Shoegaze: a.harlana – Textile Workers

Textile Workers has been released last Friday, by a.harlana. The track is a mix of contemporary psychedelic rock with lo-fi shoegaze and dream pop. a.harlana is a band from New York, United States. A very intimate feeling comes up when listening this track, which is well represented by the cover art.

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Lo-Fi: Alex Siegel – Lonely Days (feat. Emily Rae Rose)

The world’s crying through your eyes
I’m sorry that we said goodbye
I know you’ll feel better
Just give it a little time

Lonely Days is a lo-fi track, with that beatmaker chill vibe, and it is intended to scare away the heartache, proclaiming ‘no more lonely days’. Everyday is a new day to start again for this bedroom pop by Alex Siegel. The track also features the beauty of Emily Rae Rose’s voice.

Alex is a producer from Santa Monica, United States. You can also check his songs on Bandcamp and Spotify, besides the embedded Soundcloud.

He will be the next feature of our chill Spotify Playlist, Chilling in Eden:

New Release: Karakter – Takes Time

After being featured here in the blog with his EP Create Your Karakter and Digital Self, Valencian 21-years old producer Karakter is back with a new release: Takes Time.

Following the superb production of last EP, Karakter keeps with his carefully designed synthesized sounds. Combined with an uplifting rhythm in a lo-fi atmospheric feeling. The chord progressions are highly danceable, a lo-fi track that will make you feel like moving your body watching the sunset of a sunny day, it is possible to say that his signature sound is indeed downtempo but with ore rhythmic Latin touches.

MÒZÂMBÎQÚE – Distance feat. Lone Kodiak

This is an ambient, lo-fi, track with drops of experimentalism with more soft sound designs and use of vocals. As said in MÒZÂMBÎQÚE‘s Soundcloud profile, he’s the sort of “Slow Motion Ambient Architect”.

Andrew a.k.a MÒZÂMBÎQÚE grew up in the jazz scene of San Francisco, where he developed affinity for instrumental music. In his early twenties he experienced a life-changing trip to Africa, where he studied and learned all sorts of percussion from a Kudu antler horn in Cape Town, ZA to the Tabla in Varanasi, India. For sure his music has the goal to be a guide to your own travels. As much as being truly an inspiration to his music composition.

Distance is his third single for his upcoming album, featuring Lone Kodiak.

Lo-Fi: Shook – Wind On The Water

This track will be featured in our lo-fi playlist Chilling in Eden, click to listen it and follow for more.

This song is chill and bucolic just like watching the waves caused by the harsh wind on the water, almost zen. As if in an imaginary microuniverse you could surf in the huge waves of an otherwise calm river or lake, as if in that micromoment of mindfulness, the universe is bigger than what your mind can grasp and that single moment is deeper and bigger than a simple Wind On The Water.

Shook is Jasper, a Dutch artist, and his latest single just came out this 24th April. It is the first single of an upcoming album, Bicycle Ride, expected for June, 2018. The album is already available for pre-order in Bandcamp. Meanwhile you can listen his earlier tracks in Spotify.

Divagation & Lo-Fi/IDM: Vacilant – Só me faça esquecer das coisas (2018)

Há, desde a origem do que chamamos de mundo, a tentativa do homem de não se fazer esquecer, o medo inerente do desaparecimento. A memória como refúgio, o desejo de fazer de perpetuar as sensações, o sentido, a procura do que escapa. “Só me faça esquecer das coisas” se encontra no entre a tentativa de permanência através da memória e da pulsação do desejo de esquecer.

There is, since the origin of what we call world, the attempt of men and women not to be forgotten, the inherent fear of disappearing. The memory as a shelter, the desire to perpetuate the feelings, the senses, the search for escapism. ‘Só me faça esquecer das coisas’ (only make me forget the things), is found in between the attempt to be present through memory and the pulsation of a desire to forget.

Vacilant – Só me faça esquecer das coisas

Today Synths of Eden has the pleasure to feature Vacilant, artist from Forteleza, Ceará.

His album Só me faça esquecer das coisas, with the link in Bandcamp embedded, has been released by Mercúrio Música, label also based in Fortaleza. The whole album itself is great, with 11 tracks in total, mixing audio samples in English and Portuguese with organic and synthesized sounds and instruments. The whole album has been composed by Yuri Costa, mixed and mastered. Though it had the participation of Felipe Couto in the guitars, Clau Anis in the clarinets, plus Junior Quintela in the percussion. Tracks are kind of short, with an average of 3 minutes each. It is Yuri’s second album, after Dissonia, released in 2014.

