Techno: Carl Saxo – Samples

This techno was written by Italian producer Carl Saxo. You can feel that old school techno vibe on it. Unfortunately, as far as I know this track hasn’t been released. By here’s the Soundcloud preview of it. Hope you all enjoy this nice techno.

Techno: Esse Effe – Deep side of love

The first feature to our Synths of Techno Spotify Playlist is from an Italian producer of techno. Released 15th July, Deep side of love from Esse Effe, in italian it sounds like SF.  The track was released on uSound Records.

Esse Effe’s main influences are techno trance from the early 2000s, his style pursues a techno groove with many different unexpected layers coming and going, playing with chord progressions and rhythm all the time.  While presents us with acid bass arpeggios and synth stabs.

For Soundcloud users, follow him here:

Check the track below in Synths of Techno:

Indie-Electro: NAVA – RITUAL

Trippy vocals, heavy instrumentals and industrial beats, you will easily feel liking turning around the fire in a fast-ritualistic and euphoric dance. The mix is also primal, especially in the conclusion, when the panning is shifting from left to right while the singer is chanting her last words. This song recalls Sexwitch from the collab between Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) and producer Dan Carey, also a must if you enjoy this style. Interestingly, Natasha Khan interprets old Moroccan and especially Iranian songs in the album, while Nava Golchini is Iranian herself, based in Milan. Nava met producer Francesco Fugazza, and were later on joined by Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza, that together formed the project NAVA.

After several months in the studio, they came up with their debut single ‘RITUAL’, well after so long we didn’t expect lass than a great song. Ritual is inspired in Persian music with electronic arrangements. Visually, NAVA inspired itself in the works of visionary fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

Ritual has been released 6th April by Factory Flows.

New Music: RTIK – Arrival EP

The Games We Play, London (UK) based label has recently released in 4th April this two tracks EP called Arrival by Italian artist RTIK, from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The EP’s two tracks are Arrival and Snow. Being both downtempo tracks, with strong four on the flour kicks summed by Vangelis-like atmospheres (such as in Blade Runner Soundtrack). In general, a short track with 3:45 min, inspired by dystopic cinema. As according to their Bandcamp:

There comes a time when an artist is deeply inspired by something they see, hear or experience. The Italian artist RTIK wanted to create a small project to translate his love for dystopic and futuristic realities, influenced by cinematic atmospheres of movies such as Blade Runner, and the latest TV series “Altered Carbon.”

For 2,25 euros you can purchase RTIK whole discography in Bandcamp, here is a tip.

Ambient-Garage: Messy & The Gang – No Surrender

The track No Surrender by Berlin based Italian producer Messy & The Gang  is a compelling ambient work, that is full of glitch drums. The sound is dark, mysterious, proper for a nocturnal sentiment. Inspired by cosmic thematics, with this moon cover art, it suggests a style of ambient that is suitable for live performances and is yet danceable. Artists who you cannot define by specific genres of electronic music are exactly those who are making highly original material.

The track was released 1st March. Messy & The Gang explores multiple genres of electronic music and is currently collaborating with different European artists. No Surrender is the closing track of his album A New Principle that is available in Soundcloud and Bandcamp for streaming and purchase, plus Spotify (embedded bellow).

Album Review: Automat – Automat (1978)

The album Automat produced in 1977 and released in 1978 by italian duo Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi, aka Automat. Released by EMI Italia. What is more curious about this album is that all the sounds in the album were produced using an MCS70, a synthesizer that was only one time produced. Automat is recognised for having played this synthesizer and produced the album with the same name.

The MCS70 was a monophonic synthesizer designed, built and programmed by Italian engineer Mario Maggi. Automat was Mussumara’s initiative , after learning about the instrument and proposing it to EMI Italia, through Harvest Records.  Claudio Gizzi was added to the project from EMI, for being a more experienced composer. Side A is attributed to Claudio and side B to Romano. SIde A sounds more ambient, side B sounds more epic and dancing. In total there are 6 tracks with around 5 minutes each. In total they had only 4 weeks in the studio, being the last track, Mecadence, incomplete.

Both composers used the 64 presets in the synthesizer, provided by Mario Maggi himself. The only requirement is that only the MCS70 was used to create the album.  Though a total failure by the time it was released, that didn’t leave both composers satisfied, the album is nowadays well respected by critics. Jean Michel Jarre was the first one to get a copy of the album. While Automat was being produced, Jarre released his Oxygene, album.