New Hip-Hop Album: Bluestab – Alright (Everything is Always a Process)

Bluestab was featured here before with Left & Right from the same album, Everything is Always a Process has been released today 15th June by Jakarta Records, is a suitable process for music makers. As all of them deal with the never ending process of composition, recording, production, so on and so forth, it’s all about a process. Alright, differently than Left & Right, has in its intro a homage to Brazilian R&B in its most traditional way followed by the traditional beatmaking style.

According to Bluestab himself:

This song clearly shows the transition from my last album “Rodalquilar” to the music I make today. Around that time I started working more and more on the arrangements and the live instrumentation of my music in order to create full songs & not just looped beats. I was also listening to a lot of Neo-Soul & Soulection at the time, which influenced my own music. “Alright” is a result of this process. I was always fascinated how well brazilian / latin rhythms and trap drums blend together and I was looking for different grooves from what I had previously incorporated into my music. Also, I was (and still am) trying to incorporate more of my own musical roots (percussion, drumming) into my songs so this actually felt very intuitive.

Alright has been featured in our Playlist Chilling in Eden, together with Left & Right, marking the official release of the album.

New Hip-Hop Release: Eamonn Nolan – Indigo Hydration

Amsterdam based Eamonn Nolan released today his debut album Indigo Hydration, this is hip hop and beat-making without much pretension, which shows out to be even more impressive than more pretensions works in the genre. Lyrically it contains tracks with a high sense of humour, such as Freshwater, while it still provides some experimentalism sonically. Kicks Hit Pavement is a track that talks about Amsterdam and life here. Another track that deserves attention is the instrumental Holy. Hip hop is a a flexible genre of music, that combines lyrical composition and beats, nothing more democratic than this, don’t expect the most experimental and complex post-rock riffs or synthesizer hallucination of Flying Lotus, but for sure this work is outstanding and deserves a place in this blog.

You can also stream it in Spotify:

As usual for other tracks featured here in the beatmaking genre, it was featured in our playlist Chillin in Eden.

Hip-Hop/beats: Meister Lampe – Huang Shan

Swiss dj, producer and beatmaker Meister Lampe and his track Huang Shan shows how beatmakers can be highly creative when combining different elements with their beats, which is the case for this track and the use of Chinese vocals (I guess). Summed by this nice illustration, Huang Shan cannot go unnoticed.

This seem to be the case for other Meister Lampe’s tracks. The whole album Orb has 9 tracks and has the same fusion vibe, with groovy beats and oriental vocals, African and Latin influences (the whole world in a single album), I highly recommend Marsala as well. It’s also available in vinyl, besides digital.  In a nutshell, the whole album is a must listen if you enjoy the style.

Lo-Fi: Sebastian Kamae – Dust

Another track that will be featured this week in our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden, this time Sebastian Kamae (Pin de Jong) and his Dust. An artist from the same country this blog is based in, the Netherlands.

The track is chill, with jazzy grooves, very melodic, with several different textures of bright synthesizers. For sure Sebastian Kamae is highly influenced by hip-hop and the beatmaking scene, as much as for the artists featured here earlier on.

You can also check his Bandcamp page.


SUMATRA – Better Than (feat. Emma Jane)

A very chill track sent to us from Australia. It seems like a mix of Hot Chip with Zero 7. A very chill track, Better Than, has different types of very deep and emotional vocals, plus nice bass, synths and beats. Also, the lyrics are very sticky, but in a cute and relaxing way at the same time. It is the definition of a typical chill song with bright female vocals from Emma Jane. The band Sumatra is formed by a group of friends who like to hand around together and make music sometimes.  Riley, Ben and Finbar were hanging out with Emma Jane when they naturally made the track, combining hip hop beats and R&B. It was shared in our Soundcloud profile (below).

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New Single: Sal Dulu – Tyko (2018)

Third release from producer-instrumentalist from Dublin, Ireland. This came to us by Submithub, this is highly original material, that plays with instruments and audio files. It has a certain hiphop drum style with it, that is super chill. Plus, the artwork is just awesome. You can check Sal Dulu’s releases by Spotify and Soundcloud. We’ve recently shared Tyko in our Soundcloud, but soon it will be in our playlists.  Very well mixed work too, that puts you in the song’s atmosphere. This also reminds a bit the work of Flying Lotus with a touch of vaporwave.

You can also stream his track by Spotify.