The 11 tracks are a big voyage through electronic music, mixed with rock influences and lo-fi beat-making. My favourite one is Tecnologias não me ajudam.

It is also possible to stream the album in Spotify. For sure it will be featured in our playlist Synths of Eden this week.

Divagation – Sharing Independent Brazilian Music

As a Brazilian I know pretty well how my country can sometimes be a big enclosed island and it is not itself the most open to the international world, with several great exceptions of course. What is not necessarily wrong, as I strongly disagree with the idea that everybody should know English to have an “international” insertion. I believe in a multi-cultural world and multi-lingualism. So this blog will not be focused on the English speaking world, we want to share artists from whatever country it may be.

What I learned is that Brazil can be a big hub for creative artists that can stay away and unknown for the international English speaking world. They keep hidden in that local Portuguese speaking environment, that revolves around the use of Facebook, regional concerts and parties.Naturally in a country that lacks democracy of means of communication and people have to struggle every day for the most basic rights, making local artists known across the borders is not easy at all.

So when I created this blog I also thought it would be a nice space to share independent Brazilian music to those who read and write in English. I have been living in the Netherlands, I have a master in global communication in this language, so why not? Let’s unite my best knowledge in the Brazilian world and apply it to my knowledge in international communication with this blog.

You can check my playlist Brasil Progressivo here, for the best Brazilian progressive rock and some influences here.

New Music: RTIK – Arrival EP

The Games We Play, London (UK) based label has recently released in 4th April this two tracks EP called Arrival by Italian artist RTIK, from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The EP’s two tracks are Arrival and Snow. Being both downtempo tracks, with strong four on the flour kicks summed by Vangelis-like atmospheres (such as in Blade Runner Soundtrack). In general, a short track with 3:45 min, inspired by dystopic cinema. As according to their Bandcamp:

There comes a time when an artist is deeply inspired by something they see, hear or experience. The Italian artist RTIK wanted to create a small project to translate his love for dystopic and futuristic realities, influenced by cinematic atmospheres of movies such as Blade Runner, and the latest TV series “Altered Carbon.”

For 2,25 euros you can purchase RTIK whole discography in Bandcamp, here is a tip.

New Single: laxcity – Introvert (feat. H/\rvey)

Introvert (feat. H/\rvey) has been recently released 23rd March, through Majestic Casual.

Zambia-born and UK based Joshua Manasseh Mbewe, a.k.a. Laxcity has been ‘making his own kind of music’ as Mama’s and Papa’s would sing, for four years. A producer that is a big fan of Harmor from Image Line and the widespread FL Studio. A powerful virtual synthesizer. Experimenting with several different genres of music, ended up constituting his own singular style.  I’d say that he has a very chill style, that flerts with pop, ambient/lo-fi, trip hop and chillstep.

The You Tube channel Czech Vibes has created a music video for Introvert, embedded here.

However, for those who are Spotify clients (I swear I’m not paid by them, unfortunately, I just like their service), I’d suggest you to check his profile, he is pretty famous there, with some singles to be saved. We will certainly add Introvert to Chilling in Eden this Thursday.

New Chill: Smok-Mon – Serotonin

Serotonin is purely chill. A combination of minimum electronica, beats and resonant synth chords that are ideal for a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee. It is part of Smok-Mon‘s newest album 05:09.

The whole album in total has 7 tracks. Released by Beat Bordell Records/ SIFTW Records, in streaming and as 12′ vinyl. Both sides are very similar sonically speaking, except for two tracks featuring Lorentzo Jönsson‘s voice in Sthlm and 05:09.

Smok-Mon with an indie-pop background in Gothenburg, a city with renowned bands such as Little Dragon. A lover of dirty-beats, Smok-Mon evolved to his style of minimum electronica. His studio work is executed with a modular synthesizer and an old-school sampler. With which he creates his deep and mellow bass lines  summed by its soft rhythm.

05:09 comes out as his debut album, representing a journey through the lost youth, lost love, lost lives and nights. Throughout this journey, he lets his 808 fill the background layers, as his moog bass and modular synth execute the groovy harmony. The album was mixed by Smok-Mon himself and mastered by Andreas Tilliander.

This album is ideal for both fans of dance as much as lo-fi. You can stream the whole album by Spotify (embedded).

You can purchase the vinyl following this link: