Techno: Cook & Stans – Das Boot (Special Place Version)

Cook & Stans is a duo formed by two friends from Freiburg, Germany that make some “Raw Melodic Techno”, just like Das Boot. It has originally been released in the album The Unexpected, released last year. The name “Cook & Stans” was influenced by the game The Secret of Monkey Island (1990), a point-and-click graphic adventure game, Pirates of Caribbean like and produced by Lucasfilm Games (that now belongs to Disney), that was responsible for lots of classic games such as Green Fandango, Full Throttle etc. For sure something they were playing before making music. According to them, the previous version of Das Boot was more trance like.

Synths of Techno: Bioslave – Riders

Synths of Techno’s newest addition is Riders, by Bioslave. The track is part of a 10 tracks compilation called X, by Lost Crate label from Berlin. The track has special synth sounds, in magical therms, they are bright and colorful, followed by sparkled techno drums. In total, 8 minute of pure underground, progressive techno. Something that is not limited to loud kicks, hi hats and an appealing bass line, great music. Unique material.

New Electronic: ea Collective – Amazonas Cruise

Turning corners again, ea Collective goes clubbing. Many thanks to Uenay who remixed our rudimentary demo into an atmospheric dark underground soundtrack. Oliver Kern (ea Collective) then replied with an edit, strictly using only snippets from the original. Many thanks to for the mystic cover collage and to Capiroto Records for releasing this piece.

“Amazonas Cruise is the result of ea-Collective’s collaboration with German music producers Uenay and Oliver Kern. Amazonas Cruise has originally been produced using a simple, short circuited mixer as music instrument, that later on has taken different forms after two new mixes. Amazonas Cruise shows us once again that there are no limits to independent music production, that music can come out of simple electronic devices such as a mixer.“
Capiroto Records, Amsterdam.

Released 21st December by Capiroto Records, Amazonas Cruise is a purely original single by ea Collective, Oliver Kern and Uenay, artists from Freiburg, Germany. The opening track, ACE, sounds like an exciting melody of a humming bird with marked distorted “kicks”. Although it’s experimental in the sound design, melody and composition. Overall it fits with the underground techno scene and can be highly danceable. The artwork was created by Belrost and it has an important role in making Amazonas Cruise so unique. Uenay’s version is even more underground, sounding more atmospheric and dares to dive even deeper in the audio production, adding voice over samples and field recordings (?). Amazonas Cruise ends with its original version by Oliver Kern, that served as the base inspiration for the two other versions by ea Collective and Uenay.

You can listen for the whole piece on Spotify:

Chilling in Eden, Dub & Downtempo: Danya Vodovoz – Fourtwenty

“Fourtwenty” is a melancholic and trippy tune from my upcoming album called “Nostalgia” where my focus was to create a sonic cinema for the mind. With its bass-heavy groove, unexpected musical elements, and expressive saxophone solo I’ve tried to recreate a mystical and psychedelic experience.

Fourtwenty is a track Danya Vodovoz’s latest album, Nostalgia. An excellent combination between old school dub and contemporary downtempo electronic music, such as trip hop. The new album has many influences in the field of more chill electronic music, but dub is omnipresent in almost all the tracks, such as Train of Thought, but there’s a big presence of tunes belonging to jazz, specially the use of keys. The last track is more progressive and lasts for 10 minutes, El Topo, chill yet psychedelic. Danya has been featured here before with a deep house track called Nautilus. If you like easy-listening and dub music, you should def take a listen to Nostalgia.

Check our playlist Chilling in Eden for more:

Sunday Morning Deep House: Danya Vodovoz – Nautilus

Nautilus by Danya Vodovoz is a more relaxing kind of deep house, not the extreme dancing one that resembles traditional EDM. Great track for the daylight, in a Sunday morning while you grab a cup of tea or coffee. The track is part of his newest album Motion Machine.

According to him:

“This deep and bass-heavy house track is roughly based on a sampled ambient loop and focuses on minimalistic sound elements and multi-layered structures of orchestral music while reflecting the vibrant and colourful world of deep sea creatures.”

Apart from that, Nautilus also comes with a music video that was made by shooting different water game toys with macro lens under multiple light conditions. I guess not the first music video that practices with this genre, that has an amazing final result.

