive lead sounds summed by the bass. The A side has claps typical from house and those chord progressions, great for a DJ mix in a party mood. The A side features title track Mamie Techno (4:32) – embedded -, Vacuum Weels (4:24) and the Bar Interlude (1:05).

Whereas for B side, we have a mixture of dark techno with 8-bits videogame influence tunes, like chiptune, such as in Crusty Night (3:52), followed by Radio Clones FM (4:03) and Velvet Club (4:58), all with the same vibe, which makes sense reading again the label’s name and after further research discovering that it is a creative agency that makes music for videogames and run by Gaëtan himself. Overall, the B side sounds like the Streets of Rage soundtrack.

Glad to receive it from Gaëtan himself and Arcade 8-bit.  Great master, it sounds pretty well on vinyl. I had a great time listening it. Artwork by Clémentine Giraud, who has done a highly representative art for what Mamie Techno is as music.

Official release 31st May.

For more details check Gaëtan’s website here:

New Release: JohnT – Ferkop

Synths of Eden always aims to feature highly original tracks and artists. This time, we present you with a new release, Ferkop, by JohnT, French producer from Marseille, released today by Teknofonic Recordings label based in New York, USA. The track has been released after other 4 previous works from JohnT: Well, Wild, Home and Fresher. All of them being distributed in digital service providers, such as Beatport and Spotify.

Initially JohnT was a piano player from conservatory schools, expanding his music skills to playing guitar while being influenced from many travels around the world, such as living in Indonesia for a few years.

Formerly a member of a Lyon-based pop band, JohnT incorporate many elements of his music past life into his productions. According to him, “Wild” is an exploratory track with a jungle-like feeling, with a mood retaining a sense of darkness throughout. As for, “Well” it is a chill out with textured atmosphere, that aims to provide more relaxing melodies. “Home” is a track that provides more energy, with nice emotions following throughout. A bright track with a more positive mood and strong beats. “Fresher” is a fun and happy tune with punchy drums highly inspired by synth sounds and melodies.

His latest release Ferkop is a techno-inspired track, with aggressive and minimalistic synth tunes that flourish the rhythm. In total, 3:30 of moody techno.

The track has been featured in our Synths of Eden playlist, together with other techno inspired tunes featured by the blog recently, such as Caleano from Underbooz.