Danya Vodovoz started his career in 1998, in search of new ideas, different sounds and textures for electronic music. Seeing music as a whole made it impossible for him to elaborate a particular style of music creation. Since 1999, he has been producing for Germany’s well-know sampling company Uebarschall.

Apart from Motion Machine, Danya released an EP Serotonin in 2008 by the Deep House label Night Drive Music. Followed in 2009 by an album called Mantra. Serotonin reached top 10 albums of Beatport.

The track has been featured in our Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

Techno: Tomcraft – You Don’t Know

Released 8th June, by Baroque Records, You Don’t Know by Munich-based artist Tomcraft is the second feature of our new Spotify Playlist – Synths of Techno.

The single also contains other track, High Fidelity. Tomcraft’s style of techno is full of energy, yet not so dark, there’s a lot of groove on it. Discrete synthesizers at same points, that merge with more intense monophonic bass lines. All of these blended with melodic arpeggios. There are some long bridges that will make you trip after long minutes of kicks and drums.

Listen You Don’t Know in Synths of Techno:

Krautrock: Dadanaut – Panoptikum

Inside the panopticon. Just a hotchpotch of curious minds?

When I read the word “Panoptikum” I immediately recall Michel Foucault and all his theories about power, discipline, surveillance society and prison system. Taking into consideration what I have written in this blog before about my views on social media, such as last March editorial I should say that we live in a world where surveillance is the rule, and everybody is watching each other through the windows of social media, a behaviour that is both imposed by the establishment as much as done irrationally on purpose, exactly like a panopticon. People fed themselves with mind control information, are instigated to act in certain behaviour of likes and share actively. What one day was a monopoly of radios, newspapers, magazines and television, now we have the web as a hub of companies/individuals who are shaping people’s behaviours and taste. Again, partially imposed and partially a rational decision, that in the end is more irrational than ever.

Dadanaut (maybe the cosmonaut of Dadaism) a German composer from Lauffen Am Neckar has released this 14th April his album Kabale, with 9 ambient/drone/experimental tracks, some of them shorter and other ones longer, such as Panoptikum itself. Well, considering everything written above, a track that uses this word in a track is nothing more than appropriate for our contemporary world.

Though the subject explored by Foucault and all the surveillance theories about individuals and communities in the digital age are quite complex and mindblowing, Panoptikum is in fact mostly a calming track, that provides chill ambient feelings for 12 minutes, but providing that big tension of being spied by someone far above you, that is controlling everything you do 24/7, with no space for private or to breath in peace.

You can check more releases from Dadanaut in their Bandcamp page, with track that go back to 2012.


Mega Drive Inspired: Ridley / Ripley – Orbinaut

On the one hand, Orbinaut is a character from Sonic the Hedgehog, a popular video game of the 1990’s. It’s a mini-planet, with a face merely made of two eyes and spiked orbs circling around it like satellites, which the orbinaut can shoot at enemies. On the other hand, it’s the name of Henning Behrendt’s music project, a Hamburg based Producer.

Ridley / Repiley is another track that was produced in Germany, by Orbinaut. As usual, a synthesizer voyage. The intro is long and it makes us have the impression that it will be a long instrumental journey, though if not interrupter by trip-hop style vocals, that sometimes sound like Thom York style, while other a more Massive Attack. Yet, the instrumentals are super from beginning until the end, as the track itself is not long, lasting for 3:24 minutes.

The track is part of the album The Marmalade Mind. Most of the track was composed and performed using a Moog Sub 37, vocals were performed by Josephine Cilia Gand. It is possible to listen the 90s videogame inspiration in tracks like Smool, for instance. The whole album is highly recommended if you enjoy this type of electronic music inspired in 90s videogames, the drum machine has the signature of a Elektron Analog Rytm drumcomputer.

New Downtempo: Tomás Novoa – Danza Gris

Danza Gris comes out as a danceable downtempo track from Tomás Novoa, Berlin based dance music producer. A track filled with nice and bright sound design, besides 3x3x2 kick bass beat, great for that magical dance vibe, trippy. Ideal track for a night time Dj set.

According to his Soundcloud profile:

Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul.